buy PAW Patrol Thermos Water Bottle

PAW Patrol Thermos Water Bottle

If you want the perfect way for your child to be hydrated then get them this PAW Patrol Thermos Water Bottle.

This PAW Patrol water bottle is part of the Funtainer line made by Thermos and that means that is a great bottle for the kids as it has a built-in straw and has a built-in loop too so that you can hang it on a backpack.

On the outside, you can find some to of the Paw Patrol character including Marshall and Chase.

And the Thermos bottle is 12 ounce and will keep drinks at the right temperature longer too.

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buy Despicable Me 3 Lunch Box

Despicable Me 3 Lunch Box

If you like to eat lunch and take your lunch to work or school then you just have to check out this Thermos Despicable Me 3 lunch box.

This lunch box is just perfect for school and work as it has a handle on the top so that you can easily bring it to the lunch room. And as the lunch box is made by Thermos you know it will be great at protecting your food.

On the lunch box, you can see Gru standing tall and below him your find 4 of his trusted Minion helpers and it also says “DM3” on it and that means “Despicable Me 3” of course.

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buy Frozen Anna And Elsa FUNtainer Bottle

Frozen Anna And Elsa FUNtainer Bottle

Frozen Anna And Elsa FUNtainer Bottle

Featured on this FUNtainer bottle is a very well detailed and high quality image of Elsa the Snow Queen and the Disney Princess Anna side by side and looking ready to work together just like in the amazing animated Disney movie Frozen.

Made with a durable stainless steel interior and exterior this FUNtainer bottle will keep your cold liquids extremely cold acting like a thermos, find a push button lid for easy opening and snap closing with a pop up straw when opened. Also check out the pop up carry handle to easily bring this Frozen bottle on the go, holds 12 ounces.

Everybody will love this Frozen Anna And Elsa FUNtainer Bottle.

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buy Divergent Lunch Box With Thermos

Divergent Lunch Box With Thermos

Divergent Lunch Box With Thermos

This Divergent lunch box is almost to nice to use.

On one side (see picture) you can see Tris complete with her raven tattoo’s and on the other side it has a picture of Tobias (Four) and each side also has the Divergent logo. On the side of the lunch box you can find the symbols from all the fractions.

And in this metal Divergent lunch box you find a matching thermos so that you can even have a drink with you lunch. The thermos is nicely kept in place inside the lunch box by a metal arm. And the top of the Divergent themes also doubles as a cup.

Now bringing you own lunch to school or work becomes fun again as this is the coolest lunch set out there.

Come have a closer look at the Divergent Lunch Box With Thermos.

buy Superman Man Of Steel Logo Water Bottle

Superman Man Of Steel Logo Water Bottle

Superman Man Of Steel Logo Water Bottle

Does Superman need to help you to keep hydrated?

If so then you need this Thermos bottle that is a blue color and has a big Superman logo on it.

The water bottle has a flip up straw so that you can quickly and spill proof drink your drink.

On the Thermos Superman bottle there is an integrated carry loop so that you can hanging it on things like your backpack without having to worry about loosing it.

And this Superman water bottle offers room for 12 ounce of cold liquids (not carbonated).

Make the kids and dad happy by getting them a Thermos Superman Man Of Steel Logo Water Bottle.

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buy Transformers FUNtainer bottle

Transformers FUNtainer bottle

Transformers FUNtainer bottle

Keep your beverage at the perfect temperature with this FUNtainer bottle.

Featuring Optimus Prime and BumbleBee from the cool television and movie series Transformers, a very well detailed picture of each can be found on opposite sides of the FUNtainer with awsome vibrant colors.

A very durable stainless steel interior and exterior also features a push-button lid with pop-up straw, also a double-wall vacuum insulation helps to keep your favorite liquids hot or cold.

Check out the Transformers Optimus Prime & Bumblebee Funtainer Bottle.

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iCarly Thermos Lunch Box

iCarly Lunch Box by Thermos

While your kids need to take a health lunch to school the problem comes back time and time again how do we keep that food save, how do we store it.

Thermos for many many years now makes solutions for that goal. And now Thermos even makes solutions that kids are more then willing to take to school everyday.

Like this lunch bag with iCarly on it. The bag has two separate compartments to store the food in a safe way.

The bag has vibrant colors and a big picture of Miranada Cosgrove on it in her role as iCarly.

Make your kids happy with this bag and you will be happy knowing that the food you prepared for them will be save.

Go get this iCarly Thermos Lunch Box.

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buy Hello Kitty FUNtainer Bottle

Hello Kitty FUNtainer Bottle

Keep your drink cold up to 12 hours with this Hello Kitty FUNtainer bottle from Thermos

What kid doesn’t want a cool bottle with Hello Kitty on it. And when like this one it will keep there drinks cold to up to 12 hours then they will definitely stop complaining.

This Thermos FUNtainer will keep your drink safe and cool the bottle is made from stainless steel and all BPA free parts. When you flip the top a straw will popup so that you kids can drink without spilling.

Hello Kitty would love to be part of the lunch box of you kid so why not have a better look at this Hello Kitty FUNtainer Bottle.

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iCarly FUNtainer Food Storage

iCarly Food for lunch storage that is BPA free

Of course you want your kids to eat healthy when away and how do you make that fun for them?

Easy get them a FUNtainer like this one with iCarly on it. The FUNtainer is made by Thermos and all the plastic parts are BPA free and the inside is stainless steel.

The best thing is that it will keep the food stored in it cold for up to 7 hours and hot for up to 5. So now you kid can eat the good foods you give it at the temperature that is ready to eat.

iCarly is has her picture on this FUNtainer and the pink plastic parts will make it the ideal girls lunch container.

Have a better look at this iCarly FUNtainer.

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Dora FUNtainer food Storage

Thermos FUNtainer with Dora and Boots great for school and daycare

Dora the explorer and her best friend Boots are now pictured on this food storage jar from Thermos.

The FUNtainer will keep the food in the jar warm or cold for hours. A great way to give your kid’s there favorite food to school and daycare without having to worry about it.

Check out this Dora The Explorer FUNtainer Food Storage Jar.

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