buy Death Star Shower Curtain

Death Star Shower Curtain

Now Star Wars fans can get this Death Star Shower Curtain which is great to make any bathroom look like part of the Star Wars universe.

This Star Wars shower curtain is black with on it a giant image of the Death Star which is so much better than having a boring shower curtain.

Your new Death Star shower curtain is 69 x 71 inches and has metal enforced eyelets for the shower hooks and that means it is made to last and it is even machine washable. And to make it even better they even added shower hooks so that you can hang it as soo as it arrives at you home.

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buy Death Star And Stormtrooper Binder

Death Star And Stormtrooper Binder

Now there is this cool Death Star And Stormtrooper Binder that would be great for back to school or even for the office.

Star Wars fan can all get this Avery binder that is a 3 ring binder that comes in different thicknesses and you can pick the inside color as it comes in black and in white.

On the outside on both the front and the back you can find the image that shows a yellow Death Star and stripes and a bright purple neon Star Wars logo and in between you find a Stormtrooper with his famous helmet on.

Papers need organization and a cool Star Wars binder like this is a perfect way of doing that especially if you are a big Star Wars fan.

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buy Death Star Waffle Maker

Death Star Waffle Maker

Star Wars has the Death Star and now you can build your own edible Death Star that you just may enjoy destroying piece by piece as you sit there and eat it waffle style.

This is a waffle maker that has the Star Wars logo on the lid while the inside is where the magic happens. Pour in your edible mixture of choice, perhaps waffles and when full cooked lift the lid and you will see the Death Star and all of it’s features.

Made to be very durable from stainless steel to last a long time this Star Wars Death Star waffle maker has a weighted lid, 5 temperature settings and dual indicator lights one to let you know it is warm and one to let you know when your waffle is ready.

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buy Poke Ball Death Star Travel Mug

Poke Ball Death Star Travel Mug

If you are a fan of Pokemon and Star Wars then you should check out this Poke Ball Death Star travel mug.

The travel mug shows a galaxy and in that galaxy you can see a spaceship that is almost as big as a planet and it looks a lot like a Poke Ball but it also looks like the Star Wars Death Star and that is why this is a great to go mug for fans of Pokemon and Star Wars.

The Poke Ball mug is 15oz and is made from stainless steel and is double walled to keep warm drinks warm and cold drinks cold.

So no more need to get a paper cup because this travel mug is all you will ever need.

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buy Star Wars Death Star Wine Bottle Stopper

Star Wars Death Star Wine Bottle Stopper

A Star Wars fan that likes wine need this Death Star bottle stopper.

No need for making your wine go bad when you didn’t finish that bottle because this bottle stopper can prevent air from getting to your left over wine.

The bottle stopper looks really nice and classy and that makes it perfect for any Star Wars fan that like wine.

A wine bottle stopper like this does look great even in the fanciest wine cellar.

The bottle stopper looks like most bottle stoppers do but this has the Death Star from Star Wars on the top.

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buy Darth Vader And Death Star iPhone And iPod Touch Case

Darth Vader And Death Star iPhone And iPod Touch Case

Star Wars Darth Vader And Death Star iPhone And iPod Touch Case

Star Wars fan will love this case for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

This black case shows a big portret of Darth Vader and in the background you see the Death Star high in the sky.
The iPhone version of this case even has a print that goes around to the side so that you can see more of Darth Vader.

You can get this amazing Star Wars case for the following Apple devices:

  • iPod Touch 4th generation
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3GS

A case should protect you device from harm and look amazing and this case will do both.

I use a case from this supplier with a different print on my iPhone 4S and it fits like a glove making the experice even better.

So if you are looking for a quality protection then check out this Star Wars Darth Vader And Death Star iPhone And iPod Touch Case.

buy LEGO Star Wars Video Game

LEGO Star Wars Video Game

LEGO Star Wars Video Game

Star Wars: The Complete Saga just would not really be complete with out adding LEGO now would it.

If you love Star Wars then i am sure you are going to love this LEGO version video game of Star Wars The Complete Saga. In this video game you get to play through all different levels refering to all 6 Star Wars movies. With brand new playable characters that brings the count to over 160 total LEGO mini figures, Yes everything is in LEGO so get out and play LEGO style Star Wars the video game.

This LEGO Star Wars Video Game video game is available for PS3, Nintendo Wii, XBox 360, Nintendo DS, Windows PC and  Mac.

Get your  copy of this LEGO Star Wars Video Game.

Death Star iPod Touch Case

Star Wars case for the iPod touch that shows the death star

Having an iPod Touch is great fun and you probably use it lots.

So how do you keep your Touch save? How about getting a nice case for it like one base on Star Wars.

This black case shows the Death Star witch against the black background looks amazing and has tons of detail.

So now you iPod Touch 4 generation can be save just get it this Death Star iPod Touch Case.