buy Harry Potter And Snape Christmas Ornament

Harry Potter And Snape Christmas Ornament

Now there is a fun Christmas tree ornament and it is a Harry Potter and Snape Christmas ornament.

The Christmas ornament shows Harry Potter in class at Hogwarts while he is being stared at by Professor Snape.

The ornament looks amazing and it is made by Halloween in their keepsake series.

And ornament like this will look amazing in any Christmas tree of a true Harry Potter fan. As this ornament is not really decorated for the holidays you can even keep the ornament out and have it decorate your house and be part of your Harry Potter collection.

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buy Severus Snape Pop! Figurine

Severus Snape Pop! Figurine

Harry Potter fans that would like to have their own collection of characters will be happy to know that there is a figurine of Severus Snape and this one can be yours.

Of course with the passing of Alan Rickman who brilliantly played Professor Snape this figurine became even more special and maybe that could mean that soon these will be a rarity to find.

The figurine of Snape is 3 3/4 inch tall and shows Snape at his best wearing his black robe and holding his wand.

This Harry Potter figurine is number 05 in the Pop! Vinyl series and already a true collectors item.

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buy Severus Snape Wand

Severus Snape Wand

Severus Snape Wand from Harry Potter

Harry Potter collectors do you have the wand of Professor Snape yet?

If not then you are in luck as we found the wand used by Severus Snape and you can have one to.

This wand is 13 1/2 inch and comes in a special box like all the wands in the Ollivanders wand shop.

And this is not a toy this wand is a collectors item from the Noble collection.

A true Harry Potter collector of course want all the wands used in the books and movies and starting with the wand of Snape is a great start.

Come have a closer look at this Harry Potter Severus Snape Wand.

buy Harry Potter Professor Snape T-Shirt

Harry Potter Professor Snape T-Shirt

There is Professor Snape like we all know him from the Harry Potter movies.

As you can see Severus Snape is pointing at something while holding his wand ready to use  and behind him you can see Hogwarts castle and the Harry Potter logo. And this all is printed on a white t-shirt for women.

A true Harry Potter fan of course wants to honour Snape and what better way to do so then by wearing this t-shirt.

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buy Professor Snape Bust

Professor Snape Bust

Professor Snape can now be part of you collection of Harry Potter goodies.

This bust is made in a limited edition of 1250 pieces and hand painted with great details.

Severus Snape look great in his black robe and waving his wand. This bust is 6 inch tall and a great item for your Harry Potter display.

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