buy Sauron Bobblehead

Sauron Bobblehead

The Lord of the Rings evil overlord Sauron created the One ring to rule all people of the middle-earth. This wacky wobbler is a fun item to add to your Lord of the Rings collection with a lot of fine detailing of the fully armoured villain Sauron and a nice window box package this is sure to be a showcase bobblehead for you.

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buy Legolas Bobblehead

Legolas Bobblehead

The Lord of the Rings Legolas Wacky Wobbler Bobblehead

The Lord of the Rings had many key characters that help with the main quest of destroying the One ring. This wacky wobbler bobblehead is Legolas, the trustworthy Elf who had a steady hand with his bow and arrow which his is holding. This is a must for your Lord of the Rings collection and also comes with in window box packaging.

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Alice Cullen Bookmark

Alice Bookmark for the real twilight fans

Alice Cullen is my favorite Twilight character and how I read and read with Alice by my site.

This Bookmark has Alice Cullen on it like she was in the Eclipse movie. Besides the bookmark part that goes in the book to mark you page there is a a tassel to  make the page easy to find back.

So if you love Alice and reading then there is no other way then ordering this Alice Cullen Bookmark.

Jacob Black Tote Bag

Eclipse team Jacob Black tote bag

If you support team Jacob then you just have to look at this Jacob Black Eclipse tote bag. This bag is great for when you go shopping or to store in your library books.

Be careful for team Edward fans because they could steal it an become Jacob fans just because of this bag.

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Transformers Wallet with Chain

Transformers Decepticon Foil Symbol Leather Tri-Fold Wallet with Chain

Where do you keep your valubles when you are transforming? Check out this awsome Transformers wallet with a flashy Decepticon foil symbol, and made from high quality leather with a classic tri-fold style. Also comes with a chain to ensure you do not lose it in battle.

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Twilight “Rosalie’s Necklace”

Twilight Rosalie's Necklace

This beautiful crest pendant necklace is an awsome addition to your Twilight collection. This is a replica of the necklace worn by Rosalie in the cool vampire love movies The Twilight Saga, and is definetly a unique piece of jewelry. This is also great to add to a costume or everyday use.

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buy Twilight New Moon “Jacob” Duvet Cover

Twilight New Moon “Jacob” Duvet Cover

Twilight New Moon Team Jacob Duvet Cover

Who doesn’t want to go to sleep next to the evil but very hot Jacob, from the awsome vampire series of movies The Twilight Saga: New Moon. This duvet cover features a larger than life like size image of Jacob with an erie back setting and “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” at the bottom of this duvet cover. Sweet dreams!

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Disney Princess Video Game

Enchanted Journey Video Game with the Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses and their Kingdoms are in trouble, we need a brave Princess to be the heroine. Help restore kingdoms and bring magical life back to the world in this Disney Princess: Echanted Journey video game. Be the hero customize your Princess and save the day. Available for Nintendo Wii and Playstation 2.

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