Spongebob and Dora Kooky Klicker Pen

Spongebob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer together in one package of pens. Yes this pack has two pens and that is great for the Dora and Spongebob fans.

These Kooky Klicker pens are great fun to collect and use and now you can have or give two of the favorite  characters from kids TV.

Check out this Spongebob and Dora Pen Set.

buy Darth Vader Limited Edition Pen

Darth Vader Limited Edition Pen

A limited edition Kooky Klicker pen of Darth Vader that would be a great addition to your Star Wars collection.

Kooky only made 5000 of these Darth Vader pens. You can show all your friends you cool pen and even use it as a key chain.

Of course this limited edition pen comes with a special stand to keep your Darth Vader pen proudly on display.

Check out this Limited Edition Darth Vader Kooky Klicker Pen.

Iron man Kooky Klicker Pen

Here you have an highly collectable Iron Man product. Yes it is a pen and yes it is key chain to but first it is a Iron Man Kooky Klicker pen.

This Iron Man pen is hand painted and of course refillable so you never will run dry while writing with this special pen.

Go order your own Iron Man Kooky Klicker Pen.

buy Privet Drive Binder

Privet Drive Binder

Who lives on Privet Drive? Yes Harry Potter did / does and we all know that mail comes by owl so here is the owl who just delivered the mail just like in the Harry Potter movies.

Now you can own this picture on you own binder great for school or to store you spells in. I am sure Harry uses one at Hogwarts.

Go see this super Harry Potter Privet Drive Binder.

buy Patrick Star Binder

Patrick Star Binder

Need a new binder for all your school work? Or maybe to store one of you collections in.

This binder shows you Patrick Star so nice for the Spongebob fans who don’t just want to own spongebob but also things of his best friend Patrick.

You can ad a personal message to this binder like I did on mine on the picture I added “property of THLOG” but you can write what ever you want or nothing if you prefer.

Now times has come to go check out this Patrick Star Binder.

iCarly Lunch Bag

Lunch time comes back everyday and when in school you want the best for your kids. With this iCarly lunch bag your kids food is save.

This set made by Thermos gives you a easy to clean and use storage for you kids lunch. It is PVC free so less tocsins to hurt you.

But for the kids it of course it is all about iCarly and Sam and they are both on there so they will be so happy.

Check out this iCarly Lunch Box by Thermos.

iCarly And Sam Binder

I guess you need a new binder for school and if you don’t then still telling your parents you need one could be a smart idea.

This iCarly binder is great for all your school work. It is not just a binder with Sam and iCarly on it, this binder offers you to print your own message on it. On the picture it says “THLOG is great” on the spine and that is where you can print something, maybe the name of you class or maybe just your name.

Go have a look at this super personal iCarly And Sam Binder.

buy Tinker Bell Backpack

Tinker Bell Backpack

Do you have a little Tinker Bell fan on your hands?

Make them more than happy with this Tinker Bell backpack, loaded with side and front pockets, and extremely fine details, Disney Logo zipper pulls and a padded back for comfort. It is very durable and tough.

The fun, bright colors is what you would expect from a fun, bright Tinker Bell.

Read More About The Tinker Bell Backpack