Dora Skateboard

Maybe not for the littles Dora The Explorer fans but the bigger once will love this Dora Skateboard. Not only fun for Dora The Explorer fans but also great for people that are called Dora.

The board design is simple with just a butterfly and the word DORA on it but still you make the connection to Dora The Explorer.

Go look at all the options you have for this Dora The Explorer Skateboard.

Superman Sneakers


Sneakers like these are cool again and now you can get them even better with Superman on them. Which real Superman fan can live without sneakers like this.

The Design of these Pro-Keds Superman shoes is done really nice with Superman showing up all over the shoe.

Check out these cool Pro-Keds Superman Sneakers.

buy Toy Story Neon Color Explosion

Toy Story Neon Color Explosion

If you like coloring you will love this. Neon color explosion will really make you coloring pages pop out. This set of 18 Toy Story will surely bring hours and hours of fun and the special neon color markers (8 included) will really make this a special coloring experience.

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buy Spongebob Color ‘n Smell

Spongebob Color ‘n Smell

Coloring is fun but this is even more fun. This is a set of 20 coloring pages that smell when you color them.

So have fun and color you favorite Spongebob drawing and enjoy the smell that it offers. This set comes with 20 coloring pages and 6 color pencils and that means that you will be ready to go.

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buy Dora and Boots Wall Clock

Dora and Boots Wall Clock

Kids need to learn how to read time on a clock and if they like Dora the explorer then why not get them there own clock to make this learning process easier.

This Dora Wall clock is 8 inch and shows Dora and her friend Boots the monkey having fun. I think this clock is great as decoration for a kids room and for a price of less the 5 dollars it is a great piece of decoration and learning tool for your kids.

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buy Welcome to Class Mug

Welcome to Class Mug

Garfield back to school mug

Here is a great mug for kids and teachers that go back to school.

Garfield and his friend are sitting in the school benches ready for the learning and on the other side it says “Welcome to Classs. You may start thinking now.”

You see it would be a great present for a new teacher or one of you kids.

Order you Garfield Welcome to Class Mug today.

buy Dora Canopy Bed

Dora Canopy Bed

Is you kid ready to make the leap to a real big persons bed but still the you don’t want to drown them in a real big size then maybe this Dora The Explorer toddler bed is a great solution.

Who doesn’t want to sleep under a canopy and with her friends Dora and Boots.

This bed of course meets all JPMA safety standards and is strong to with stand your kids playing and sleeping.

The Dora bed does not come with a mattress but it fits a standard crib mattress.

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