buy Guardians of the Galaxy Monopoly

Guardians of the Galaxy Monopoly

If you like Guardians of the Galaxy and Monopoly then you are in luck because now there is a Guardians of the Galaxy Monopoly game that you can play whenever you like.

This Monopoly is called Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Monopoly and is based on the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

The game is a little bit different as this time you are not collecting real-estate properties but you are collecting people like Star-Lord, Groot, and many more.

And yes even the game pieces are special as you can find Groot and the mask of Star-Lord to name a couple.

So put away the normal Monopoly and get the Guardians of the Galaxy version.

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buy Bob’s Burgers Monopoly

Bob’s Burgers Monopoly

If you like Bob’s Burgers and board games then you should check out this Bob’s Burgers Monopoly game.

It’s just like normal Monopoly only this time it is all about Bob’s Burgers with a special board with typical Bob’s Burgers locations and even the game pieces are special as they are Bob, Linda, Tine, Gene, Louise, and Teddy.

So put aside the classic monopoly game and start playing the Bob’s Burgers version as it will bring back so many memories to the funny TV series.

Get ready to spend Bob’s Burgers Monopoly money on some special real estate and have many hours of fun.

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buy Supernatural Trivial Pursuit

Supernatural Trivial Pursuit

Now there is Supernatural Trivial Pursuit and that means you can test who of your friends is the true fan of Supernatural.

Trivial Pursuit has been the knowledge game for a long time now and now there is a Supernatural version that will test your knowledge of Sam and Dean Winchester and all the other things you may have seen in the TV series over the years.

The game has 600 questions from over all the years of Supernatural and the six trivia categories are: The Winchester Brother;, Angels and Demons; Locations, Spells, Objects, and Rituals; Creatures; and Join the Hunt.

So get ready to show the world your knowledge of the Supernatural world.

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buy Hogwarts The Great Hall Jigsaw Puzzle

Hogwarts The Great Hall Jigsaw Puzzle

If you are a Harry Potter fan that likes to do something fun inside when the weather outside is not good enough to have fun there then this puzzle is what you want.

The Harry Potter jigsaw puzzle is 550 piece and makes a puzzle of 18 x 24 inches and that is pretty neat.

On the puzzle, you can find the great hall of Hogwarts and this time none of the students are there so you can really enjoy how magical the room looks.

Sure 550 pieces does not sound like a lot but it will still be a challenge to build it as there is a lot of similar looking details on the puzzle.

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buy Ghostbusters Pinball Machine

Ghostbusters Pinball Machine

I really like classic pinball machines and if you do to then check out this Ghostbusters pinball machine.

And the cool thing about this machine is that it can be yours. The machine is made by Stern Pinball and will ship for free.

Just imagine enjoying a game of pinball and having one of the actors speak to you while you play.

And yes Slimer and the Marshmallow Man are part of the game.

This Ghostbusters pinball is not based on the new movie but on the classics and it has amazing artwork all over.

Now is a good time to start that arcade in your home and a masterpiece like this should be part of it.

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buy 3D Pikachu Puzzle

3D Pikachu Puzzle

If you would like to own Pikachu then this Pokemon puzzle is what you need as it will build a 3D Pikachu.

The 3D jigsaw puzzle is made from ages 8 and up and has 58 foam baked pieces and all build it will result in a 10.5 inches tall Pikachu.

Now even when its too cold or wet out to play PokemonGo outside you can play Pokemon and build this Pikachu and when build it will be a great piece to have on display and you could always take it apart again until the next day you like to puzzle.

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buy Game of Thrones Risk Board Game

Game of Thrones Risk Board Game

Now there is a Game of Thrones Risk board game that brings you the fun of the classic Risk game in style of Game of Thrones.

This board game has two maps including Westerns and Essos and of course special play pieces based on Game of Thrones so with that you are all set to start your campaign to conquer the world of Game of Thrones.

Of course playing this version of Risk is different but special for people that really are into Game of Thrones and of course you are one of them.

Why watch TV when you and your friends can play this special Game of Thrones Risk board game that can bring many hours of fun and battle.

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buy Game of Thrones Pinball Machine

Game of Thrones Pinball Machine

If you like Pinball and Game of Thrones then this pinball machine is what you need.

Sure most people do not have a real pinball machine at home but that also mean that it would be extra cool if you had one.

This pinball machine is and official Game of Thrones item and is everything you dreamed about. The game it self is all about keeping the ball from not going down and by doing that you can reach all kind of items from the TV series from the Dragon to the houses it’s all there. And the machine itself has picture of many character on it to so that it even looks great while you are not playing.

The Game of Thrones pinball game comes with a shaker motor and can be played  as free play or coin operated.

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buy Pokemon Monopoly Kanto Edition

Pokemon Monopoly Kanto Edition

We all know Monopoly and now there is a special Pokemon edition of this famous board game so that Pokemon fan can play this classic game in a version that is perfect for them.

And this Monopoly game has special metal play pieces that looks like Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Eevee and Jigglypuff. The board game is based on Kanto and does not have house or hotels but uses Poke Marts and Pokemon Centers instead to make it even more perfect for the true Pokemon fan.

And luckily for the classic Monopoly players Free Parking and Jail are still there but besides that it’s just an amazing Pokemon game.

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buy Star Wars Sorry! Board Game

Star Wars Sorry! Board Game

Board games are fun even in the times that every game can be played on your phone.

And now there is a board game classic Sorry! as a Star Wars version and that of course is perfect for all the Star Wars fans.

No boring board to play on this time as the Star Wars Sorry! comes with a game board that looks like the Millennium Falcon.

The Star Wars game can be played with 2 – 4 people and they say ages 6 and up so get the family around the table and spend some quality time together while enjoying a classic board game.

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