Shrek All Ears T-Shirt

shrek and donkey on a t-shirt and plush doll

Kids that like Shrek will love this product.

See the plush doll of Donkey? yes  you see it right it has a little backpack and that is where the Shrek and Donkey I’m all ears T-shirt is. The plush of Donkey is 8″ and that makes it a great play toy and the T-Shirt of course is great for the kids to wear.

Check out this Shrek All Ears T-Shirt and Plush

House Has Wilson T-Shirt

house has wilson t-shirt

House seems like the guy who does not need any body and would be much happier if he didn’t have to interact with people.

But really where would Gregory House be without Wilson?

Now you can have a cool shirt comparing House with Sherlock Holmes because Holmes has Watson and House has Wilson.

Go see all the options and colors for this great House Has Wilson T-Shirt.