buy Jacob Forever T-Shirt

Jacob Forever T-Shirt

This t-shirt will keep Jacob in our memories even after the Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 movie and the story is over.

It you are a Team Jacob kind of person then you will love this t-shirt.

As you can see above the shirt shows a giant picture of Jacob Black that almost covers the complete t-shirt and next to the picture there is says “Forever” because Jacob will be there in his spirit.

This amazing Twilight t-shirt comes in sizes starting at X-Small going up to X-Large and it is a unisex shirt that looks amazing on both men and women.

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buy Twilight Breaking Dawn 2013 Wall Calendar

Twilight Breaking Dawn 2013 Wall Calendar

Twilight Breaking Dawn 2013 Wall Calendar

2012 maybe the end of the Twilight movies but that does not mean that your love for the vampires of this series will be over and for those of you they made this Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 2013 Calendar.

This calendar is 16 months and that means that you can even start enjoying it in 2012.

And on this wall calendar you will find pictures of Jacob, Bella, Edward and many more Cullens all in nice photos and of course with a great calendar part to.

Get ready for 2013 with a new Twilight Breaking Dawn Wall Calendar 2013.

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buy Jacob Black Tonner Doll

Jacob Black Tonner Doll

Twilight Jacob Black Tonner Doll.

A great collectors item for the Twilight Saga fan.

This is a high quality very well detailed Tonner doll of one of the most popular characters Jacob Blak from The series of films The Twilight Saga.

Jacob Black tonner doll has many articulation points and the amazing sculpt of his face is a sight needed to be seen in person, with clothes that are made of great quality material and fine details right down to the shoes.

This is a highly recommended doll and the best Twilight collectors item for sure.

Get your Twilight Jacob Black Tonner Doll.

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Edward, Bella And Jacob Christmas Ornament

Twilight Christmas ornament with Edward cullen, Bella Swan and Jacob Black

This will be the hotest Christmas ornament of the year.

Any Twilight fan out there wants this ornament in their Christmas tree.

This Christmas ornament is made by Hallmark and shows Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black.

All together as one Christmas ornament.

Twilight fans come check this ornament before it’s to late.

Go quick to get your Twillight Edward, Bella and Jacob Christmas Ornament.

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buy Team Jacob Earrings Set

Team Jacob Earrings Set

Are you team Edward or team Jacob?

If you are team Jacob then this is the perfect place for you.

How would you like to own 3 sets of earrings based on Jacob Black?

If you do then this is what you are looking for a package with 3 different sets of earrings for the real Twilight fan.

The earrings desings are:

  • Team Jacob
  • Dream Catcher
  • Howling Wolf

And these earrings are made by NECA and they are know for making quality products that will last you a long time.

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Jacob Black Movie Poster

Jacob Black on this Breaking Dawn movie poster

Here we have a great Jacob Black poster for the first Breaing Dawn movie.

You see a dark scene with Jacob on the foreground and the wolf pack in the back ready to support team Jacob when needed.

This Jacob Black poster is 24 x 36 inch and of course is shipped in a sturdy tube to keep it in great shape.

Any Twilight fan will enjoy this poster see for your self.
Come and see the Breaking Dawn Movie Poster With Jacob Black.

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buy Team Jacob T-Shirt

Team Jacob T-Shirt

Twilight fans know it, you just have to be supporting team Jacob.

And this t-shirt shows your support to Jacob Black. This t-shirt shows the words “Team Jacob” and on top of that a howling wolf.

This t-shirt comes in a bunch of different colors and they have a male and female version to.

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Breaking Dawn Jacob Water Bottle

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Jacob Water Bottle

Breaking Dawn, another awsome vampire movie that is part of the series of The Twilight Saga. This is a water bottle that is perfect for the TWI-Hard fan, a great image of┬áJacob Black is featured on this bottle and the writing “The Twilight Saga breaking dawn” is beside him and a cool fern design in the background.

Very durable stainless steel water bottle and a screw on lid with a convenient clip, so you can easily tote this Jacob Black Breaking Dawn water bottle around.

Get your The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Jacob Water Bottle.

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Jacob Black Charm Bracelet

Twilight Breaking Dawn Jacob charm bracelet

The Twilight Saga continues with the Breaking Dawn movies and this charm bracelet is based on the breaking dawn movie.

As you can see on the picture this braclet is a Jacob Black bracelet with typical charms that fit with Jacob. You can see a J charm and of course a charm with Jaobs photo.

If you are a real Twilight fan or have a friend that is a Twilight fan  then this is the item to get.

You have to see this Jacob Black Breaking Dawn Charm Bracelet.

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Jacob Black Hoodie

Team Jacob Hoodie

There we have Jacob Black the guy who realy likes Bella and the guy who is not real fond of the Cullen family.

You will see Jacob’s face on both sides of the hood and that almost makes you Jacob while you wear this hoodie.

The hoodie comes in 7 colors and you have a choice of different prints for the back.

Join team Jacob with this Twilight Jacob Black Hoodie.

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