buy Tangled Rapunzel Singing Ornament

Tangled Rapunzel Singing Ornament

One of Disney’s most popular princesses is Princess Rapunzel from the movie Tangled.

You can add this adorable Sketchbook ornament to your collection and show it off this holiday season or leave it on display year round.

This 4 1/2″ x 3″ x 2 1/4″ resin ornament shows Rapunzel at the tower window in her lavender dress, surrounded by pink, peach and yellow roses, with her only friend, the quirky chameleon Pascal.

This fully sculpted ornament is hand painted and can be hung on your tree or left standing on your mantle and there is a button on the bottom to turn on and off the Mandy Moore song “When Will My Life Begin”. And the batteries are included!

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buy Rapunzel Kids Slippers

Rapunzel Kids Slippers

All the girls want to be a princess once in their lives and now there are princess worthy slippers to keep their feet warm.

These purple and pink slippers shows princess Rapunzel on the front surrounded by flowers.

A princess that likes to dance and play will be so happy to have these fun Disney slippers that have a non slip sole and padded footbed.

And these Princess Rapunzel slippers come in kids sizes 2 – 13.

Sorry grown up ladies these slippers are just for the little princesses that like to play and do not mind if they forgot socks and footwear so with these slippers they will never forget to wear some slippers.

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buy Tangled Rapunzel Sketch Watch

Tangled Rapunzel Sketch Watch

The awesome animated Disney movie Tangled has many fun characters, if your favorite is Princess Rapunzel then you are in luck.

This is an amazing watch that features a detailed sketch image of Dinsey Princess Rapunzel on the face of the watch, with a gold tone strap you will also find embedded crystals around the face of the watch giving this a bling that will stand out when the slightest light hits it.

Made from metal the strap is finished with gold tone and polished to be super smooth and shiny, it uses quartz movement technology so you can be sure to have the right time.

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buy Rapunzel Swinging On A Branch T-Shirt

Rapunzel Swinging On A Branch T-Shirt

Princess Rapunzel Swinging On A Branch T-Shirt

If your kids like Rapunzel then they are in luck.

This t-shirt is specially made for them. And unfortunitly the picture is not super so click on it to get a much better look of this t-shirt.

This t-shirt shows Princess Rapunzel swinging while her hair is hanging on a tree branch.
And below the picture it now says Rapunzel but if you want you can change that text (no extra charge) to make it personal for your kid.

And this Rapunzel t-shirt comes in a wide range of styles, colors and sizes for kids and even adults.

So if a Rapunzel t-shirt is on you wish list then come see this Princess Rapunzel Swinging On A Branch T-Shirt. 

buy Disney Princesses Christmas Tree Ornament

Disney Princesses Christmas Tree Ornament

Disney Princesses Christmas Tree Ornament

Kids love the princesses from the the Disney stories and with Christmas they ofcourse need to be there to.

Now you can have a nice round ceramic princess tree ornament.

On this Christmas ornament you can find the following princesses:

  • Cinderella
  • Snow White
  • Belle
  • Ariel
  • Rapunzel
  • Aurora
  • Tiana

All these lovely princesse are dressed for the holidays and even the background is nicely decorated in Christmas style.

This ornament is flat and has the same picture on both sides.

Suprise the kids with this Disney Princesses Christmas Ornament.


buy Tangled Hanging On Hair Movie Poster

Tangled Hanging On Hair Movie Poster

Tangled Hanging On Hair Movie Poster

The awesome Disney movie Tangled features a very strong and outgoing princess Rapunzel.

This is a poster that features a scence from the movie Tangled with princess Rapunzel high up in her tower using her long golden hair to lift up flynn up or let him down.

A very well detailed poster that has so many vibrant colors making it a movie scene to remember, measures 11 inches by 17 inches and is a very high quality full color poster with white border.

Decorate any room with the Tangled Hanging on Hair Movie Poster.

buy Disney Tangled Princess Rapunzel Doll

Disney Tangled Princess Rapunzel Doll

Disney Tangled Rapunzel Doll

Who is your very most favorite Disney Princess?

If it is the beautiful and magical Princess Rapunzel from the awesome Disney animated movie Tangled, then you have found the perfect gift right here or add this to your Barbie doll collection.

This is a Tangled Rapunzel doll made by the trusted company Mattel, find Princess Rapunzel with her long golden hair and her amazing purple designed dress that sparkles and shines.

Also included with this doll is a silver hair brush and 10inch wear-and-share hair extension aswell as matching purple shoes and a purple tiara.

Re-enact your favorite Tangled scenes with the Disney Tangled Princess Rapunzel Doll.

buy Tangled Princess Rapunzel iPhone 5 Case

Tangled Princess Rapunzel iPhone 5 Case

Tangled Princess Rapunzel iPhone 5 Case

Your new iPhone 5 looks amazing but could maybe need a new look and a little bit of protection.

If you like Disney princesses then you are in luck as this Tangled case has princess Rapunzel on it.

The case will of course protect your iPhone and the then the back looks like the tower from where Rapunzel lets her hair go down.
And yes you see Princess Rapunzel.

So make your phone into a Tangled phone with this Tangled Princess Rapunzel iPhone 5 Case.

buy Princess Rapunzel Cupcake Rings

Princess Rapunzel Cupcake Rings

tangled Rapunzel Cupcake rings

If the kids love princesses then what would be more fun then having princess Rapunzel cupcakes for the party?

And making them is really easy. Just make nice cupcakes and then stick a Rapunzel cupcake ring in it.
And the fun part is that when they cupcakes are gone the rings are left and kids love to wear them and play with them.
They are ideal party favors for little Tangled fans.

These cupcake rings come in a pack of 12 and have 3 different designs in them just like on the picture.

So start preparing for your party with these Princess Rapunzel Cupcake Rings.

buy Tangled Princess Rapunzel Lunch Plates

Tangled Princess Rapunzel Lunch Plates

Disney's Princess Rapunzel Tangled Plates

Do you need an awesome idea for a themed party?

Here it is …. Disney’s Princess Rapunzel Tangled Party! ……. Now that has a nice royal ring to it.

Featured on these paper lunch plates is a large image of Princess Rapunzel with her long golden hair gazing up and day dreaming, in the background find a beautiful design of flowers and birds, also notice her pet friend chameleon Pascal.

These paper lunch plates come in packages of 8 and are 7 inches in diameter, these are perfect for your Disney’s Princess Rapunzel Tangled themed party and also check out all the other cool party supplies to match.

For your party add the Disney’s Princess Rapunzel Tangled Lunch Plates.