buy Monsters Inc Mike Wazowski Dress

Monsters Inc Mike Wazowski Dress

Monsters Inc. , Monsters University both fun movies with great loveable characters. If you love the adorable little one eyed green monster called Mike Wazowski then this dress is perfect.

On the Monsters Inc. Dress you see the feature characters face of Mike Wazowski, one large eye on the front chest are with a big open mouth underneath the eye. The rest of the dress is green the color that Mike is in all the movies.

This Monsters Inc. dress is an A-Line dress which is a looses fitting dress that has a great unique easy looking flow for maximum comfort and style. It is available in a wide selection of women’s sizes that will range from XS to 2XL.

You can throw this dress on for anytime or even wear it as an easy but great Halloween costume.

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buy Mike Wazowski Eraser

Mike Wazowski Eraser

If you want to erase your mistakes then you have to check out this Monsters University Mike Wazowski eraser.

And this eraser is not just a boring eraser as it is shaped like Mike Wazowski while he is wearing a Monster University hat.

The Monsters Inc. eraser is not just a tiny eraser, this is a green jumbo eraser that measures 4 1/2 x 3 3/4 inches.

Now you can have a cool Mike Wazowski eraser for back to school and for in the office.

Monsters Inc. and Monsters University won’t be forgotten especially if your have this item in your pencil case.

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buy Monsters University Lunch Box

Monsters University Lunch Box

This Monsters University lunch box is perfect for back to school.

The lunch box is made by Yubo and has a white front and back with on it an image of Micke Wazowski and Sulley and they are ready for Monsters University. In the middle the lunch box has a fun color (many to choose from) and a handle and ways to hang things like their water bottle accessory.

Inside the Monster Inc. lunch box you will find a sandwich box, two snack boxes and an icepack so that you are all set for lunch. And when you come home then it all (beside the picture) can go in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

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buy Monsters Inc Mike And Sulley Water Bottle

Monsters Inc Mike And Sulley Water Bottle

If you like the monster Mike and Sulley from Monsters Inc and Monsters University then you are in luck because now there is a water bottle with both characters on them.

The water bottle comes in all kind of cool colors and shows Sulley and he is wearing his university jacket and he is holding up Mike Wazowski up from the ground.

With a picture so fun kids and adults will love this stainless steel water bottle and take it any where. School, work or play this 24 oz bottle is perfect and safe as it is 100% BPA free.

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buy Mike Wazowski Hoodie With Horns

Mike Wazowski Hoodie With Horns

From the classic series of animated movies Monsters Inc. this is the loveable, little Mike Wazowski who may not see everything with that big eye but it doesn’t matter when your best friend is the top scarer James P. “Sulley” Sullivan.

This hoodie is made to transform you into Mike, it is all green with the front having Mike Wazowski’s face, big eye and smile along with an all green hood that has little horns that stick out on top.

Available in a wide variety of sizes that will range from Small to XL and it is made from the perfect blend of materials 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester to give you comfort and a warm but not hot hoodie sweater.

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buy Mike Wazowski Sweater

Mike Wazowski Sweater

This green sweatshirt will bring back memories about a curtain monster movie.

Yes this is Mike Wazowski the green monster from the movies Monsters Inc. and Monsters University.
Wearing this sweater will make any women into mike and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

This sweater is cute and shows Mike one big eye and his mouth is open.

And this women’s Mike Wazowski sweatshirt comes in all kind of sizes so that it will fit your perfectly when you hang out around town or where ever you want to wear this cool sweater to.

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buy Mike Wazowski Bath Mitt

Mike Wazowski Bath Mitt

Monsters University Mike Wazowski Bath Mitt

Bath time will be so much fun with a Disney bath mitt like this one of Mike Wazowski.

This Mike Wazowski bath mit looks just like Mike complete with his one huge eye and everything.

Not only is it great to wash the kids with this bath mitt you can also have fun with it while the kids are playing in the bath.
Mike love to be a little puppet that washes the kids.

This Monsters Inc. bath mitt is made from 100% cotton and even went with Mike to the Monsters University.

Surprise your kid with this Monsters University Mike Wazowski Bath Mitt.

buy Mike Wazowski Dust Plug

Mike Wazowski Dust Plug

Monster University Mike Wazowski Dust Plug

Now you can protect your headphone jack from dust with this Monsters University dust plug.

And this dust plus looks just like Mike Wazowski the green monster with one huge eye.

Mike comes in a pack of two so that you can share your dust plug with a friend who also likes Monsters inc.

It’s really easy to install a dust plug, just plug it in like you do you headphones and you are good to go.

And not only do they keep the dust out they also make you phone look more fun.
Just imagine Mike sticking out of you phone.

You should come have a closer look at this Monsters University Mike Wazowski Dust Plug Set.

buy Mike And Sulley Christmas Ornament

Mike And Sulley Christmas Ornament

Don’t you think that your Christmas tree will be more fun if you have some monsters in them?

Of course only monsters we like.

This ornament  is a glass globe that is open on one side and has snow flakes on them. In the globe there is snow and on the snow you can see the monsters Mike Wazowski and Sulley both wearing Christmas items to fit in to the holiday spirit.

With the monsters Inc. and Monsters University stars in your tree Christmas will be so much more fun.

And every time you see Mike dressed up as a reindeer you will smile.

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buy Mike Wazowski Toddler Costume

Mike Wazowski Toddler Costume

Does your little one enjoy the Monsters Inc and Monsters University movies?

If so then maybe they would love to be Mike Wazowski this Halloween.

This Mike Wazowski Costume is of course green complete with his big eye and smiling white teeth.
The Costume includes green jumpsuit and overlay and the Monster University hat.

Kids are gone love wearing this officially licensed Mike Wazowski costume and not just for Halloween but just to play around in too.

This Monsters University costume comes in sizes Large (4-6) and Medium (3T-4T)

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