buy Ready Player One Leaderboard

Ready Player One Leaderboard

If you want to win the Ready Player One Easter egg competition then getting this Ready Player One leaderboard.

This is not the normal Ready Player One leaderboard as this is a dry erase board so you can put you own name and score on he road and you can erase it when ever you need to put Parzival on the op again.

A cool leaderboard like this is fun to have at home to use with your friends if you play games and if you all like Ready Player One.

I am sure that not many people will have cool board like this so be the first one in your circle to own one.

Get your Ready Player One Leaderboard

buy Red Gryffindor Lounge Pants

Red Gryffindor Lounge Pants

If you are a Harry Potter fan that likes to lounge around comfortable then you have to check out these red Gryffindor lounge pants.

The red pajama pants come in men’s sizes Small – XL and will look great on women too. The Harry Potter lounge pants are made from 82% polyester and 18% cotton.

The lounge pants are light red in color and on it you will find the Gryffindor house logo and you will find that logo many times all over the fabric of this fun sleepwear.

Now just being comfy at home is easy because you can have these fun pants that you can wear when you rewatch Harry Potter or just like a nap.

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buy Ready Player One Patches Backpack

Ready Player One Patches Backpack

If Ready Player One is on your mind and you need a new backpack then you should be checking out this Ready Player One patches backpack.

The Ready Player One backpack has a blue background and on that you can see many patches that are printed on the fabric of the bag. The patches have many cool things on it that makes it so Ready Player one. For instance there is a “Team Parzival” patch and a patch that says “Anti Sixers” and there are many more for you to check out (click on the picture for a better view).

And the cool design can be found all over the backpack including on the adjustable straps.

Get your Ready Player One Patches Backpack

buy Batman High Chair

Batman High Chair

If you are a Batman fan and want your child to be one to then you just have to check out this Batman high chair.

This Batman chair has a black and yellow seat with the Batman logo on it and on the bottom you can see a basket and there you also find th Batman symbol.

A Batman high chair like this is very versatile as it is adjustable in height even to a point that you can put it on the table.

And when they high chair is not in use it can even be folded down so that it takes very little space and you can even take it when you go visit someone and need to bring a high chair.

Get your Batman High Chair

buy The Oasis Easter Egg Keys T-Shirt

The Oasis Easter Egg Keys T-Shirt

If you want a cool t-shirt that tell the world you are a Gunter then you should check out this Ready Player One keys t-shirt.

The gray t-shirt shows the 3 keys that needs to be found in the Easter egg hunt in the Oasis.

So if you want a cool Ready Player One t-shirt then having one about the hunt for the keys really shows other fans that you are someone who understands about the world of the Oasis.

You can get this Ready Player One t-shirt in men’s sizes Small – 2XL and is made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

Get your The Oasis Easter Egg Keys T-Shirt

buy Ready Player One Book

Ready Player One Book

If you really liked the Ready Player One movie then you now have to find out of the book was better or not so time to start reading the Ready Player One book.

The Ready Player One book is from 2011 and is written by Ernest Cline and he is the one that created the world OASIS and he is the one that ready came up with the Easter egg.

They often say that they book where better then the movie and if you really liked the Ready Player One movie then you should find out yourself what is better.

You can get the Ready Player One book as paperback, hardcover, ebook, and even an audiobook so that you can get reading the way you like it.

Get your Ready Player One Book

buy Parzival Pop! Figurine

Parzival Pop! Figurine

Now you can have a cool Parzival Pop! figurine just like we know him from the Ready Player One movie.

The cool Ready Player One figurine is part of the Funko Pop! vinyl series and Wade Watts comes in a cool box with a window so that you can keep it in new state and protected for when he is in the virtual world.

Parzival look amazing in his outfit and with the cool hair and all that makes it just like you expect from a movie figurine.

So get your Ready Player One collection going with this cool figurine.

Get your Parzival Pop! Figurine

buy Team Parzival Hat

Team Parzival Hat

If you are a fan of Parzival of the movie Ready Player One then you just have to get this Team Parzival hat.

The trucker style hat is black with ah mesh on the back and and it is adjustable in size so that it fits almost everyone.

On the front of the cap you can see a badge that says “Team Parzival” and shows 3 keys and then on the side of the hat it has the Ready Player One movie logo.

Now you are all ready to move into the virtual world because you can show that you are in the right location all thanks to this hat.

Get your Team Parzival Hat

buy TMNT Pizza Pac Man T-Shirt

TMNT Pizza Pac Man T-Shirt

If you like Pizza, turtles, and video games then you have to check out this TMNT pizza Pac Man t-shirt.

This is a dark blue t-shirt that comes in men’s sizes Small – 3XL and they are all made from 100% cotton.

On the t-shirt you can see Pac Man only this video game classic character is a pizza and that is why it is being followed by four green ghosts and they wear masks as they are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dressed up as ghost while being hungry for pizza.

So now you can be wearing a TMNT Pac Man t-shirt but don’t wear it when you are hungry for pizza.

Get your TMNT Pizza Pac Man T-Shirt

buy Black Panther Mug

Black Panther Mug

If you like superheroes and coffee then you should check out this Black Panther mug.

The 12oz ceramic mug is white on the inside and you find the mask logo and the outside of the mug is black and on one side you can see the Black Panther and on the other side it shows the Black Panther logo.

The Marvel mug is microwave and dishwasher safe so this could be the mug you use all day long at home and the office with the beverage of your choice inside it.

No longer do you need a boring plain mug because the Black Panther is here.

Get your Black Panther Mug