An Edward Thing iPad Case

We Twilight fans know that people don’t understand us and that is why this iPad case is so cool.

This Case says “It’s and Edward thing you wouldn’t understand” and you have to admit this is the perfect case for an Edward Cullen fan.

Go have a closer look at this Edward Cullen iPad Case.

Light Cycle 4Gb Flash Drive

Wow this picture looks boring. But let that not trow you off because this is the light cycle from the Tron movies and when you plug it in to your USB port the wheels will light up in cool blue.

You can store 4GB of data on this Tron flash drive and because it looks like a light cycle you will have people staring at it all the time.

Go check out all the pictures and information about the Tron 4GB Light Cycle Flash Drive.

Bella and Cullens Jewelry box

Where do you keep your jewelry? You know that you can keep in in save vampire hands!

This Twilight jewelry box is metal and has a picture of Bella Swan with the Cullen family on it.

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