buy Brave Merida And Angus Mug

Brave Merida And Angus Mug

Brave Merida And Angus Mug

Let me start with saying the picture above does not do the product much good so click on it to see the complete mug.

This mug is bases on the Brave movie and is covered with a scene where Merida rides her horse Angus and de mug has the scenery with trees grass and a colorful sky. It also shows the  Brave movie logo.

This Brave mug comes in two sizes 11oz and 15oz and would make the perfect gift for a kid that loves Brave.

Come have a closer look at this Brave Merida And Angus Mug.

buy Merida And The Three Bear Cubs Magnet

Merida And The Three Bear Cubs Magnet

Brave Merida And The Three Bear Cubs Magnet

There we have Merida and the 3 bear cubs and they are printed on a fun magnet.

This Brave magnet comes in different sizes and you can get them round of square.

If you like Merida then you gone love this maget that you can use on anything metal like the fridge, school locker, the car and so on.

Brave fans come see this Brave Merida And The Three Bear Cubs Magnet.

buy Brave Merida’s Challenge Coloring Book

Brave Merida’s Challenge Coloring Book

Brave Merida's Challenge Coloring Book

If your kids love coloring then now there is a coloring book from the movie Brave.

The book is called “Merida’s Challenge” and offers 96 pages of coloring fun.

Of course you can expect all the movie characters in this book ready to get a nice color.

Follow Merida to the highlands of Scotland and see what she does but then without the color because you need to color it for her.

Come and check out this super fun Brave Merida’s Challenge Coloring Book.

buy Brave Movie Poster

Brave Movie Poster

Brave Movie Poster

The Disney / Pixar movie Brave is all spooky and exciting and now you can have the poster to prove it.

This movie poster from Brave shows the Brave logo in big letters in the background and Merida with her bow and arrow in the front.

This poster is 22 x 34 inch and that makes it the perfect poster size for on your bedroom wall.

And a Brave poster of course needs to reach you without any harm and that is why they ship them in protective tubes so that it will be looking amazing when you unpack it.

Come get your own Brave Movie Poster.

buy Brave Merida iPhone 4S Case

Brave Merida iPhone 4S Case

Speck case with Merida from the movie Brave for the iPhone 4 / 4S

Do you like a new iPhone case?

If so have a look at this one with the red haired Merida from the movie Brave.

This hardcase made by Speck will fit perfectly on your iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 and it will keep all your ports and buttons availible for use while keeping your iPhone safe from harm.

On the case you Merida in her famous dress with her bow and arrows agains a scenic backdrop. Besides Merida there is also the Brave logo.

So if you want a movie iPhone case then come look at this Brave Merida iPhone Case.

buy Lightning McQueen 3 peice Furniture set

Lightning McQueen 3 peice Furniture set

Lightning Mcqueen, the star of Cars and Cars 2 the hot animated movies from Disney/Pixar.

How awesome would it be to take a seat on your very own Cars #95 Lightning McQueen 3 piece furniture set and kick back and watch the movie. This 3 piece set has a chair, sofa and an ottoman, with lots of wonderful color and style. The bright red and blue will make this the perfect set for any play room and will take center stage for sure.

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buy Buzz Lightyear Rain Boots

Buzz Lightyear Rain Boots

Rain boots are one of those items that kids just need.

Kids love to play in the rain and in puddles and rain boots will keep them dry.

But lets make boring rain boots better by getting some that are licensed with their favorite character.

These boots are Toy Story rain boots and have Buzz Lightyear standing on them. The whole side is filled with a picture of Buzz and on the nose it says Buzz.

And these fun rain boots are available in many toddler and kids sizes so that all the little Toy Story fans can wear a pair and enjoy the rain.

Your kids are gone love these Buzz Lightyear rain boots.

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