buy Patrick Star Pool Float

Patrick Star Pool Float

If your pool a bit empty then you really should check out this Patrick Star Pool Float that is big making it great for kids and adults.

Patrick Star is one of my favorite characters and of course he is the best friend of SpongeBob Squarepants and as he is a starfish he needs water so put this float in the pool or take it to the beach.

The pool float is is shaped and looks like Patrick with his mouth open and with his famous swim trunks on.

And this is not just a tine float, this Patrick pool float is 6 feet tall which makes it big enough for adults and great for kids to play on.

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buy BB-8 Oversized Pool Float

BB-8 Oversized Pool Float

Now you can enjoy this BB-8 Oversized Pool Float and be on the water while people that see you will know that you are a Star Wars fan.

Pool floats are just a great way for kids to play in the pool but even adults can use this one to float around.

This Star Wars pool float is white and orange just like the real BB-8 droid only way flatter and this one feel softer making it just perfect for in the pool or at the beach.

Just inflate the float and you are ready to go and when you let the air out it fold flat making it great to taking with you when you go to the beach.

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buy PAW Patrol Inflatable Boat

PAW Patrol Inflatable Boat

Summer can be here now because now there is this fun PAW Patrol Inflatable Boat.

This little inflatable boat is made for kids older than 3 and will be really fun to use at the pool or maybe the beach.

The PAW Patrol boat is red with the top all covers in puppies and some other scenery from the famous kids cartoon.

Just make sure you child is safe while using the boat as it would be smart if they can swim.

This summer can be amazing all thanks to this PAW Patrol pool toy so this could be the right time to get one for your little PAW Patrol fan.

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buy Stranger Things Waffle Pool Float

Stranger Things Waffle Pool Float

Now you can enjoy your pool even more thanks to this Stranger Things Waffle Pool Float.

This a pool float that is 58 inches making it just the perfect size for in your pool.

The pool float look like El’s favorite food the an Egg waffle and she even took a bite out of it and then on top it says “011” made out of chocolate sauce as it is even dripping a bit.

If you have a pool in your garden and you want to isolate while floating around then you can now do that all in Stranger Things style but maybe it gets you hungry so make sure you also get some waffles to eat.

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buy Superman Pool Float

Superman Pool Float

When you like pools and Superman then you will need this Superman pool float.

The pool float is looks and is shaped like the logo used by Superman and Supergirl.

The nice red and yellow pool float is 66 x 48.5 x 6 inches and that makes it nice and big so that both kids and adults can use it to float around the pool.

Now you just have to be able to blow up the pool float and you are all set to show the world that you like Superman while lounging out on the water.

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buy Round Spider-Man Pool Float

Round Spider-Man Pool Float

Summer is the time to hang out in the pool and if you like superhero’s then you should check out this round Spider-Man pool float.

The pool float looks like a Spider-Man shield with the red spider web and the big white Spider-Man eyes on it.

The Spider-Man pool float is 55 inches in diameter and 6.5 inches thick and that is a great size for adults and kids ages 5 and up.

Now your pool will look fun all thanks to the big Marvel pool float just hanging out on the water and maybe you are relaxing on it in the summer sun.

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buy Star Wars Millennium Falcon Pool Float

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Pool Float

If you like to float around in the pool to relax and think about Star Wars then you need to get this Millennium Flacon pool float.

The Star Wars pool float is 5 feet long making it just perfect for kids(ages 5+) and adults to just float around on a hot summer day.

No need to get any boring floats anymore because the people from SwimWays have you covered with this giant Millennium Falcon float.

Just put some air in it and the float is ready for a ride around the pool. Unlike the true Millenium Falcon, this spaceship is just filled with air making it really hard to get to space.

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buy Wonder Woman Pool Float

Wonder Woman Pool Float

Now you can float around in a pool on this Wonder Woman pool float.

The pool float is a giant Wonder Woman logo with a pink background with stars. And this Wonder Woman float is over 5 feet wide making it huge and that makes it perfect for both kids(8+) as adults.

Now everyone in the pool will know that you like Wonder Woman as a float this big with such a big logo makes that clear once and for all.

No need for a flimsy boring pool float because you can feel like a Superhero while floating around the pool on this amazing float.

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