buy James Bond DB5 Model Kit

James Bond DB5 Model Kit

If you are a big fan of 007 then you should check out this James Bond DB5 Model Kit.

This is not just any Austin Marin model, this is one you have to build yourself and  after it is done then you have the same car as James Bond only small as it is a 1:8 scale replica.

And this DB5 has cool features just like the 007 one including the rotating license plate, machine guns, working lights, and even a working ejector seat.

The James Bond die cast model is a subscription model so that you get new parts for a while and that is fun as it keeps becoming more and more of the car and it even has display base, poster, and the blueprint.

If you like James Bond and building things then this is what you want.

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buy Rick Grimes Police Car

Rick Grimes Police Car

If you are a true fan of The Walking Dead then you can still remember the first episodes and the police car that Rick and Shane drove before it all started.

And you are one of the lucky few that can own a die cast model of the 2001 Crown Victoria police car that they drove.

This special The Walking Dead item is a must for a true collector like you.

The model car comes based in a display case so that it never will get dirty. If you open the case you can see the car up close and even open doors and hoods.

So add a police car model to your collection, you won’t regret it.

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buy Doctor Who Metal Tardis Model

Doctor Who Metal Tardis Model

Now on a rainy day, you can build the Tardis from Doctor Who.

This metal model will be able to transform into a 3D Tardis that is 6 x 4 inches and just something that needs to be in your Doctor Who collection.

Made from blue metal this model is rated ages 14 and up and you will need some needle nose pliers to make building easier.

You can see that the signs on the Tardis are all there and even the doors will be able to open when you are done building you own Tardis.

So wait no longer, this is your opportunity to touch and hold the Tardis.

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buy Batman Batmobile Model Kit

Batman Batmobile Model Kit

Now you can build you own Batmobile and feel like Batman does.

This is a model kit for a 1989 Batmobile and it is made from metal and just has to be assembled by you with some clippers and tweezers.

No this Batman Batmobile is not black it is the color of metal but as it is build by you it surely looks even better then the real big one that Batman drives around.

All build the Batmobile is 3.5 x 1.5 x 1 inch and I am sure it will look stunning on a shelve or maybe even in a display case.

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buy Sons Of Anarchy Jax Motorcycle Scaled Model

Sons Of Anarchy Jax Motorcycle Scaled Model

Sons of Anarchy fans know who is the boss, who calls the shots for the Samcro, and know exactly what type of bike that Jax Teller rides.

From the hit biker gang television show Sons of Anarchy this is a super cool model of a 2003 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide Sport, this is the same type of motorcycle that the main character and all the brains behind Samcro Jax Teller rides.

This is a small model that is scaled to perfection with all the details in the right spot like the reaper painted on the gas tank, a perfect gift for the SOA collector.

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buy Friends Phoebe’s Taxi Cab

Friends Phoebe’s Taxi Cab

We all know the yellow taxi that Phoebe drove after the passing of Frances.

Many crazy adventures happened thanks to this yellow cab.

And now you as true Friends fan can own a model of this famous car.

And you don’t have to worry it’s only a scale model so the ashes of Frances are not in this vehicle.

The model made by Greenlight Collectibles is at a scale of 1:18 and has amazing details. You can open doors and even look under the hood of this 1977 checker taxi cab.

Just imagine this yellow car standing in your home while you dream away to think of all those adventures Phoebe and her Friends had in this car.

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Star Trek Classic Enterprise Model Kit

Star Trek Classic Enterprise Model Kit

Trekkies must check out this, the U.S.S. Enterpsrise a classic ship from the awsome space series Star Trek.

Build the  U.S.S. Enterprise with this Star Trek classic Enterprise model kit, and for the Star Trek collector this model kit comes in an awsome collectable tin with a great picture of the model you are going to build the U.S.S. Enterprise.

This ship when fully assembled is 18 inches long and is skill level 2, requires glue assembly and paint, when finished you can show it off to all your Trekkie freinds and it will make a great show peice.

Build your Star Trek Classic Enterprise Model Kit.

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buy Batmobile Model Kit

Batmobile Model Kit

This is a model from the classic Batmobile and yes you need to build it yourself but then you have something real special.

You find all the plans and parts in a nice Batman tin and besides this kit you still need glue and paint to make it the best Batmobile out there.

And of course this set comes included with Batman and Robin.

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Daisy Duke Plymouth Model Kit

Daisy Duke Plymouth Road Runner Model Kit

The Dukes od Hazzard has some pretty cool cars always buzzing around. This model kit is of Daisy Dukes 1974 Plymouth Road Runner, even if she didn’t have it for long she still had it and it will be a great addition to your Dukes of Hazzard collection.

Get your Daisy Duke Plymouth Road Runner Model Kit.

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Daisy Dukes Jeep Model Kit

Daisy Dukes jeep

The Dukes of Hazzard is known for it’s cool vehicles, here is a plastic model kit of Daisy Dukes jeep. Take your time and  put it together and when your done you will have a 1:25 scale jeep with awsome fine details just as you would expect from a do it your self model.

Start building your Daisy Duke Jeep.

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