buy Sesame Street Character Dresses

Sesame Street Character Dresses

You see men walking around in Elmo t-shirt (I have one).

And now the women can wear something fun to.

There now are fun tank style dresses that look like Elmo, Cookie Monster or Oscar the Grouch.
Not only are these dresses ideal for the summer they also make a perfect costume for a dress up party.

You can get these fun Sesame Street chareter dresses in a range of junior sizes so make sure to check the sizing chart.

So what Sesame Street Character do you want to be, Elmo, Oscar or Cookie Monster?

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buy Massive Dynamic T-Shirt

Massive Dynamic T-Shirt

A true Fringe fan know what you are seeing on this t-shirt.

And for the rest of us who never have seen Fringe go watch it ๐Ÿ™‚

On this t-shirt you see the logo of Massic Dynamic. The Massice Dynamic company keeps coming up in the Fringe TV series so it is worth paying attention when the name is mentioned.

For now just wearing this Fringe t-shirt will get you the attention you deserve.

This Massive Dynamic t-shirt comes in different colors and styles and of course sizes so you will find the t-shirt you want.

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buy Carmichael Industries T-Shirt

Carmichael Industries T-Shirt

If you have seen Chuck then you know his he also uses Charles Carmichael as an alias.

And after he left the CIA he started a business for himself (and his friends) calle Carmichael Industries and this is the t-shirt that they have at Carmichael Industries.

This dark t-shirt is simple and just has the Carmichael Industries logo on the right side.

Of course this Chuck t-shirt comes in different styles and even some other colors.

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buy Batman Monokini Swimsuit

Batman Monokini Swimsuit

Are you a Batman fan that thinks a bikini is a little bit to revealing?

If so then you should have a look at this Batman monokini. This one piece bathing suit has the advantage of a bikini in the back and the front is a one piece..

This Batman swimsuit is black with yellow details and of course the Batman logo witch can be found on the back and on one of the bra cups.

You can get this Batman monokini is a range of sizes but make sure you check out the sizing chart.

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buy The Hunger Games Peeta Fire T-Shirt

The Hunger Games Peeta Fire T-Shirt

The Hunger Games Peeta Fire T-Shirt

Hunger Games fan already know who you are seeing on this t-shirt.

Yes of course it is Peeta Mellark and he is standing infront of a Mockingjay pin ingulved in flames. And yes this t-shirt even has Peeta’s name printed on it.

This junior style t-shirt is black witch makes this picture of Peeta stand out nicely.

You can get this Hunger Games t-shirt in a range of sizes so that it will fit perfectly.

Show the world your love for Peeta by wearing thisย The Hunger Games Peeta Fire T-Shirt.

buy Wonder Woman Red Booty Shorts

Wonder Woman Red Booty Shorts

Wonder Woman Red Booty Shorts

Wonder Woman is the the superhero for all girls out there and now you can have some amazing looking shorts to honor her.

These booty shorts are red with blue edges and on the front you find the Wonder Women logon.
On the back it has Wonder Woman writen on it and again the logo but this time with the blue edges with stars.

If summer is hot these 100% cotton shorts will be ideal.

So don’t wait just check out these Wonder Woman Red Booty Shorts.

buy B.A. Baracus Shut Up Fool T-Shirt

B.A. Baracus Shut Up Fool T-Shirt

How about a nice light blue t-shirt what the words “Shut Up Fool!” and of course a picture of B.A. Baracus.

Just the text brings back memories of the TV show The A Team and the fun characters.

And now you can show the world what the past had to offer.

This fun t-shirt of Mr. T. comes in a wide range of adult sizes so just shut up and get the right one.

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buy Superman Bikini

Superman Bikini

If Superman is you superhero then going to the beach will be so much better this summer.

This Superman bikini is the ideal swimwear. It has a blue top with the Superman logo on one cup and red bottoms with the Superman logo on the back.

Some will say that these are not Superman bikini’s but Supergirls both are fine by me so just choose what you think it is ๐Ÿ™‚

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Hello Kitty Hearts Booty Shorts

Hello Kitty Hearts Booty Shorts

Warm summers need short shorts that look fun to.

These black shorts have nice red accents that make it stand out nicly and on the front you see red hearts on one side and Hello Kitty on the other. On the back of these booty shorts you see “Hello Kitty” printed.

As you guessed these Hello Kitty booty shorts are great for any Hello Kitty fan.
So don’t wait come order your Hello Kitty Hearts Booty Shorts.

buy Fringe Division Women’s Underwear

Fringe Division Women’s Underwear

Fringe underwear is the ultimate item a true Fringe fan has.

These women’s briefs have the Fringe Division logo on the back.
You wonder if this is the underwear that Olivia Dunham wears on the job.

Not only will this look amazing it also will make you feel like you are part of Fringe.

The Fringe underwear comes in different colors and a range of sizes.

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