buy Misfit Zombie Girl T-Shirt

Misfit Zombie Girl T-Shirt

If you like iZombie and zombie girls then you should check out this misfit zombie girl t-shirt.

The iZombie t-shirt is available in styles for men and women and comes in sizes Small – 6XL and is available in different colors too and they are made from 100% cotton.

On the t-shirt you can see Liv Moore in a scary face print and she is holding up a human brain and I think behind her you can see the moon. Besides Liv the shirt also says “Misfit Zombie Girl” and Liv really is that misfit girl.

If you want a cool zombie shirt even if you don’t like iZombie then this shirt could be just perfect for you.

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buy Liv Moore Candle

Liv Moore Candle

If you like iZombie and candle light then you just have to check out this Liv Moore candle.

The whit candle shows the head of Liv and she is eating brains with chopsticks.

The iZombie candle is a 3 x 3 inch pillar candle and is just fun as it shows your favorite zombie enjoying her brains and it is ready to have a flame light it.

So now you can have romantic candle light and have a reminder of Liv but you also help the world getting rid of a zombie because Liv Moore will slowly burn down with the candle.

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buy iZombie Button Set

iZombie Button Set

Now there is an iZombie button set for all the true fans of Liv and iZombie.

The button set includes 4 buttons that have a diameter of 1.25 inches. And all the buttons are about Olivia Moore and her brain-eating habits.

So stick a button on your backpack, jacket, hat, or where ever else you think buttons should go.

3 of the buttons shows Liv and 3 involve eating brains. So if you want the buttons with the fully awesome and brainy Liv Moore then you just need this set of iZombie buttons to remind you about iZombie and Olivia all the time.

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buy Olivia Moore Medical Examiner’s Office ID Badge

Olivia Moore Medical Examiner’s Office ID Badge

If you want to show the world that you are Liv Moore from iZombie then you will need this Olivia Moore Medical Examiner’s Office ID Badge.

The badge is perfect as part of your cosplay or Halloween costume and looks like the real deal with a photo of Olivia and her info below it and even the back looks real with a QR code and info.

Made from 30mil PVC-PET this ID badge has edge to edge printing that is waterproof and made to last just like Liv’s real ID badge.

And ID card like this is a great collectible for any iZombie fan.

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buy iZombie Olivia Moore Pop! Figurine

iZombie Olivia Moore Pop! Figurine

If iZombie is the zombie show of your choice then you are going to love this Olivia Moore Pop! figurine.

The figurine of Liv Moore is just what you expect a pale looking girl with white hair and as she works in the morgue she is wearing her lab coat and in her hands you can find a bowl full of brains and a bottle of hot sauce as she can’t really taste much anymore as she is dead.

The 3 3/4 inches tall figurine of Liv is like most Pop! figurines that Funko makes a bit round but that is a great way to make them look fun and Oliva Moore definitely looks fun although she is a zombie so don’t put her on your nightstand as he may get hungry at night.

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buy iZombie Liv Moore Holding Brains Bean Bag

iZombie Liv Moore Holding Brains Bean Bag

This iZombie bean bag is made for watching Liv Moore on TV.

The bean bag has a almost stone kind of look and on top of that a big picture of Liv Moore holding up a car with a brain in it and of course it also has the iZombie logo and the text “Half Dead Fully Awesome” above that.

The iZombie chair comes with a styrene filling so that you have a chair that is ready for you to sit comfortable in.

Bean bags are fun and comfortable and perfect for watching iZombie on TV.

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buy iZombie Brains To Go Button

iZombie Brains To Go Button

If you like Liv Moore would like some brains to go then you need to wear this iZombie button.

This round finback button has a black button and shows a big bowl of brains with chopsticks in it to and in big letters the words “Brains To Go” and to top it all off it also has the iZombie logo.

Now the world will know that you like iZombie because you have the button to prove it.

The iZombie finback button has a diameter of 1.25 inch and will look great on a bag, jacket or even your shirt.

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buy iZombie 27 And Dead T-Shirt

iZombie 27 And Dead T-Shirt

iZombie fans are going to like this 27 And Dead t-shirt just like Lowell Tracey wore in his first episode of iZombie.

This black t-shirt comes in styles for men and women and yes you can get it with a v-neck if you want as that is how Lowell wore it.

Of course at that point Liv did not know that Lowell was a zombie but this t-shirt explained it all if we just had know.

A iZombie t-shirt like this is great fan wear and besides black you could choose a different color to.

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buy iZombie Tote Bag

iZombie Tote Bag

Now there is an iZombie tote bag that is perfect for carrying around brains or just groceries and stuff.

This black tote bag shows on both the front and back an image of Liv Moore holding up a jar with a brain in it and on top of that is ays in big letters “iZombie”.

You can get this iZombie bag in 3 different sizes and all have a 1 inch wide 14 inch long holding strap.

A fun zombie bag like this is great for shopping, school, work and Halloween.

So if you like zombies and Liv Moore then this tote bag is just the perfect bag for you.

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buy iZombie Hot Sauce

iZombie Hot Sauce

If you watch iZombie the you know that zombies need a lot of hot sauce and that is why they now offer this iZombie hot sauce.

This special bottle of iZombie hot sauce of course shows the iZombie logo and Liv Moore holding up a brain.

Inside the 5 fl. oz bottle you will find hot sauce made with Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper – The World’s Hottest pepper and a perfect amount of onion and a touch of garlic.

With hot sauce as hot as this you know that you are ready to become a zombie and give that ordinary food at least a little bit of a taste. And humans of course can give this extremely hot sauce a try and just see if you dare to add it to your food.

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