buy Li’l Sebastian Lanyard ID Holder

Li’l Sebastian Lanyard ID Holder

Now fans of Parks And Recreation can get this cool Li’l Sebastian Lanyard ID Holder that is just perfect for anyone that like the little horse Sebastian.

This lanyard is blue on one side and says “Farewell Li’l Sebastian” and the back is green and says “We’ll Miss You”. And then on the end one the lanyard you can find a Parks And Recreation logo charm and then there is an ID card pocket that also holds a picture of Li’l Sebastian.

A lanyard like this is great fun and maybe you can wear it to work or school or just have it hanging around at home.

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buy House MD ID And Vicodin Bottle

House MD ID And Vicodin Bottle

Now you can get your own House MD ID And Vicodin Bottle which are great props for your House MD collection or as part of your cosplay or Halloween costume.

The set includes the hospital ID of Gregory house just like he has on the TV series and it also includes a real pill bottle like they use on the show and it is a Vicodin bottle and even the label on the bottle shows that it was issued by the Princeton Plainsboro hospital for Gregory House.

These props are really great looking and that makes them perfect for any true House MD collector and it also makes as great items to have if you like to dress up like House for cosplay or Halloween.

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buy Brooklyn Nine-Nine ID Badge

Brooklyn Nine-Nine ID Badge

Now you can get your own Brooklyn Nine-Nine ID Badge.

If you always wanted a NYPD ID badge especially one from Brooklyn Nine-Nine then you are in luck as now they are available.

You can get this badge from many characters from the TV show including Jake, Captain Holt, Scully, Amy, Rosa, Charles, Terry, Gina, and Hitchcock.

And you can get this ID badge with a pocket clip or a lanyard.

If you like to collect fun Brooklyn Nine-Nine stuff then this ID badge is what you need and it is also perfect as part of you cosplay or Halloween costume.

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buy Hello Kitty ID Badge Holders

Hello Kitty ID Badge Holders

If you have an ID card and like Hello Kitty then you just have to check out this set Hello Kitty ID badge holders.

The set includes 4 different badge holder all have a different Hello Kitty design and all look amazing.

On the back of the badge holder it has a clip so that you can have it on your clothes or bag and there is a retractable system so that you never really have to unclip it.

A bage holder like this is great for access badges, ski passes, keys and many other things.

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buy Olivia Moore Medical Examiner’s Office ID Badge

Olivia Moore Medical Examiner’s Office ID Badge

If you want to show the world that you are Liv Moore from iZombie then you will need this Olivia Moore Medical Examiner’s Office ID Badge.

The badge is perfect as part of your cosplay or Halloween costume and looks like the real deal with a photo of Olivia and her info below it and even the back looks real with a QR code and info.

Made from 30mil PVC-PET this ID badge has edge to edge printing that is waterproof and made to last just like Liv’s real ID badge.

And ID card like this is a great collectible for any iZombie fan.

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buy Homer Simpson Driver License

Homer Simpson Driver License

The Simpsons Homer Simpson Driver License ID Card

Always wondered if Homer Simpson has a drivers license?

Yes I wondered about that to as the way Homer drives is not real good. But here is the proof and you can own Homers Drivers license.

True fans of the Simpsons are gone love to own this plastic ID card that shows important info about homer.

Of course this is not a real drivers license but Homer is also no a real person so that makes it fun to own you own copy.

A true Simpsons collector is really gone enjoy owning a little piece of Homer. So if you are that fan then come get your copy of The Simpsons Homer Simpson Driver License.

Friend Joey Tribbiani ID Card

Friends Joey Tribbiani ID Card

If you are the ultimate Friends fan then this item should not be missing in your collection.

You now can have your own Joey Tribbiani ID card. It looks like Joey’s drivers licence but of course it is not real.

But still this Friends ID Card makes a perfect gag gift or novelty item.

If you like Joey and who doesn’t then you want to help him find his ID Card back.

Help Joey by ordering his Friends Joey Tribbiani ID Card.

buy Gregory House ID Card

Gregory House ID Card

How cool would it be if you would have the ID card of Doctor House?

Pretty cool if you ask me.

And this is a Princeton Plainsboro teaching hospital ID card of Doctor G House MD.

That must be a great item for your House collection.

And maybe you can even walk into a hospital and pretend to be the famous TV doctor.

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