Green Lantern Planet OA

Fisher-Price Imaginext Green Lantern Planet

Planet OA, the Green Lantern corps headquaters and a DC comics fortress for the Guardians of the Universe. You will really love this Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Green Lantern Planet OA it has so much stuff packed into it. It comes with three action figures, Hal Jordan, Kilowog and Ch’p, aswell as a projectile launcher that lights up. The lantern lights up as well and doors open by turning an activation disk. The Imaginext Green Lantern Planet OA really is a fun way to recreate all of your favorite Green Lantern moments and it made by a name we all can trust Fisher-Price.

Order your Fisher Price Imaginext Green Lantern Planet.

buy Green Lantern iPhone Case

Green Lantern iPhone Case

Green Lantern in front of the green planet iPhone case

I know you want a Green Lantern case to protect your iPhone 4 but witch one.

Why just get one with the boring logo when you can have something that look different and special.

This Green Lantern case shows the Green Lantern in space in front of a big green planet using his famous ring. This all is seen on a black background to make it look very special.

Quality of this case will be great as it is made by Speck one of the leading manufacturers of quality cases, so no worries about damaging you Apple iPhone when it is safe in this Speck case.

Go have a close look at this Green Lantern iPhone 4 Case.

buy Wonder Woman Mousepad

Wonder Woman Mousepad

Wonder Woman blue mousepad

Surprise the world with this Wonder Woman Mousepad.

A nice blue mousepad is a great way to make your desk look nice and with Wonder Woman printed on it that of course helps it even more. The mousepad had a stain resistant cloth top and a non slip back so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

DC comics did a great job with this mousepad so start enjoying it today.

Go order your own Wonder Woman Mousepad.

buy Lois Lane And Superman Picture Frame

Lois Lane And Superman Picture Frame

This is not a boring Superman picture frame no this one is special.

Your photo will not just get moved in the frame no it will be printed together with Superman and Lois Lane so that you get a real special photo panel of witch of course there only exists one off.

And the exclusivity of this frame makes it the perfect gift that they never expect.

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buy Batman Money Clip

Batman Money Clip

Batman fans don’t use wallets they use this money clip in the shape of the bat logo.

When you completely open the clip you see the bat logo and when you close it Batman protects your money.

The magnetic features in this clip make it hold tight around your money so you don’t have to worry.

And because this Batman money clip is so cool it even comes in a nice storage box making it the perfect gift for a Batman fan.

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buy Batman Glow In The Dark Belt Buckle

Batman Glow In The Dark Belt Buckle

Yes, a Batman belt buckle is cool but is it as cool as this belt buckle?

Why you wonder, simple this Batman belt buckle glows in the dark.

The buckle is a great yellow color and the bat logo in chrome in the middle. The yellow part will glow in the dark making you look like a real superhero.

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buy Wonder Woman Babydoll Costume

Wonder Woman Babydoll Costume

If you want to be like Wonder Woman then this is what you want to have.

This babydoll is just like Wonder Woman’s costume.

Not only can you wear this every day of the year you can also use it for a Halloween party. And it even has a detachable blue cape to make you feel even more like a superhero.

You can get this Wonder Woman t-shirt in women’s junior sizes Small – 2XL and it is made from 100% cotton.

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buy Batman Black Mug

Batman Black Mug

This black Batman mug will be your favorite while drinking coffee.

One side of this mug shows the bat logo and the other side it says Batman and has a picture of Batman surrounded by bats.

If you like to be good to the environment and love Batman then start using this ceramic mug instead of a paper cup.

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Superman Key

A blank Superman House key in a pack of 5

You are a Superman fan and you can’t see the Superman logo enough. For that reason you should look at this Superman house key.

It’s a blank key that can be cut to fit your home and of course it has the Superman logo on it. It will fit locks that uses KW1, KW10 or KW11 keys.
And to make this deal even sweeter. This Superman key comes in a set of 5 so you can have 5 doors keyed with this great Superman key.

Go check out this Blank Superman House Key.