buy Kids Rubble Hoodie

Kids Rubble Hoodie

If Rubble is your child’s favorite PAW Patrol puppy then you should check out this kids Rubble hoodie.

The PAW Patrol hoodie is yellow with on it a big face of the cute Rubble on the front and the fun hoodie has 2 pockets.

You can get this PAW Patrol hoodie in kids sizes 2T – 5T and I am sure that the toddlers that love these cute puppies will love wearing this Rubble zip up hoodie.

Now your toddler can feel like Rubble just by wearing this hoodie and I am sure that they will love you even more when you surprise them with this hoodie.

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buy PAW Patrol Pups Lamp

PAW Patrol Pups Lamp

Now you can light up the room of you child with this fun PAW Patrol table lamp.

The table lamp has a cool shade that has a light blue background and on that, you will find Chase, Marshall, Rubble, and Rocky and even the PAW Patrol logo.

It’s just a fun lamp that will make a child that loves PAW Patrol really happy.

And if you don’t want a table lamp but still want to light up a room PAW Patrol style then you can also get the same design on a smaller standing lamp or a hanging lamp and even just as a lamp shade.

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buy PAW Patrol Soccer Ball

PAW Patrol Soccer Ball

If you are looking for PAW Patrol ball then you are in luck as this soccer ball has puppies from PAW Patrol on it and is great for the kids.

The ball is red and blue and shows the PAW Patrol logo as well as some puppies like Chase, Rubble and Marshall.

When you order this PAW Patrol soccer ball you have to make sure you have a pump as it does come deflated and does not include a pump.

Kids are going to love running behind this puppy soccer ball and I am sure they will make you come and play to.

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buy PAW Patrol Toddler Bed

PAW Patrol Toddler Bed

If you child is crazy about PAW Patrol and really could use a new bed then why not get them a PAW Patrol bed.

This toddler bed is everything you child has dreamed about a nice sturdy bed in blue and red with on it pictures of PAW Patrol.

On the headboard you can see Marshall, Rubble and Chase and on the footboard it has the PAW Patrol logo.

The sturdy red frame with the blue sides and foot and head board really work out well in making this a toddlers bed they would want.

Now you just need a mattress and you child will be sleeping in no time at all.

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buy PAW Patrol Personalized Christmas Stocking

PAW Patrol Personalized Christmas Stocking

If PAW Patrol is the TV series that gets most exposure in your home then that should mean that everyone loves the pups from PAW Patrol.

And with Christmas coming a special PAW Patrol Christmas stocking would be a great thing to have.

And we found the perfect Christmas stocking for your child and it even has it’s name on it.

On the back of the Christmas stocking you can find the PAW Patrol logo against a blue snowflake background and the front has the same background only now with 3 dogs on it. Marshall, Chase and Rubble are there and ready to celebrate Christmas with you. And as said before the white edge of this Christmas stocking shows your child’s name on it.

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buy PAW Patrol Trick Or Treat Bag

PAW Patrol Trick Or Treat Bag

With Halloween it all about the costumes and the candy and if you like PAW Patrol then this candy bag would be perfect for when you go trick or treating.

The black canvas tote bag has a Halloween theme and besides that it has Chase, Rubble and Marshall 3 of the famous pops from PAW Patrol.

Above the picture of the dogs it says “Trick or Pup Treat!” and below all that it can have your child’s name at no extra charge so that you know what bag with candy is for your kid.

With PAW Patrol ready for Halloween this will be extra fun this year.

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buy Rubble 8 inch Plush Dog

Rubble 8 inch Plush Dog

If PAW Patrol is there favorite TV show in your home then this plush version of Rubble the dog would be a great addition to your home.

The PAW Patrol plush is about 8 inch in sizes and looks just like the real Rubble and I am sure he would love to play with snowboards and skateboards to.

This master digger is just super cute with happy eyes and his yellow costume.

Kids are gone love to own their own Rubble plush and adults can own their own PAW Patrol dog as well.

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