buy Millennium Falcon Necklace

Millennium Falcon Necklace

If you want some nice Star Wars jewelry then come check out this Millennium Falcon necklace.

This Millennium Falcon necklace is metal and has a pendant 1 1/2 x 1 inches that is shaped like the space ship and really looks like it only a lot smaller then the space crafty flown by Han Solo.

The Millennium Falcon comes with an 18 niche long necklace with a 3 inch extender.

Now all the true fans of Han Solo and his Millennium Falcon can wear their love around their neck.

The officially licensed Star Wars necklace is just one of this pieces you want to have in your collection.

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buy Star Wars Last Jedi Dinner Plate

Star Wars Last Jedi Dinner Plate

Now there is a Star Wars Last Jedi dinner plate for everyone that wants to become a Jedi because that means you need to eat your veggies.

The round Star Wars plate is 10 inches in diameter and is made from melamine and is BPA free and dishwasher safe.

On the plate, you can see the words “Star Wars” on the side and besides that, you can see Rey and her lightsaber and above her, you can see the Millenium Falcon and if you look closely you can even see a Porg next to Rey.

Now any Star Wars fan can eat in style because breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all great when consumed from this amazing plate.

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buy Star Wars Millennium Falcon Pool Float

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Pool Float

If you like to float around in the pool to relax and think about Star Wars then you need to get this Millennium Flacon pool float.

The Star Wars pool float is 5 feet long making it just perfect for kids(ages 5+) and adults to just float around on a hot summer day.

No need to get any boring floats anymore because the people from SwimWays have you covered with this giant Millennium Falcon float.

Just put some air in it and the float is ready for a ride around the pool. Unlike the true Millenium Falcon, this spaceship is just filled with air making it really hard to get to space.

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buy Millennium Falcon Returns T-Shirt

Millennium Falcon Returns T-Shirt

The Millennium Falcon may be old and beat up but it is not going to die.

On the front of this t-shirt you see a retro image of the classic Star Wars ship of the Millennium Falcon. Along with the Millennium Falcon you see red and white lines behind and the movie logo of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.

This is a women’s fitted t-shirt that will fit snug and really look flattering. It is available in a wide selection of sizes that range from Small to 2XL.

Also check out the men’s t-shirt sizes so all can enjoy the awesome Star Wars The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon t-shirt.

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buy Star Wars Sorry! Board Game

Star Wars Sorry! Board Game

Board games are fun even in the times that every game can be played on your phone.

And now there is a board game classic Sorry! as a Star Wars version and that of course is perfect for all the Star Wars fans.

No boring board to play on this time as the Star Wars Sorry! comes with a game board that looks like the Millennium Falcon.

The Star Wars game can be played with 2 – 4 people and they say ages 6 and up so get the family around the table and spend some quality time together while enjoying a classic board game.

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buy Millenium Falcon Cookie Cutter

Millenium Falcon Cookie Cutter

What is better then round cookies?

Star Wars cookies of course and now you can bake you own with this special Millennium Falcon cookie cutter.

The cookie cutter will make perfectly shaped cookies with the imprint of the top of the spacecraft to.

After you ordered you own Millennium Falcon cookie cutter then you just need to go to your grocery store and buy some cookie dough and you are set.

Now if you have friends over you can serve them some delicious Star Wars cookies and they are going to taste so much better then any cookie you ever ate.

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buy Millennium Falcon Wall Decal

Millennium Falcon Wall Decal

Now you wall can have a giant spaceship on it and of course that has to be a ship from Star Wars.

This is a wall decal of the famous Millennium Falcon and it’s giant. The wall decal of the Millennium Falcon is almost 6.5 feet wide and 3.5 feet high so that will take up a little bit of space on your wall.

Besides the spaceship the decal set also includes the Star Wars and Rebel Alliance logo’s.

Having Star Wars in your room is easy when you apply this wall decal to your wall and no worries if you ever want to remove it then that is simple to.

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buy Star Wars LEGO Millennium Falcon Set

Star Wars LEGO Millennium Falcon Set

Star Wars is an amazing entity on its own, but what happens when you combine it with LEGO? Only one word can describe it, fantastic! Now you can add the Millennium Falcon to your must build LEGO set.

This latest version of the Millenium Falcon is streamlined with a detachable cockpit. It has a spring-loaded shooter and rotating top. It is mostly grey and white, but it is enough to brighten your day if you are a Star Wars fan, or LEGO fan for that matter.

The put together LEGO set 75105 measures approximately 5 inches high by 18 inches long by 12 inches wide. It consists of 1239 pieces of pure joy and happiness.

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buy Star Wars Glow In The Dark Sleep Shirt

Star Wars Glow In The Dark Sleep Shirt

Star Wars Glow In The Dark Sleep Shirt

Is your special lady a Star Wars Fan?

Let her know how much you love her with this special I Love you I Know sleep shirt as a gift.

This sleep shirt as a unique design from the Star Wars movie The Empire Strikes Back. Inspired from the scene when Leia told Han solo that she loved him before he got turned in carbonite.

Its a black sleep shirt with stars all over and the Millennium Falcon spaceship with I love you right above. Also when you turn out the lights the word I know is glowing in the middle of the ship. Yes Han’s words will glow in the dark.

Relive the magical love scene with your special love one with this Star Wars I Love You I Know Sleep Shirt.

buy Star Wars Glow In The Dark Millennium Falcon T-Shirt

Star Wars Glow In The Dark Millennium Falcon T-Shirt

Star Wars Glow In The Dark Millennium Falcon T-Shirt

We all love dark t-shirts with amazing drawing on it.

And this Star Wars t-shirt looks like it has a blue print of the Millennium Falcon on it.

To make it even more fun they made the Falcon glow in the dark.

So now any one can see that you are a true Star Wars fan when it’s day or night.

Come and have a closer look at this fun Star Wars Glow In The Dark Millennium Falcon T-Shirt.