buy Vulcan Ears Wireless Headphones

Vulcan Ears Wireless Headphones

Now Star Trek fans can feel a bit like Spock thanks to these Vulcan Ears Wireless Headphones.

These Star Trek headphones are wireless bluetooth 4.0 +EDR so everything you want from your wireless headset.

These headphones are in ear headphones and they are connected to ears that look a lot like the once Spock has and that is because they are Vulcan ears and from there the wire goes to the other side so that they both are connected.

So now you can enjoy your music while looking like a true Vulcan from Star Trek as the ears just fit perfectly on top of you ears.

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buy Hello Kitty Bluetooth Headset

Hello Kitty Bluetooth Headset

Hello Kitty Bluetooth Headset

If you want to make calles on your mobile phone without using your hands then you need a bluetooth headset.
But why get a boring one that looks to sterile and like all the others.

If you like Hello Kitty then you are in luck as this bluetooth headset looks like Hello Kitty’s head.

This headset should work with any mobile phone that supports bluetooth like and iPhone or Android phone.

So now you can call without using you hands and have a cute Hello Kitty in your ear.

All true Hello Kitty fans want to have one of these so don’t wait come get your Hello Kitty Bluetooth Headset.

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Darth Vader Bluetooth Headset

Darth Vader Earloomz Bluetooth Headset

Star Wars fans that love Darth Vader will most definetly love this accessory.

Check out this Star Wars Darth Vader Earloomz Bluetooth headset, you must have this it is the perfect way to show off your love for Star Wars and Darth Vader while keeping on the go. This headset does not just look good it has so many great features like 5 hours of talk time, voice prompt, noise reduction and so much more. It measures about 2-inches tall x 3/4-inches wide x 1/3-inches long.

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