buy The Sopranos Logo T-Shirt

The Sopranos Logo T-Shirt

The Sopranos Logo T-Shirt

With a t-shirt like this you don’t have to be scared any more because nobody is gone want to be in trouble with the Sopranos.

This black coton t-shirt shows the Sopranos logo in red and this is the real logo with a gun as the R.

As any good licenced t-shirt this Sopranos t-shirt will make people look and admire.

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Sopranos ‘Collegiate’ Logo T-Shirt

The Sopranos 'Collegiate' Logo Men's T-Shirt

Be apart of the gang, or at least look like your part of the cool and always feared mobster gang The Sopranos. This T-shirt is in a ‘collegiate’ style with the trademark Sopranos logo across the chest and the text “Est. 1999 New Jersey” underneath it. The text is all screen printed on to this grey T-shirt and looks really sharp when you put it on. Go out and support The Sopranos gang with this Sopranos ‘Collegiate’ Logo T-Shirt.

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The Sopranos Video Game

The Sopranos Video Game for the Playstation 2

The Sopranos Road to respect video game is all about earning respect. Now yo can play the part as part of the mob and collect money, show intimidation to create fear and move your way up the ranks. With cool features like breaking arms or using objects as weapons you can be a Soprano on your couch at home. This Limeted Edition comes with lots of extras like a poster of the crew and a dvd of behind the scenes of character building also a commemorative booklet with talent photos and more…

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Bada Bing iPhone 4 Case

Bada Bing iPhone Case

Bada Bing! Bada Bing! Bada Bing!  The phone is for you.

The Sopranos own the very popular Bada Bing! a dance bar and meeting place for the mob. They probly all have an iPhone 4 and this would be the perfect case for them to have. This is an iPhone 4 slider case and it features a silhouette of a lady with a bunch of stars above her in an awsome silver grey color.

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