buy Autobot Dog Tag

Autobot Dog Tag

Transformers Autobot Chrome Dog Tag on Chain

Everybody has a passion for Transformers in some kind of way, somwhere hidden deep inside you have change and that is what the Transformer Autobots are all about. Show your true love for Transformers with this dog tag featuring the Autobot logo, the good side of  Transformers. This dog tag is made from a hard durable metal and comes with the ball chain attached.

Get your Transformers Autobot Dog Tag.

buy Ghostbusters Ghost Face Shirt

Ghostbusters Ghost Face Shirt

Ghostbusters a science fiction comedy like no other. This shirt has one of the ghosts printed on the front of it with different color raglan sleeves to stand out, as if the cool ghost wasn’t enough though. With this shirt you can capture a lot of good looks and maybe it will help you capture some ghosts aswell, just like the professionals in the movie.

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Green Lantern Movie Poster

Green Lantern Movie Poster

DC comics introduced us to a great Superhero, The Green Lantern. After many other great Superheroes made there big screen debut the Green Lantern makes his movie debut. The Green Lantern is played by Ryan Reynolds featured in this movie poster, with an awsome array of green light and smoke this poster visually shows how powerful the Green Lantern really is. Outside a frame this poster looks amazing, inside a frame adds another level of artisrtry.

Get your Green Lantern Movie Poster.


buy Joker Mini Clock

Joker Mini Clock

Batman The Joker will wake you with this alarm clock

This mini clock with a picture of the Joker on it can make sure you get to work on time.

And yes this alarm clock is mini, it stands only 3 inch tall. But tiny is good because who wants to fill it’s nightstands with a clock while there could be Batman comics lying in that spot.

Batman collectors are gone love this clock that is based on The Dark Knight movie.

Go check out this Batman The Joker Mini Clock.

buy Ghostbusters Logo Mug

Ghostbusters Logo Mug

A nice black mug for your hot coffee or tea that looks as great as this one is hard to find.

But that is why we are here to show you this cool Ghostbusters mug.

The mug is as we said black and shows the Ghostbusters logo and the word Ghostbusters below that. This mug is a great addition to any movie collectors collection and great to use to .

Get your Ghostbusters Logo Mug

buy Batman Arkham Asylum Statue

Batman Arkham Asylum Statue

Batman Arkham Asylum Statue

This Batman statue is based on one of the most popular superhero video games ever  to made, Arkham Asylum. This  black and white Batman is sculpted with the finest quality you will ever get. It’s a limited edition of 5,000 pieces so if your are a Batman collector you need to get this Batman Arkham Asylum statue into your collection.

Order your Batman Arkham Asylum Statue.

buy Green Lantern Movie Logo Magnet

Green Lantern Movie Logo Magnet

Green Lantern Movie Logo Magnet for your fridge or other metal surface.

The Green Lantern movie will be great and if not this magnet is.

This Green Lantern Magnet is basically the movie logo but besides that it is just and awesome Green Lantern item to own.

Great for on your fridge or any other metal surface this Green Lantern magnet is a must have.

So wait no longer and order your Green Lantern Magnet.

Edward Lunch Box

Edward Lunch Box

Are you on team Edward?

Well if you are this lunch box and thermos are perfect, a nice graphicaly detailed picture of Edward is on the front and back of the lunch box. The Thermos has the same cool picture of Edward on it and Twilight Eclipse is on both items.

Get your Twilight Eclipse Edward Lunch box and Thermos.

Star Wars Complete Cross Sections Book

Star Wars Complete Cross Sections Book

This is for the Star Wars fan that wants to know how all the vehicles and spaceships of the entire six-film Star Wars saga work and are built. This amazing Star Wars cross-sections book will be hilight of your collection for sure, with lots of indepth detail and fun facts about the spacecrafts and vehicles.

Get your Star Wars Complete Cross Sections Book.

Twilight Victoria’s Necklace Replica

Twilight Victoria's Necklace Replica

Victoria from The Twilight Saga: New moon wore this really cool pendant necklace and now you can get a replica of it. This is a good peice of jewlery for a costume or for every day use, with lots of detail and comes with the chain.

Order your The Twilight Saga New moon Victoria’s Necklace Replica.