buy Green Lantern iPhone Case

Green Lantern iPhone Case

Green Lantern in front of the green planet iPhone case

I know you want a Green Lantern case to protect your iPhone 4 but witch one.

Why just get one with the boring logo when you can have something that look different and special.

This Green Lantern case shows the Green Lantern in space in front of a big green planet using his famous ring. This all is seen on a black background to make it look very special.

Quality of this case will be great as it is made by Speck one of the leading manufacturers of quality cases, so no worries about damaging you Apple iPhone when it is safe in this Speck case.

Go have a close look at this Green Lantern iPhone 4 Case.

buy Pirates Of The Caribbean Spinning Dagger

Pirates Of The Caribbean Spinning Dagger

Captain Jack Sparrow, the star of the hit series of movies Pirates of the Caribbean is a smooth talking  and crafty pirate with lots of different tricks up his sleeves. One memorable thing Captain Jack Sparrow does is spinning his dagger in his hand. You too can now be your own crafty Pirate Captain with this spinning dagger and for cool added effect it has electronic sounds when you spin it around.

Get your Pirates Of The Caribbean Spinning Dagger

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buy Ghostbusters Proton Backpack

Ghostbusters Proton Backpack

Yes you are not afraid of ghosts but still you want to be prepared and that is where this Ghostbusters Proton Backpack comes in.

The backpack can house all the gimmicks the Ghostbusters use in the movies but of course it has room for other things as well.

On the straps you will find the cool Ghostbusters logo so that you already warn the ghosts.

There is a removable Neutrona Wand Pocket that can be used to shoot at those nasty ghosts but attached easily so that i can house you stuff.

In total this Ghostbusters backpack has 3 compartment that will give your tons of space to hold you things.


Get your Ghostbusters Proton Backpack

buy LEGO Queen Anne’s Revenge 4195

LEGO Queen Anne’s Revenge 4195

Blackbear's pirate ship the Queen Annes all in Lego
LEGO builders are like pirates. They buy a beautiful set and then they build it and take it apart and build something completely different, something they just want to do.

Now there is a special LEGO set out there based on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. This piece is the Queen Anne’s Revenge is the ship of captain Blackbeard which, of course, is included as mini figure.

You need to build this ship out of the 1097 pieces and then you have a great looking pirate ship with big sails.

The ship even has working canons.

Included in this Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO set are 7 LEGO mini figures including Jack Sparrow and Blackbeard.

A pirate ship like  Queen Anna’s Revenge will bring you many hours of building pleasure.

So LEGO builders united and go check out the LEGO Queen Anne’s Revenge 4195.


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buy Harry Potter Lantern

Harry Potter Lantern

Plastic Harry Potter Lantern with Hogwarts crest

Your Harry Potter party is getting better with the minute, specially now you found this Harry Potter lantern that will lighten up your party.

The plastic lantern is battery operated and has an on / off switch. It also has a metal handle with hook so that you can hang it as part of you Harry Potter themed decorations.

On the centre of the lamp you will see the Hogwarts crest and the bottom front has an Harry Potter sticker.

But the main fun of course will be that this is a Harry Potter lantern great as part of a Harry Potter costume or as party decoration.

Have a closer look at the Harry Potter Lantern.

buy Green Dragon Coaster Set

Green Dragon Coaster Set

A true Lord of the Rings fan would love to own this set of 4 Green Dragon coasters.

These coasters not only make you table look better they even protect it.

As you can expect from coasters they will keep the dirt on it away from the table and these coaster have a cork back so that they keep in place  preventing more spills.

If you like a nice cold bear then why not get it on a Green Dragon Coaster?

Get your Green Dragon Coaster Set

Hermoine Granger Film Cell Bookmark

Hermoine Granger bookmark based on the Deathly Hallow movie

Here you have a special bookmark for the real Harry Potter fan.

This bookmark shows Hermoine Granger and is based on the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows but if you look closer it offers more.

Above the picture of Hermoine you see a piece of film cell and this is an actual 35mm piece from the movie. This also means that no bookmark will be the same because each piece of hand selected film cell is different.

Go check out this one of a kind Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Hermoine Granger Film Cell Bookmark.

buy One Man Wolf Pack T-Shirt

One Man Wolf Pack T-Shirt

Alan Garner the one man wolf pack from the hangover movie on this t-shirt

There is Alan printed on a blue t-shirt with a wolf howling to the moon and the words “One Man Wolf Pack”.

It comes from the Hangover movie where crazy Alan describes himself as a one man wolfpack.

A great t-shirt for summer or just to have a laugh.

Go check out this The Hangover One Man Wolf Pack T-Shirt.

buy Alan And Baby Bobblehead

Alan And Baby Bobblehead

Alan and Baby Carlos together on this talking bobblehead

A bobblehead is fun but ok it shakes it head and then?

So this bobble head from the Hangover movie is different.

This is a bobblehead of Alan Garner and Baby Carlos and it has sound there are 6 different phrases including:

  • Not at the table Carlos
  • You guys might not know this, but I consider myself a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myself as a one-man wolf pack
  • And we’re the three best friends that anybody could have (singing)

Go check out a little video of this Alan And Baby Carlos Bobblehead.