buy Batman Party Napkins

Batman Party Napkins

A superhero party needs a real hero and that means Batman.

These Batman napkins show Batman jumping at you with his hand ready to take your cake.
Besides showing  a big action shot of Batman you can also seet he words “Dark Knight” on these napkins.

The Batman napkins come in a set of 16 napkins and they measure 5 x 5 inch.

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buy Batman Dark Knight Mr. Potato Head

Batman Dark Knight Mr. Potato Head

Batman Dark Knight Mr. Pototo Head

Not only Bruce Wayne can turn into a super cool Superhero.

Mr. Potato Head can too!!!!

Maybe not the most fit superhero, but have you ever had a battle with a potato, they are tough and rugged.

This Mr. Potato Head has all the accessories to turn into one of the cooliest DC Comics heroes, Batman The Dark Knight.

Included are the boots, arms (one holding bat boomerang), cape, mask and a Batman sneer mouth.

Collectors Must Have!!!!

Have fun with the Batman Dark Knight Mr. Potato Head.

buy Batman Caped Socks

Batman Caped Socks

Batman caped socks

If you ever wonderd what kind of socks Bruce Wayne wears then we can tell you.

Bruce Wayne wears these Batman caped socks under his normal clothes so that in case of emergency he can he Batman in seconds.

If you want to feel like Batman when you go to work then you are in luck as now you can get Batman caped sockes to.

The socks are grey so don’t attract to much attention and have the Batman logo on the front and on the bottom of the foot. But most importantly each sock has a black cape.

These Batman socks fit feet women’s size 6 1/2 to men’s size 12 so they will probably fit your perfectly.

Come quick before Bruce Wayne orders them all, get your own Batman Caped Socks.

buy Limited Soles Batman The Dark Knight Shoes

Limited Soles Batman The Dark Knight Shoes

Limited Soles Batman Dark Knight Shoes

If you are a fan of cool shoes and DC comics high flying Batman then this is the perfect combination.

A cool shoe made from Limited Soles, with a ton of graphics and alot of attention to detail you can find images and detailed embossing of the superhero Batman in action on the side and on the back a leather trim with the name “BRUCE” embroidered in yellow. Aswell as an embroidered Batman logo on the side and a yellow tounge with black line art of Batman The Dark Knight himself.

Made from high quality suede and leather these are a limited edition each individually numbered with only 1939  pairs made which commemorates the first year the Batman character appeared.

Comes in mens sizes 7 D US – 11.5 D US.

Batman-up and get your Limited Soles Batman The Dark Knight Shoes.

buy Batman Dark Knight Bracelet

Batman Dark Knight Bracelet

This Batman bracelet is made from rubber and will snap on to you so that you can show the world that you support the dark knight.

On the bracelet you see Batman against a purple sky with of course the Batman logo on his chest and below that the words “Dark Knight”.

The Batman bracelet is 8 inch long and has two snaps to make it fit perfectly on a real Batman fan.

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buy Batman Beach Towel

Batman Beach Towel

Batman Beach Towel

Batman fans go swimming to and when they are wet they don’t like to use anything else then this Batman beach towel.

This Batman towel is 28″ x 58″ and of course black with a big Batman logo in the middle.

If you are a true Batman fan but don’t own a Batman towel yet then stop what you are doing and order your Batman Logo Beach Towel.

Batman Wall License Plate

Batman Wall graffiti license plate

Does your car have room for an extra license plate?

If so then this Batman plate would be the perfect plate to make it on to your Batmobile.

On this tin lincense plate you see Batman drawn by Jim Lee standing infront of a brick wall.
Batman it says on the wall with below it a graffiti of the Batman logo.

If you are a true Batman fan and collector then this lincense plate can’t be missing in your collection.

Order your own Batman Wall License Plate. 

Joker Dark Knight Cufflinks

Joker Batman Dark Knight Cufflinks

The Joker from the Batman movie The Dark Knight is a loveable yet hated character, so if you support the Joker then check out these Joker cufflinks.

Add instant style to your suit with the Joker cuffllinks that feature a cool and very creepy Joker face, with multiple red “HA-HAH” all over.  These are perfect for any occasion and will tell everybody who you really support while watching your favorite Batman movie.

Measures 1.75″ across in diameter, with posts measuring 1″ long when straightened.

Get your Joker Batman Dark Knight Cufflinks.

buy Batman Beanie Hat

Batman Beanie Hat

Let a great DC comics Superhero like Batman protect your head from the bitter cold.

Check out this super cool Batman beanie hat, a great way to keep warm and look stylish. This Batman beanie hat features the shape of Batman’s head when you put it on yours, with his little pointed ears at the top and it comes far enough down to your nose that it acts as a superhero mask.

Made out of 100% acrylic shell on the outside and  100% polyester lining.

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