buy Kids Spider-Man Jacket

Kids Spider-Man Jacket

If your child loves Spider-Man and needs a new winter jacket then this kids Spider-Man jacket is what you like to see.

The puffy winter jacket looks a lot like the outfit Spider-Man wears only a lot more puffy and warm and it the hood comes off so that you can adjust it for the weather.

Inside the jacket there is a media pocket and and ID label so that with your child’s name in it you don’t have to worry about them loosing it.

And the Spider-Man jacket has a water repellent treatment so that it keeps the water out and it is available in kids sizes 4 – 14.

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buy Lord Of The Rings My Precious Mug

Lord Of The Rings My Precious Mug

If you like coffee in the morning and protect it like Gollum does the ring in the Lord of the rings movies then you just need this My Precious mug.

The black mug is special and is a must have for all the Lord of the rings fans.

The mug looks a lot like a beer stein and can hold up to 18oz of your favorite beverage and as you can see the bottom part has a dent in it and in that dent you can see the Ring from the movie and it can spin around. Above the ring it says “my precious…” and that could point at the ring or the coffee you have inside it.

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buy Metal Wonder Woman Bottle Opener

Metal Wonder Woman Bottle Opener

Wonder Woman fans can now open bottles in style all thanks to this Wonder Woman bottle opener.

The bottle opener is made from metal and has a bronze color.

And this metal bottle opener looks like Wonder Woman and she has her lasso in her hand and you can see that the lasso has the lip we need to open a bottle and that make a lasso a perfect bottle opener especially if it held by you favorite female superhero.

Now you can have a bottle opener on your table that does not say to the world that you like to drink because it looks like an amazing Wonder Woman token.

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buy Superman Man Of Steel Mousepad

Superman Man Of Steel Mousepad

If you like Superman and need a mousepad then you just need this Superman Man Of Steel mousepad.

The mousepad is 8.5 x 7 inches and shows the famous Superman logo as used for the Man Of Steel movie and it is surrounded by fire.

So now your desk at home or the office can look a lot nicer just because of Superman and even if you don’t use a mouse anymore the mousepad just look nice and you could use it for other things maybe as a coaster if you like too.

Now the Man Of Steel can be with you when ever you are at your desk because this mousepad is here to stay.

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buy Wizard Of Oz Night Light

Wizard Of Oz Night Light

If you want light in the dark and you like the Wizard Of Oz then you just need to get this Wizard Of Oz night light.

The night light is black and has an LED lightbulb that is energy efficient and the night light has a sensor build in to make it go on at night and off in the daytime.

On the front of the night light you can see Dorothy, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, and Scarecrow walking on the yellow brick road.

A night light like this may not be what young kids understand but if you like the Wizard Of Oz then this is the light you want in your home.

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buy Hogwarts Houses Button Set

Hogwarts Houses Button Set

If you are a true Harry Potter fan then you are going to love these fun Hogwarts houses button set.

The button come in a set of 4 one for each of the Hogwarts houses and that means you will get your own Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff.

Each of the pin back buttons are 1.25 inches in diameter and show the cool crest of the house.

So now you can have a button on your clothing or maybe you bag that shows the house that is on your mind today. Of course, you could wear all 4 buttons on your outfit as it really makes a statement that Harry Potter is still on your mind everyday of the year.

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buy Star Trek St Patrick’s Day T-Shirt

Star Trek St Patrick’s Day T-Shirt

If you are a Star Trek that like to have fun on St Patrick’s Day then you just need to get this Star Trek St Patrick’s Day t-shirt.

The t-shirt is available in styles for men, women, and kids and it comes in many sizes and colors so that it is perfect for you.

On the shirt you can see the Star Trek badge but this one is green and has a shamrock on it and below that you can see the text “Trekkie St Patrick Edition”.

So when you are wearing this t-shirt people know you will talk Star Trek when you get drunk on the green beer or just when you do any other St Patrick’s Day activity.

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buy Upholstered Batman Kids Chair

Upholstered Batman Kids Chair

Your child deserves a nice chair for in your home and now there is a nicely upholstered Batman kids chair that would be perfect for in your home.

The chair is black and looks like a leather chair making it look really nice in your nice living room. The back of the seat shows the famous Batman symbol and below it you can see the muscles just like in Batman’s costume. Below the seat the Batman chair shows the famous tool belt Batman wears and it is yellow just like the real one.

I am sure that your child is going to love sitting in this Batman chair and watch TV or read a comic book.

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buy Rocket Raccoon Head Backpack

Rocket Raccoon Head Backpack

If you want a cool backpack and you like superhero’s and raccoons then you should check out this Rocket Raccoon head backpack.

The backpack looks a lot like Rocket Raccoon with his head and shirt as part of the design and it even has the little raccoon ears on top and a zipper pull on the front pocket even has his tail on it.

Your new Guardians of the Galaxy backpack is 12 x 8 x 4 inches and has a front and a main pocket.

A fun Rocket Raccoon backpack like this is great fun for school and many other adventures and I am sure kids will love it.

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buy Harry Potter Lightning Bolt Glasses

Harry Potter Lightning Bolt Glasses

If you want to be Harry Potter then you know you need glasses and now there are Harry Potter lightning bolt glasses.

The glasses are perfect as part of you Halloween or cosplay outfit.

The Harry Potter glasses are made from plastic with plastic lenses and on the top of the right lens you can find the lightning bolt like the tattoo Harry Potter has on his head.

So now you just need your Hogwarts robe and put on these glasses and you are ready to be Harry Potter.

And as the lightning bolt is part of the glasses you don’t even put one on your forehead.

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