buy Ernie Switch Plate

Ernie Switch Plate

Light switches are often so boring and plain but if you like Sesame Street you can change that thanks to this Ernie switch plate.

The light switch cover shows a blue background and on top of that you can see the face of Ernie.

And anyone with a screwdriver can replace a switch plate and in minute you will have Ernie smiling at you every time you want to turn the lights on or off.

You can get this Sesame Street switch over in just a single switch but also in double and even triple and also for the big switches so come check them all out.

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buy Batman Black Light Switch Cover

Batman Black Light Switch Cover

Switchplates for the lights are often plain and boring but if you like Batman then this switchplate is what you want.

The black switch plate shows Batman on it and his muscles really pop in the bit of light you see on the switch cover.

Just screw this light switch cover to the wall and soon you can control the light in Batman style all thanks to two little screws that hold it in place.

The Batman light switch cover is made from metal so you know it will last and look amazing.

Now just find the perfect spot for the Batman switch cover and that could be your living room or your man cave.

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buy Star Wars Light Switch Decal

Star Wars Light Switch Decal

This decal goes on the light switch cover and is made specially for true fans of Star Wars.

The decal has a light side and a dark side and in the middle it says “Choose Wisely” and all that makes it great fun for Star Wars fans and every night you can choose for the dark side by moving the switch to that side and if you put the decal right then you whole life turns dark instantly.

So if your home can use an amazing light switch that helps you choose between the Rebels or the Empire then this is what you want.

Get your Star Wars Light Switch Decal

buy Willie And Phil Duck Dynasty Light Switch Cover

Willie And Phil Duck Dynasty Light Switch Cover

Willie And Phil Duck Dynasty Light Switch Cover

If you love the show Duck Dynasty and are creating the ultimate themed room, then you will definitely need this little piece of decor.

The Duck Dynasty light switch features a collage of 4 pictures; one of Phil with his trusty duck call, one of Willie in his famous red, white and blue bandanna and then two that feature some sweet camouflage. There are two screw holes and one for your light switch.

This one of a kind light switch cover is made of unbreakable plastic, which means it will stand the test of time and keep your light switch protected for years to come. It is a mid sized plate and is handcrafted perfection.

Let the light shine in with the Willie And Phil Duck Dynasty Light Switch Cover.

buy Betty Boop Relaxing Switchplate

Betty Boop Relaxing Switchplate

Betty Boop Relaxing Switchplate

Normal switchplates are boring and plain.

But if you like Betty Boop then you are in luck.

This light switch cover is white and in the right bottom corner there you can find Betty Boop while sitting down in her sexy red dress.

No more boring light switch because now Betty Boop will lighten up the place.

So get a plain switchplate when you can have some thing fun.

Come and order your Betty Boop Relaxing Switchplate.

Hello Kitty Light Switch Cover


Hello Kitty Light Switchplate Cover

Are you decorating the kids room into a Hello Kitty room?

If so then don’t forget the light switch as those are normally just boring and white.

With this switchplate you can make you ligth switch look like Hello Kitty.

The cover is pink and has a picture of Hello Kitty on it and the words “Hello Kitty”.

Replacing a light switch cover is easy and can be done by anyone in minutes.

Come checkout this Hello Kitty Light Switch Cover.

iCarly Switchplate

iCarly Light Switch Cover

There we have our favorite TV personality iCarly.

And now iCarly will help you turn on the light.

This light switch cover has a picture on it of iCarly and who does not want her in the room.

Installing this switchplate is pretty easy it just has two screws and you don’t even have to know anything about electricity.

Get iCarly in your room with this iCarly Light Switchplate.

Backyardigans Switchcover

Backyardigans light switch cover

There are you Backyardigans friends Pablo and Tyrone, they are having fun at the slide.

If you want to see this again and again then you can make it your switchplate of you light switch.

A kids room will be so much more fun when you have a Backyardigans switchplate to replace the boring one that came with the house. And it’s real easy to install just two screws and that is it.

You have to come see the details of this Backyardigans Switchplate.

Toy Story SwitchPlate

What is missing in the Toy Story room of your kids?

I am sure you looked at this cool switchplate to fit perfectly over the light switch in the kids room. And this is not a replacement of you original cover no this is a a sticker that your stick on top of it so you do not need any tools.

Check out this Toy Story Light Switch Sticker.