Hanna Montana Blanket

Hanna Montana Blanket

Hannah Montana is always ready to rock, but when she is tired i think she would curl up with this cool Hannah Montana blanket and get a little bit of rest.

This is a blanket that features a large image of Hannah Montana holding a microphone singing and lots of great designs surround her, aswell as some sayings “Ready to Rock” and “Secret Pop Star”.

Measures 60″ H x 50″ W, this is a blanket like Hannah Montana that is Super everything, Super soft, warm, decorative and plush.

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buy Snoopy Butterflies Like Me Baby Blanket

Snoopy Butterflies Like Me Baby Blanket

A nice soft comfy blanket there is nothing better than that for a new born, to top off this blanket you add Snoopy and some butterflies.

This is a baby blanket that features Snoopy with a nice soothing smile and a quote coming from him that says “Butterflies Like Me!”, also you will find many butterflies in great attracting colors like yellow. purple, green, pink  and orange all fluttering around Snoopy.

Made from 6.1oz 100% combed ringspun cotton this Snoopy baby blanket measures 32 x 37 (with 1/2 trim), it has a solid color on one side, polka dots on reverse side and can be found in Blue or Pink.

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buy Spider-Man Snuggle Blanket

Spider-Man Snuggle Blanket

On a cold and rainy day what better thing to do then hang on the couch watching Spider-Man on TV.

Now you can enjoy this by wearing your Spider-Man snuggle blanket. This blanket has sleeves and is red with the famous face of Spider-Man on it.

How cool would it be if you and you friends al wear there favorite superhero blankets on a superhero movie night.

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Looney Tunes Plush Throw

Looney Tunes Plush Throw

The baby is on the way so what better introduction to the world than the Baby Looney Tunes. This Baby Looney Tunes Plush throw is so soft and snuggly that it will surely be a favorite blanky for years and years. The awsome Baby Looney Tunes characters are well detailed and the whole Plush throw blanket is really busy, which is very important for your little ones development skills. Add this to your Looney Tunes themed room and veryone will be talking about how nice the babies bedroom is.

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buy Twilight New Moon “Jacob” Duvet Cover

Twilight New Moon “Jacob” Duvet Cover

Twilight New Moon Team Jacob Duvet Cover

Who doesn’t want to go to sleep next to the evil but very hot Jacob, from the awsome vampire series of movies The Twilight Saga: New Moon. This duvet cover features a larger than life like size image of Jacob with an erie back setting and “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” at the bottom of this duvet cover. Sweet dreams!

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Thomas The Train Blanket

Thomas the train is loved by young and old. But now winter is coming and we get cold so maybe a nice blanket would be great. Just for on the bed or maybe to play on and this Thomas fleece blanket would look so great while watching TV.

The Thomas Blanket is 50″ X 60″ and that is big enough to keep us warm.

Go get you own Thomas The Train Fleece Blanket.

buy Toy Story Fleece Blanket

Toy Story Fleece Blanket

Lying on the couch watching TV became a lot more fun with this nice Toy Story blanket witch even has easy access for the arms so you can use the remote.

A great blanket with Buzz and Woody looks great and feels great and is 48″ x 48″ so good size for on the couch.

Get your own Toy Story Fleece Blanket.