buy Hogwarts Stocking Holder

Hogwarts Stocking Holder

Harry Potter fans can now hang their stockings on this Hogwarts Stocking Holder.

This stocking holder is nice and shiny with a nice hook for the stocking and on top of the base it has the famous Hogwarts logo in full color so that it really look great in your home.

The stocking holder is strong enough to keep your stocking up unless there are lots of heavy things in it but for that reason there is a little hole on the top so that you could choose to even screw it down so that you don’t have to worry about dropping your stocking.

This stocking holder is just something all true fans of Harry Potter need.

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buy Mickey Mouse Stocking Holder

Mickey Mouse Stocking Holder

With the Christmas holiday season comes decorations and stockings. Get the perfect stocking holder that will be great for the Disney Mickey mouse fan.

The Mickey Mouse stocking holder features Mickey as a 3D sculpture standing tall and in a red snow suit along with a Santa hat and yellow boots, beside him is a big red present with a blue bow and a Christmas tree.

Mickey Mouse is on an all green base that has a hook for your Christmas stocking to easily hang on it.

The entire stocking holder measures 6.5 inches tall x 5 inches wide x 3 inches deep and is made from a durable resin material that also has a vibrant colorful painted finish.

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buy Darth Vader 3D Stocking Holder

Darth Vader 3D Stocking Holder

The dark side of the force is strong at Christmas, you must obey Darth Vader and all will be good for the holidays.

This is a really cool 3D sculpture of Darth Vader from the series of Star Wars movies. Find a bust of Darth Vader very detailed with his arms in front of him, long black cape and mask all on a grey silver base that has a printed balck “Darth Vader” and a hook for your Christmas stocking.

Painted with intricate detail and long lasting vibrant paint this stocking holder will easily go up and you will hang your Christmas stocking on the hook with ease, it is an all metal design that will be great for all Star Wars fans.

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buy A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Stocking Holder

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Stocking Holder

This is a really cool stocking holder that features the leg lamp from the movie A Christmas Story, what a great way to hang up your stocking at Christmas.

The leg lamp is a 3D sculpture that is very detailed from the fishnet stalkings to the lamp shade tassels and different colored presents around the foot that has a black high heel shoe on. To make this complete the lamp also lights up.

With a golden shiny base and hook there is also the official movie logo of “A Christmas Story” and it is made from a durable resin painted with vibrant color and stands a total of 9 inches in height.

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buy Minion Banana Bunch Stocking Holder

Minion Banana Bunch Stocking Holder

All I want for Christmas is BANANA!!!

Yes the loveable Minions are ready for the holiday season of Christmas and there is only one thing that they would call the best gift ever.

Here you see a stocking holder that has a base and hook colored all blue and the saying of “Best. Gift. Ever.” in yellow printed text.

On top is a great 3D sculpture of Carl the one eyed Minion in his blue overalls and wearing a Santa hat hugging his Christmas gift of a large bunch of bananas that have a red bow and green tag filled out “To Carl”.

Made from a durable resin that is painted to be colorful and stand out, the stocking holder easily goes up and with a hook you can hang your stocking on fast and simple.

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buy Snoopy And Woodstock Stocking Holder

Snoopy And Woodstock Stocking Holder

Get your Peanuts Gang stocking holder for Christmas and of course Snoopy and Woodstock are involved in the holiday season.

This stocking holder features a very fun scene using two Peanuts characters. Find Snoopy the white adorable dog sitting in snow and wearing a Santa hat aswell as a red and green striped scarf.

Snoopy is opening a present and with the lid off look at who is in the present, it is Woodstock along with the name of “Snoopy” on the stocking holder.

Made of durable resin that is painted with vibrant colors to look amazing, it is easy to set up and easy to hang your Christmas stocking on.

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buy Superman Logo Stocking Holder

Superman Logo Stocking Holder

When Chrismas comes around you will need the perfect holder for your stocking and any DC Comics Superman fan knows that the Superman logo is exactly the right thing to use.

This is a stocking holder that features a large Superman logo of an “S” inside a shield that has a red border and yellow inside.

The Superman logo is die-cut and stands on a very shiny base that has a hook below to hang that awesome Christmas stocking.

Measuring 7 inches in height this is a durable stocking holder made from metal and uses very vibrant colored paint to make it stand out and will be perfect for that DC Coimics fan.

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buy Doctor Who Tardis Stocking Holder

Doctor Who Tardis Stocking Holder

How do you hang you Christmas stocking?

Nails are one way to go but now there is this Doctor Who stocking holder that just seems to be perfect for the job.

The metal holder has a hook on the bottom with the Doctor Who logo above it and then on top of all that you see the Tardis in blue just towering on top of all that.

Now it will be easy to have your Christmas stocking hanging where you want it and it looks great to specially for a Doctor Who fan like you.

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