buy Divergent Fractions Water Bottle

Divergent Fractions Water Bottle

Divergent Fractions Water Bottle

We all need to hydrate and this metal Divergent water bottle is perfect for that task.

This 32oz bottle has a top with a carabineer clip so that you hang it on your bag or even you pants.

And this bottle is black an on the black you can see in blue parts of the tattoo’s from the back of Four and then the bottle has in white the word “Divergent” and the logo’s from all 5 fractions.

So there is a round logo for Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless and Erudite.

A bottle like this is great for anyone who likes Divergent and it does not matter if it’s the book or the movie the bottle is just awesome.

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buy Divergent Faction Bracelet

Divergent Faction Bracelet

Divergent Faction Bracelet

Divergent fans can now show the faction they choose around their wrist.
This hand made bracelet is specially made for you witch makes it an even better piece of Divergent jewelry.

The bracelets are hand stamped aluminium and will fit most comfortably.

You can choose to have a bracelet that says:

  • Dauntless
  • Candor
  • Amity
  • Erudit
  • Abnegation
  • Divergent

And yes it’s only one so that you never get the faction you don’t like. You just order the one you want.

Special jewelry like this is highly collectable and one of a kind and that of course is what a true Divergent fan deserves.

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buy Divergent Faction Symbols T-Shirt

Divergent Faction Symbols T-Shirt

What faction will devote the rest of your life to?

And you can wear this t-shirt that has the five faction symbols from the cool movie Divergent.

Find the title Divergent and underneath the symbol for each faction which are as follows: Abnegation, Erudite, Dauntless, Amity, and Candor.

The Divergent Faction Symbol t-shirt is available in many sizes and you have a total of 20 different colors to choose from, also check out the wide variety of types of shirts to get this printed on front or back.

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buy Divergent Candor Or Dauntless Duvet Cover

Divergent Candor Or Dauntless Duvet Cover

Do you want to dream about Tris, Four or just about the whole Divergent story?

Maybe this twin duvet cover can help you getting to dream about this amazing tory.

On this white duvet cover you can see the text “Candor of Dauntless” with the logo’s of those two fractions next to it and around this you can find all kind of items you can read about in  the book or see in the movie. There is a train in witch the Daunless travel there are some ravens flying and there is even a ferris wheel.

This Divergent duvet cover is 68 x 88 inch and the print is only on one side the other side is nice an white.

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buy Divergent Temporary Tattoos

Divergent Temporary Tattoos

Now you can be like Tris and Four and have the symbols of the fractions on your body.

This temporary tattoo set from Divergent brings you the symbols of all the 5 fractions.

You can find a tattoo for:

  • Dauntless
  • Candor
  • Amity
  • Erudite
  • Abnegation

So make you body show your fraction of choice or just put them all in order of importance (to you).

With a tattoo symbol of a fraction on your body you will feel even more connected to the Divergent story.

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