“I Dig the Wig” Bumper Sticker

Simpsons viewers love Ralphy he is funny and so clue less that you can only smile when he says something.

And because Ralphy is so fun we looked for something related to him and we found this cool bumper sticker with his face and “I Dig The Wig” on it.

Go have a closer look at this “I Dig the Wig” Bumper Sticker.

Forks Sticker

forks sticker

Here you have a great sticker for on your car. The sticker of 3 green tree’s and the word Forks.

Of course you and me both know that we mean the town of Forks the town where the Twilight movie is based. And that makes this sticker so cool because only the people who know Twilight know what your sticker means.

Go order your Forks Sticker.

Ha Ha Sticker


Nelson Ha Ha

Nelson is one of those characters that belong to the hit TV series The Simpsons and what would Nelson be without his famous line Ha, Ha! when something happens.

Now you can have Nelson and his Ha Ha on a great vinyl sticker that is weather resistant for loads of fun. You can have it on your cars bumper or on your laptop or maybe just on your office door, you figure it out.

Check out the Nelson Ha Ha Sticker

Superman Power of Flight Stickers


Here is a cool Superman The Power Of Flight Sticker that you can stick on anything you can think of. What about a cool sticker on your school books or you binders?

The Superman sticker is available in two sizes 1 1/2″ (20 stickers on a sheet) and 3″ (6 stickers on a sheet) so you will have enough to sticker them around.

Check out the Superman Power Of Flight Stickers.