buy Ant-Man Bust Bank

Ant-Man Bust Bank

This money bank is great for keeping your money in a secure location without it being spend.

This bank looks like a bust of a classic Ant-Man and that of course is great as it look stunning on a shelve in your home together with all you other collectibles.

At around 8 inch tall this Ant-Man money bank is much bigger then ant size and that is great because other wise there would be very little room to store money in it.

Now you can have a classic Marvel character ready to collect the coins in your pocket.

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buy Wonder Woman Bust Money Bank

Wonder Woman Bust Money Bank

New 52 Wonder Woman Bust Money Bank

There is Wonder Woman modelled after the new 52 cartoon series. And this is a bust money bank of Wonder Woman and that means that she will be looking great on a shelve and is great at collecting money for you.

The Wonder Woman bust is about 7.5 inch tall and has a money slot on the back so that the front is perfect and great for  decorating while the back is perfect to it only has the money slot.

If saving money is difficult for you then start with putting all your coins in this piggy bank. And as you can see Wonder Woman does not look happy if you are gone try to take the money back so that could help you keep the money for a long time.

DC Comics collectors come take a closer look at this Wonder Woman Bust Money Bank.

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buy Game of Thrones The Hound Bust

Game of Thrones The Hound Bust

One of the Game of Thrones major characters is Sandor Clegane. He has such a savage demeanor and is very obedient to his masters, maybe that is why he is nicknamed The Hound. If you are a fan of the TV show then this is a must have limited edition collector’s piece.

This bust is a depiction of Sandor Clegane better known as the The Hound. It is Sandor from the chest up on a large stone looking base. He is in his full armor including his helmet that looks like a Hound. Makes sense why he’s named The Hound.

There are only 950 of these made and each one is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. So you have to act quickly to guarantee yours today. It is made out of resin and is hand painted, it weighs 8 pounds and measures 7.5 inches high by 7 inches wide and about 5 inches deep. You can even move the mask to show Sandor’s face or not.

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buy The Joker Bust Money Bank

The Joker Bust Money Bank

The Joker Bust Money Bank from Batman

Now you can own a bust figurine of the Joker from the Batman cartoons.

But this is not just an amazingly detailed bust no this is a money bank.

Yes now you can store you hard earned cash inside the Joker.

And  this bust of the Joker is 7.5 inch tall witch leaves plenty of room for coins.

The figurine as all the details you can wish for. Of course the Joker wears his famous purple shut and he is even holding a Joker playing card in his hand.

Need money for for more Batman collectors items?

Start with saving your money in this Batman The Joker Bust Money Bank.

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buy Batman Dark Knight Rises Bane Mask

Batman Dark Knight Rises Bane Mask

Batman Dark Knight Rises Bane Mask


If you love Bane in Batman The Dark Knight Rises then this is a peice of Batman history you need to add to your collection.

This is a Bane display mask prop replica that features every little detail found on Bane’s mask in the hit movie Batman The Dark Knight Rises, from the evil cowl to all the perfectly crafted bars hiding Bane’s scary face.

Made from durable fiberglass this is a life-size replica that measures 21 inches tall and comes on a pedestal display stand that is perfect for any show room shelf or table.

Get some Batman history with the Batman Dark Knight Rises Bane Mask.

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buy Ron Swanson Bust

Ron Swanson Bust

Now you can have a bust of Ron Swanson on your desk staring at you while you are working.

This Parks and Recreation statue is 7.25″ tall and has a name plate with a quote that says “Give me all the bacon and eggs you have.”.
It can’t get more real then that.

Fans of Parks and Recreation will love this bust and of course it brings back memories of everything we learned from Ron.

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buy Star Wars Shae Vizla Mini Bust

Star Wars Shae Vizla Mini Bust

Star Wars Shae Vizla Mini Bust

Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO is an awesome and very popular role playing video game, this is a very cool mini bust that features Shae Vizla in her armor and holding her helmet and gun.

Crafted with awesome details and very high quality material this mini bust is hand-painted and is numbered as a limited edition that comes packaged in a cool window box with a certificate of authenticity.

Get this Star Wars Shae Vizla Mini Bust.

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Bill Compton Bust

Bust of True Blood vampire Bill Compton

Bill may be old but he still has the looks. This True Blood character wants to be your friend.

But remember You need to invite them in they can’t get in to your home without your permission.

This bust of vampire Bill Compton is a great addition to any True Blood collection. And this bust has such a great amount of detail that you will wonder if that is real blood dripping from Bill’s mouth.

With 6 3/4 inch this bust has the perfect size to fit in your collection. And there are only 5000 pieces of Bill Compton made so it will be a real collectors item real soon.

Go enjoy you vampires with this True Blood Bill Compton Bust.

buy Spider-Man Bust Money Bank

Spider-Man Bust Money Bank

This Spider-Man bust has some amazing details and would look so great on your bookshelf.

But not only is  this a great looking bust no it is also a money bank and by putting your money in to Spider-Man it will become you little secret nest egg for worse times.

Someone who love money and Spider-Man will just love this bust bank as a gift.

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