buy Mike Wazowski Dust Plug

Mike Wazowski Dust Plug

Monster University Mike Wazowski Dust Plug

Now you can protect your headphone jack from dust with this Monsters University dust plug.

And this dust plus looks just like Mike Wazowski the green monster with one huge eye.

Mike comes in a pack of two so that you can share your dust plug with a friend who also likes Monsters inc.

It’s really easy to install a dust plug, just plug it in like you do you headphones and you are good to go.

And not only do they keep the dust out they also make you phone look more fun.
Just imagine Mike sticking out of you phone.

You should come have a closer look at this Monsters University Mike Wazowski Dust Plug Set.

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buy Toy Story Alien Dust Plug

Toy Story Alien Dust Plug

Toy Story Alien Dust Plug

Most of our mobile phones these days have a headphones jack and that of course is great to listen to music on your phone.

But when not in use this headphone plug collects dust when you phone is in your pocket or bag.

Now you can change that by using a fun dust plug.

This plug is looks just like the jack of your headphones and fits perfectly in your phone. And this dust plug has something extra.

There is a little green alien on the dust plug and if you look good in one of his 3 eyes then you know that he is one of aliens from the Toy Story movie.

So if you like this green alien on your phone then come check out this Toy Story Alien Dust Plug.

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Mickey Mouse Dust Plug

Mickey Mouse headphones jack dust plug

They day of cell phone charms dangling on your phone are long gone as most cell phones do not have a place to connect them to.

But now there is a new kind of cell phone charm around and this one just fits in any normal headphones jack.

This charm looks like the hands of Mickey Mouse. And this hand will fit in things like and iPad, iPod touch and like any device that has a headphones jack.

It is easy to remove the charm when you want access to the jack and the dust plug of course keeps dust and dirt out of the port to.

Besides the hand of Mickey Mouse there is also a simple plug that you can use on days Mickey is not allowed to wave at people.

Have some more fun and get this Mickey Mouse Dust Plug.

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Hello Kitty Dust Plug

Hello Kitty Headphone dust plug

Not to long ago it was fun to have a little charm hanging on your cell phone, this was an amazing way of showing the world a more personal phone.

The days of dangling charms on your phone seem to be gone but only because most phones do not offer a place to connect them to.

But now there is a new way of puting a charm on your phone.

Look at this little Hello Kitty Charm ontop of the phone on the picture.

Hello Kitty is actually a little 3.5″ plug that just slides in your headphones jack and that way becomes a secure way of connecting a charm that can be easily removed when you need the headphones jack.

This kind of charm will fit in a normal headphone jack so you can stick this Hello Kitty plug in for instance an iPhone.

The Hello Kitty dust plug not only looks fun and cute no it also protects your headphones plug from dust and dirt.

Come and check out other pictures and info about the Hello Kitty Dust Plug. 

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