buy Chase Airwalker Balloon

Chase Airwalker Balloon

If you are looking for a fun surprise for a little PAW Patrol fan then you need to get this Chase airwalker balloon.

The balloon of Chase is amazing as it looks just like the real PAW Patrol puppy as you can see on TV an this balloon is 54 inches tall making it a giant Chase.

Now a PAW Patrol birthday party will be really special as Chase will be there in his police dog uniform.

And the balloon is shipped without fill so that it can be a surprise till the last movement as a true party starter.

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buy Despicable Me Minion Airwalker Balloon

Despicable Me Minion Airwalker Balloon

Imagine a giant Minion to come to your party, just floating there … now that would make an awesome addition to your Despicable Me themed party.

Featured here is a jumbo mylar balloon that looks just like one of those crazy little yellow Minions from the animated series of Despicable Me movies, find a two eyed minion with goggles on and the blue overalls.

This jumbo balloon when full of mi floats just high enough for the feet to drag and make it look like the Minion is walking, this minion measures 28 inches tall x 18 inches wide and has the Minion print on both sides.

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buy Brave Merida Mylar Balloon

Brave Merida Mylar Balloon

Brave Merida Mylar Balloon

There is Merida the princess with courage.

And this Merida is a balloon. A real Brave mylar balloon that loves to float around the party.

The balloon is shaped like Merida and her bow and it even has a bear cub on it.

This Brave balloon is 20 x 36 inch and is sold flat. So you have to get your own helium or air to pump in it.

So if you are planning the party decorations then you have to take a look at this Brave Merida Balloon.

buy Superman 22″ Balloon

Superman 22″ Balloon

Superman 22" Balloon

This Superman balloon will be the focal point of your party decorations.

With 22″ this balloon is really tall and of course that space is all take by Superman the hero in blue.
And you don’t find Superman on just one side no Superman is printed on both sides of this mylar balloon.

The balloon when orderd is of course not inflated that is something you have to arrange yourself by getting a helium tank or by going to a party store and let them do it. When you are carefull you could reuse the balloon a couple of times.

So planning a superhero party? check out this Superman Balloon.

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buy Dora Airwalker Balloon

Dora Airwalker Balloon

WOW!!! bring Dora the Explorer to life.

Check out this giant Dora the Explorer balloon, very well detailed and most of all very fun for a Dora themed party.

Measuring a huge  36 inches width x 52 inches height, fill this Airwalker balloon up and with correctly placed weights Dora will stand up and look like she is walking on air and ready to explore with you.

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buy Batman The Dark Knight Rises Balloon

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Balloon

This foil balloon show Batman in a fight with his enemy Bane.

And besides that you find the Dark Knight Rises logo on this ballon to.

This Batman balloon is 18″ and makes a great piece of party decorations.

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buy I’m kind of a big deal Mylar Balloon

I’m kind of a big deal Mylar Balloon

Need the perfect balloon for a party that maybe your are throwing, make a statement with this balloon.

Ron Burgundy from the hillarious comedy movie Anchorman has many classic lines and featured on this balloon is one of them. On the balloon you will see the line “I’m kind of a BIG DEAL” with some stars and stripes in orange and yellow.

Made from a durable mylar material you fill this 18 inch balloon with helium and let the fun times begin.

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buy Mickey Mouse 52 Inch Airwalker Balloon

Mickey Mouse 52 Inch Airwalker Balloon

Mickey Mouse 52 Inch Airwalker Balloon

What would be more fun that having Mickey Mouse coming to your party.

OK the real Mickey is kinda busy in the Disney parks but we found the next best thing.

This is a balloon of Mickey Mouse and this balloon is 52 inch tall and as it is an airwalker balloon Mickey can actually be part of your party because of little weights in his feet he will stand on the floor and be part of the party.

Of course Mickey does not come inflated so you will have to get your own helium tank or take it to a place that sells balloons.

So lets get that party start and invite the Mickey Mouse Jumbo Airwalker Balloon.

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buy Spider-Man Happy Birthday Balloon

Spider-Man Happy Birthday Balloon

If you are arranging a Spider-Man birthday party then you can’t do without a Spider-Man happy birthday balloon like this one.

This 18″ foil balloon is black but has a spiderweb with the amazing Spider-Man on it and the words “Happy Birthday”.

Get ready to party Spider-Man style all thanks to this fun `superhero balloon.

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Spongebob Squarepants Airwalker Balloon

Spongebob Squarepants airwalker balloon

How do you like to have Spongebob Squarepants at your party?

Now you can have the closest thing to the real Spongebob to come to your party.

This is a 46″ tall foil airwalker balloon. Just fill the balloon with helium (not included) and he is ready to mingle with your guest.
Weights in his feet make him stand like a real person and his smile will make it really easy for him to make friends.

The must have item for you Spongebob themed party.

Come have a closer look at this Spongebob Squarepants Airwalker Foil Balloon. 

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