buy Venom Mouth Ring

Venom Mouth Ring

Now you can have Venom wrapped around your fingers all thanks to this Venom mouth ring.

The black Venom ring has the mouth with sharp white teeth and his long red tongue on top.

On the inside of the Marvel ring it says “We Are Venom” which almost gives you superhero powers.

You can get this Venom ring in sizes 9 – 12 and it makes for a nice present for a fan of Venom and to make it the perfect present they put this ring in a nice Venom jewelry box that has a window so that it also is a cool display box of your special Venom jewelry.

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buy Wonder Woman Engagement Ring

Wonder Woman Engagement Ring

If you want to propose to the Wonder Woman in your life then you have to check out this Wonder Woman engagement ring.

This ring is not just one ring but one that you can configure so that it is perfect for your future wife.

The ring has a crown that is gold with the Wonder Woman logo on the side and then you can choose to have silver or gold ring and you can even choose the stones you like, just pick one of the many options, it could be gemstones but also diamonds and many other options.

You can even pick to have stones on the ring or having a more open version. You just have to see more images of all the options and you can see them by clicking on the picture.

Now you can start preparing the proposal after you made the ring you like best in the perfect ring size.

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buy Black Panther Ring

Black Panther Ring

If you need some cool jewelry and you like Black Panther then you should check out this Marvel Black Panther ring.

The metal ring is a cool men’s ring in ring size 10 and has a cool center that looks like the mask of Black Panther and to make this ring even cooler then you are in luck as you can turn the center and then it shows the Black Panther logo.

So not only can you have a cool ring on your fingers you can keep playing with it all day to as the turning center is just fun and changes the look on your fingers.

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buy The Joker And Harley Quinn Ring Set

The Joker And Harley Quinn Ring Set

If you and your partner love the DC Comics villains then you should check out this couples ring set that has a The Joker ring and a Harley Quinn one.

The two rings are made from metal and enamel and are black. The Joker ring says “The Joker” in purple while the Harley Quinn ring says “Harley Quinn” in red.

And as it is a couples ring set the sizes of the rings are different too. The men’s ring is size 11 and the women’s one is a size 7.

A ring set like this is great fun to wear and show your love for each other and the DC villains.

This ring set could be a great Valentine’s day gift.

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buy Betty Boop Two Tone Ring

Betty Boop Two Tone Ring

If you want a special piece of jewelry that has Betty Boop on it then you found it as this Betty Boop ring is stunning and perfect.

The Betty Boop ring is made from Sterling Silver and has two bands stuck together and one of the is 18K gold plated to give that gold tone and silver tone and then there is an enamel image of Betty Boop and she is surrounded by Diamonesk stones. And on the inside the ring is engraved with the text “Boop-Oop-A- Doop!” just like she always says.

And the Betty Boop ring comes in a nice gift box so that you can make it a real nice present for a special someone in your life.

Get your Betty Boop Two Tone Ring

buy Harry Potter Glasses Ring

Harry Potter Glasses Ring

If you are a Harry Potter fan in need of a cool ring then this ring could be just what you always wanted.

The ring looks like the glasses from Harry Potter and on top of that his famous scar that looks like a lightning bolt. And like real glasses there is nothing on the back witch makes this ring different and even more special.

A special piece of Harry Potter jewelry like this is a great addition to your collection of Harry Potter fan gear and just the perfect items to show off to your friends.

Get your Harry Potter Glasses Ring

buy The Avengers Captain America Ring

The Avengers Captain America Ring

If Captain America is your favorite Avenger then this ring could be the perfect piece of jewelry.

This men’s in is silver in color and on the top you can find the famous shield of Captain America in red and blue with of course a star in the middle. And besides the famous shield this ring also has the Avengers logo to make this Marvel product even better.

You can get this Captain America ring in different ring sizes to make it fit the way you want.

Start showing the world what Captain America means to you and you can simply do that by showing them a ring on your finger.

Get your The Avengers Captain America Ring

buy Star Trek Starfleet Ring Class Of 2258

Star Trek Starfleet Ring Class Of 2258

If you know a man who lives and breathes Star Trek, you can buy a special gift for him.

He probably has such an extensive knowledge of Star Trek that he could have graduated from the Starfleet Academy with Kirk.

This officially licenced men’s ring is a reproduction of the ring worn in the 2013 Star Trek Into Darkness movie by J. J. Abram and is made of a strong, scratch resistant metal alloy. The flat face of this amazing ring features a Star Trek insignia in the middle surrounded by the words STARFLEET ACADEMY and around that is printed UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS 2258.

This Star Trek graduation ring comes in a classy display box with LED light, perfect for exhibiting and the top of the box has the Star Trek command emblem.

Get your Star Trek Starfleet Ring Class Of 2258

buy Harry Potter Silver Deathly Hallows Ring

Harry Potter Silver Deathly Hallows Ring

Harry Potter fans are not so out in the open any more now that all the books and movies are made but that doesn’t mean that they disappeared.

Are you one of this secret Harry Potter fans?

Why not make yourself a little bit more visible to other fans so that they know they are not alone.

This sterling silver ring can make a small statement that is visible to any Harry Potter fan.

The top of the ring has the famous symbol of the Deathly Hallows making this ring a perfect piece of jewelry of any Harry Potter fan.
And this Deathly Hallows ring will be made in your ring size to make it fit perfectly around your finger.

Get your Harry Potter Silver Deathly Hallows Ring

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buy Divergent Tris First Jumper Ring

Divergent Tris First Jumper Ring

Divergent fans are gone love this ring.

This ring has the name “Tris” stamped on the inside and on the outside it says “First Jumper” and this all on a wrap around ring that really looks stunning.

The Divergent ring is made from food safe aluminium and comes in ring sizes 5 -10 and is hand made specially for you.

You can’t find this in store and that means that this Divergent ring would make an amazing present to.

The loop that never seems to end that fits on your finger just like a piece you fold yourself that is how I feel about this amazing piece of hand made jewelry.

Get your Divergent Tris First Jumper Ring