buy Brave Merida Ornament

Brave Merida Ornament

Brave Christmas ornament of merida

Did you fall in love with the Disney movie Brave? Well, if so and your favorite character was the brave Merida you will love this beautiful Merida Christmas ornament to hang on your tree.

This beautiful Brave Merida tree ornament look just like Merida from the Disney movie Brave with her long flowing red hair wearing a pretty long satin green dress with a glittery gold design around the bottom of her dress.

She stands a brave 5 1/2 inches high and comes with a 2014 Disney logo charm attached.

You will have lots of fun helping decorate the Christmas tree and hanging up this cool Brave Merida Christmas Tree Ornament.

buy Brave Merida Figurine

Brave Merida Figurine

Pop! Vinyl Figurine Brave Figurine number 57

There is Merida the hero from them movie Brave.

This Brave character is one out of the Pop! Vinyl series from Funko and if you are a true collector then it’s good to know that it is item number 57.

Merida has all the details you expect including the red hair, freckles and even a bow and arrow.

This as most Pop Vinyl figurines is 3.75 inch tall and comes in a cool display box so that you can enjoy Merida without having to even remove it from the box if you don’t want to.

Are you as brave as Merida? If you are then maybe having your own figure of her will keep that in your mind.

Now is the perfect time to order your Brave Merida Pop! Vinyl Figurine.

buy Merida Be Brave T-Shirt

Merida Be Brave T-Shirt

Merida Be Brave T-Shirt

Did you see the Brave movie?

If you did then you learned that being brave is a good thing and that is what this t-shirt is all about.

T-shirt shows Merida surrounded by some snow flakes and below her picture it says “Be Brave!”.
I showed you a turquoise colored version of this t-shirt but it comes in all kind of colors and the kids are gone love this t-shirt but if you as adult want one then you are in luck as adult sizes are also available of this t-shirt.

So be brave and order you own Merida Be Brave T-Shirt.

buy Brave Merida Mylar Balloon

Brave Merida Mylar Balloon

Brave Merida Mylar Balloon

There is Merida the princess with courage.

And this Merida is a balloon. A real Brave mylar balloon that loves to float around the party.

The balloon is shaped like Merida and her bow and it even has a bear cub on it.

This Brave balloon is 20 x 36 inch and is sold flat. So you have to get your own helium or air to pump in it.

So if you are planning the party decorations then you have to take a look at this Brave Merida Balloon.

buy Brave Merida Beach Towel

Brave Merida Beach Towel

Brave Merida Beach Towel

Taking a bath and going to the beach became a lot more fun when you have a towel as nice as this one.

This beach towel shows Merida from the Brave movie on it complete with her bow and arrows.

With a size of 58 x 28 inch the towel is the perfect size for a day at the beach but also to cuddle up in after a hot shower.

If you like Brave and need a new towel then come see this Brave Merida Beach Towel.

buy Brave Merida Fabric Wall Scroll Poster

Brave Merida Fabric Wall Scroll Poster

Brave Merida Fabric Wall Scroll Poster

From the awsome action packed Disney Pixar animated movie Brave, this is Merida a very popular and loved character.

This is not your typical poster it is a fabric wall scroll that features Merida with absolutely amazing details and very high quality print, find Merida standing on a huge branch with her bow and arrow and that lovely curly red hair.

Measuring 16 inches x 23 inches and is made with durable fabric it also comes with 2 hanging hooks and is perfect for the Brave fan.

Have a closer look at the Brave Merida Fabric Wall Scroll Poster.

buy Brave Merida Christmas Ornament

Brave Merida Christmas Ornament

Brave Merida Christmas Ornament by Hallmark

There we have Merida with her bow in arrow ready just in case.

And this is a Brave Christmas ornament of Merida. Merida will make you tree look even more amazing with the red hair and greenish dress Merida will blend right in.

This Hallmark ornament is 3 1/4 inch high can of course used on other ocasions besides Christmas.

But for how come have a closer look at this Brave Merida Christmas Ornament.

buy Brave Merida Binder

Brave Merida Binder

Brave Merida in action Binder by Avery

School may not always be fun but it would be a lot more fun if you had a nice binder for school.

This Brave binder not only looks amazing but is also made by Avery so it is a quality binder that will last you a long time.

The binder comes with a white or black inside (your preference) and has two rings.
Not only can you use this binder to store thing in the rings it also has 4 pockets for small notes and other papers.

And the outside of the binder shows a scene of the Brave movie with Merida and her bow and arrow on the front complete with the Brave logo and the scene just goes on to the back where you can see the rest of the gate and more.\

If you like Brave then you found the perfect binder, come have a closer look at this Brave Merida Binder.

buy Brave Wall Calendar 2013

Brave Wall Calendar 2013

Brave Wall Calendar 2013

The animated movie Brave is awesome and after you have seen it you want more.

And now you can enjoy 19 months of Brave fun with this 2013 wall calendar that start way early in 2012.
So if you get you Brave Calendar now then you can start enjoying it almost imidiatly.

This Brave calendar has pictures of Merida, Angus the horse and the three bear cubs.

A calendar as nice as this one deserves a special place on your wall maybe next to your desk or above your bed, where ever you place this Brave 2013 calendar it will make it stand out and want you to stare at it.

Come have a closer look at this Brave Wall Calendar 2013. 

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