buy Rainbow Dash Plush

Rainbow Dash Plush

If you are looking for a cute plus then this My Little Pony Rainbow Dash plush.

The plush is made by Ty and looks just like the real Rainbow Dash does on TV.

The My Little Pony plush is 13 inches in size and the pony is light blue as expected and it has blue wings on it’s back and then there are the colorful manes just like Rainbow Dash has.

A cute plush like this is what all the My Little Pony fans as it just will look so cute in your home and both kids and adults will enjoy owning one.

Get your Rainbow Dash Plush

buy 2019 My Little Pony Wall Calendar

2019 My Little Pony Wall Calendar

If you want a fun pony calendar then you should check out this 2019 My Little Pony wall calendar.

The wall calendar is all about the cute ponies we all know and love and the calendar will bring a new cool image of the My Little Pony each month of 2019 and this is a 16 month calendar so you will have fun with this calendar in 2018 too.

Your new wall calendar has all the major holidays filled out on the calendar grid and there is room for dates that are important to you like birthday’s and maybe pizza night.

Get your 2019 My Little Pony Wall Calendar

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buy Kids Pinkie Pie T-Shirt

Kids Pinkie Pie T-Shirt

If you child like Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony then this kids Pinkie Pie t-shirt is what they will love.

The t-shirt is available in white, pink, and light gray and comes in many kids sizes.

On the shirt you can see some fun graphics that shows Pinkie Pie in a circle and next to it you can see some flowers and in text “Pinkie Pie” with a little heart above it.

The complete design just looks amazing and I am sure that your little one will really enjoy wearing one.

So find a good occasion to surprise your child with a fun My Little Pony shirt like this one.

Get your Kids Pinkie Pie T-Shirt

buy My Little Pony Friends Shower Curtain

My Little Pony Friends Shower Curtain

If you like a shower and you like My Little Pony then you should check out this My Little Pony friends shower curtain.

The purple shower curtain is covered in stars and circles in a bunch of colors and in the circles you can find many of the ponies like Pinkie Pie, Apple Jack, and Rainbow Dash and yes there are more so check them all out.

The My Little Pony shower curtain is made from 100% softened polyester and has enforced eyelets for you shower hooks. And the purple shower curtain is 69 x 70 inches and can even machine washed when it gets dirty.

Get your My Little Pony Friends Shower Curtain

buy My Little Pony Necklace Set

My Little Pony Necklace Set

Why only get one My Little Pony necklace when you can get 4 in one.

This is a necklace set that includes a 18 inch long necklace with a 2 inch extender and then it includes 4 interchangeable pendants so that you can keep changing it up.

The pendants are shaped like a pony and have enamel covering so that it looks just like the real ponies.

The pendants have Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy on them so you can have your favorite pony on your necklace or just one that fits with you outfit.

So if you like My Little Pony jewelry then now you can have one necklace that you can keep changing off.

Get your My Little Pony Necklace Set

buy MLP Twilight Sparkle Magnet

MLP Twilight Sparkle Magnet

If you like My Little Pony then you should check out this Twilight Sparkle magnet.

The magnet shows Twilight Sparkle jumping from a star and a star she is.

The My Little Pony magnet is a nice and thick chunky magnet that is 3 x 3 inches in size.

So when you got your magnet then you just need to find the perfect metal surface to make the home for Twilight Sparkle. The fridge at home or maybe your locker at school or work the options are limited only by the need of a metal surface.

Magnets are always fun and using My Little Pony to decorate your fridge is a great way to get started.

Get your MLP Twilight Sparkle Magnet

buy My Little Pony Applejack Dress

My Little Pony Applejack Dress

If you are a woman that love My Little Pony then you just have to check out this My Little Pony Applejack dress.

The dress would work great as just a fun everyday dress but could also work perfectly for Halloween as a cute My Little Pony costume.

The dress has an orange top with spaghetti straps and the Applejack cutie mark on it and the skirt part is tulle and is a couple fun colors so that it really looks fun and colorful.

You can get this amazing Applejack dress in women’s sizes XSmall – 3XL and it is made from 95% rayon and 5% spandex.

Get your My Little Pony Applejack Dress

buy MLP Rainbow Dash Belt

MLP Rainbow Dash Belt

We can all use some help keeping our pants up and this MLP Rainbow Dash belt is perfect as it is an amazing belt and looks amazing too.

The My Little Pony belt has a black background and on it, you will find the pink My Little Pony logo and rainbows and yes, of course, many images of Rainbow Dash to as this is a Rainbow Dash Belt.

The MLP belt is 1 1/2 inches wide so that it fits perfectly through the belt loops of your pants and that means you can keep your pants in place.

Now you can wear your favorite pony with your all day long and it will make sure your pants will stay with you as well.

Get your MLP Rainbow Dash Belt

buy MLP Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark Coaster

MLP Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark Coaster

.If you like My Little Pony and hate dirty tables then you just need this Rainbow Dash cutie mark coaster.

The tile coaster is the same color as Rainbow Dash and on the tile, you find a big picture of the cutie mark from Rainbow Dash and that is the famous cloud with rainbow lightning.

The MLP coaster is 4.25 x 4.25 inches and is dishwasher safe and it has 4 felt pads on the bottom so that it does not scratch your table.

Now you can put your glasses and mugs on coasters that look cool all thanks to My Little Pony.

Get your MLP Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark Coaster

buy Twilight Sparkle Tote Bag

Twilight Sparkle Tote Bag

Now there is a Twilight Sparkle tote bag that is made for a My Little Pony fan like you.

The tote bag is available in 3 different sizes so that you get the perfect size for your needs and a bag like this is great for shopping, work, school, and the gym.

The tote bag shows a purple background with on it a blue circle and in that a painting of Twilight Sparkle and on the edge of the circle, it has her name.

If Twilight Sparkle is your favorite MLP pony then this tote bag is a no brainer so don’t wait too long before you get one.

Get your Twilight Sparkle Tote Bag