buy PAW Patrol Pups Lamp

PAW Patrol Pups Lamp

Now you can light up the room of you child with this fun PAW Patrol table lamp.

The table lamp has a cool shade that has a light blue background and on that, you will find Chase, Marshall, Rubble, and Rocky and even the PAW Patrol logo.

It’s just a fun lamp that will make a child that loves PAW Patrol really happy.

And if you don’t want a table lamp but still want to light up a room PAW Patrol style then you can also get the same design on a smaller standing lamp or a hanging lamp and even just as a lamp shade.

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buy PAW Patrol Marshall, Chase, And Skye Racers

PAW Patrol Marshall, Chase, And Skye Racers

Now there is a PAW Patrol toy set for kids that love Marshall, Chase, and Skye.

This is a car set with 3 vehicles with their PAW Patrol puppy inside it. So you will find them all ready to race to the rescue and ready to be part of a new adventure.

And because there are 3 cars in the set you child is going to be able to play even more cool stories. Chase in his police car is ready and so are Skye and Marshall to play for hours on end just to make your child really happy.

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buy PAW Patrol Chase Outdoor Inflatable For Halloween

PAW Patrol Chase Outdoor Inflatable For Halloween

This year you can have 3 feet tall puppy in your yard for Halloween as this is an inflatable PAW Patrol puppy.

The pup is Chase and he is wearing the usual outfit and in between his front paws, you find a carved pumpkin.

Just plug this Halloween inflatable in and in seconds Chase will be 3 feet tall and look amazing especially to the little fans of PAW Patrol.

And because it is an outdoor inflatable it is easy to store after Halloween as then there is no air in the PAW Patrol pup.

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buy PAW Patrol Chase Pillow

PAW Patrol Chase Pillow

If you child loves puppies and PAW Patrol then this Chase pillow is what they want.

The pillow is red and has Chase on the front and this puppy is bigger than the pillow and that is why his paws are dangling out from the bottom.

The PAW Patrol pillow is 16 x 11 x 4 inches and something you child will love.

Just imagine this pillow on your child’s bed or on the couch downstairs so that they can cuddle Chase while they watch TV.

Surprise your kids with a cool red pillow that has their favorite PAW Patrol character Chase on it.

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buy PAW Patrol Soccer Ball

PAW Patrol Soccer Ball

If you are looking for PAW Patrol ball then you are in luck as this soccer ball has puppies from PAW Patrol on it and is great for the kids.

The ball is red and blue and shows the PAW Patrol logo as well as some puppies like Chase, Rubble and Marshall.

When you order this PAW Patrol soccer ball you have to make sure you have a pump as it does come deflated and does not include a pump.

Kids are going to love running behind this puppy soccer ball and I am sure they will make you come and play to.

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buy PAW Patrol Toddler Helmet

PAW Patrol Toddler Helmet

How about a PAW Patrol toddler helmet to protect your child’s head while playing outside?

This helmet is blue and yellow and adjustable in size to fit many toddlers heads and that makes it perfect for kids that like to bike, skate or do what ever else they want that needs a helmet.

On the helmet you can find the PAW Patrol logo but also Chase and Marshall and the text “Yelp for Help!”.

Kids are going to love this PAW Patrol helmet and that of course is perfect as it will make it easier to convince them to wear the helmet.

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buy PAW Patrol Chase And Marshall Little Kids Shoes

PAW Patrol Chase And Marshall Little Kids Shoes

If you have a heart time to make you child wear shoes then maybe these fun PAW Patrol shoes could help.

Of course if you little kid likes PAW Patrol then they will put these shoes on themselves.

The slip on shoes are red and blue and have two puppies on them. The right foot has Chase on it and the left foot has Marshall and maybe that can help to in teaching you kid what shoe goes on witch foot.

These cute PAW Patrol shoes comes in size 7 – 12 so that toddlers and little kids can enjoy them.

Make you child happy with some fun PAW Patrol shoes like these canvas shoes.

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buy PAW Patrol Red Rain Boots

PAW Patrol Red Rain Boots

If you child loves to walk in the rain and loves PAW Patrol then this pair of red rain boots is just perfect.

The rain boots are read with blue edges and on the red boots you can see the PAW Patrol logo with below it Chase and Marshall and those puppies seem really excited to walk in the rain with your kid.

You can get this PAW Patrol rain boots in sizes 7 – 12 so that many toddlers and little kids can enjoy a pair.

I am sure that you will be loved even more by your little one when you surprise them with this pair of PAW Patrol puppy rain boots.

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buy PAW Patrol Luncheon Napkins

PAW Patrol Luncheon Napkins

If you are going to have a PAW Patrol party then paper napkins are a must have.

And you are in luck because these luncheon napkins would be perfect for any PAW Patrol party.

On the napkins you can see the PAW Patrol logo and Chase, Rocky, Marshall and Zuma and they are all playing and having fun.

You will get 16 napkins in a pack and that could be plenty for your party.

And paper napkins are always fun to have. PAW Patrol napkins are special of course and that can even make you child love to wipe it’s face after dinner.

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buy PAW Patrol 62 x 90 Blanket

PAW Patrol 62 x 90 Blanket

Does your child need a fun blanket for on their bed?

How about this PAW Patrol blanket that is 62 x 90 inch and has 3 adorable pups on it.

The blanket has a blue background with paw prints on it and on the bottom you find a red part with the words “PAW Patrol” on it but the main thing of course is the 3 dogs. You can find Chase, Marshall and Rocky on this blanket and they all look really happy to be on this blanket.

If you child does not like a blanket on their bed then that will change when they see this adorable PAW Patrol blanket.

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