buy Game of Thrones King’s Landing 3D Puzzle

Game of Thrones King’s Landing 3D Puzzle

If you like Game of Thrones and puzzles then this puzzle of King’s Landing is just what you need and this is not a flat jigsaw puzzle this is 3D puzzle witch makes it just amazing.

You can build the castle and the town of King’s Landing just like we know it from the TV and even though it is only made out of 260 pieces this puzzle maybe a bit more challenging then a flat puzzle.

When build King’s Landing will be 30 x 12 x 8 inch and it will look great on your coffee table while you are watching an episode of Game of Thrones.

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buy Monster High 100 Piece Puzzle

Monster High 100 Piece Puzzle

Monster High fans will love to spend time and put together this puzzle, maybe after it is all put together you coul laminate it and hang it on the wall.

This is a puzzle that features the cool and fun characters from the series of Monster High, find Spectra Vondergeist, Operetta, Abbey Bominable, Draculaura and Cleo De Nile all in very colorful vibrant colors aswell as all detailed right down to the jewelry.

With a colorful box and 100 pieces when the Monster High jigsaw puzzle is fully assembled it measures 15 inches x 11.25 inches and is made of high quality durable pieces to last many many times of assembling.

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buy Batman 3D Bust Puzzle

Batman 3D Bust Puzzle

Would you want to put together your next piece of Batman memorabilia? Would you like to be able to take it apart and store it away for next time? This is that new piece to your puzzle.

This bust of Batman is like any other bust with no arms and only a torso just under the chest. Batman has his black bat mask and cape on. His torso is covered in silver and the bat symbol is black. He also comes with a stand for the puzzle that says “Justice League” and has a gold covered name badge.

This 3D puzzle comes in 72 pieces all ready to go to create a DC Comics masterpiece of Batman. The pieces are made of plastic and once they are all put together your Batman bust will stand approximately 6 inches tall. Don’t worry if this puzzle frightens you, it comes with color instructions that will help you become successful.

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buy 3D Superman Justice League Puzzle

3D Superman Justice League Puzzle

If you’re looking for your next collectible piece that you can have the enjoyment of building and then leaving it up for all to see, then this is the 3D puzzle you have been waiting for.

This Superman 3D Puzzle is a statue-like bust of Clark Kent’s alter ego. He is wearing his bright blue outfit with a remarkable yellow and red “S” symbol on the front. Don’t forget, he also comes with a magnificent red cape too.

There are 72 pieces in this great 3D Puzzle. Each piece is made of plastic and will stand approximately 6 inches when finished. This is an official DC Comics 3D Puzzle and Superman has never looked so good. It comes with a Justice League base and also includes a gold colored name badge.

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buy Green Lantern 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

Green Lantern 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

The DC Comics Justice League has many awesome superhero characters, now you can build your very own in 3D superhero to show off your commitment for these awesome superheroes.

This is a jigsaw puzzle that when all put together forms a bust of DC Comics superhero Green Lantern in his New 52 costume and a green mask on along with a super cool base that says “GREEN LANTERN JUSTICE LEAGUE”.

Made up of 72 pieces creating an amazing 3D puzzle that would look great with your DC Comics and or Green Lantern collection.

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buy Wonder Woman Comic Book Covers Puzzle

Wonder Woman Comic Book Covers Puzzle

DC Comics with so many superheroes, but Wonder Woman is special and a true fan will not overlook a great Wonder Woman collector piece.

The Wonder Woman puzzle features many DC Comics comic book covers in collage form, with very vibrant bright colors and so much attention to detail this is a must have for the Wonder Woman fan.

Measures 20 inches x 27 inches this jigsaw puzzle has 1000 pieces that fit together tight and with the high-quality images provided by DC Comics, this can be laminated, framed and displayed in your collection.

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buy Downton Abbey Cora And Violet Jigsaw Puzzle

Downton Abbey Cora And Violet Jigsaw Puzzle

Downton Abbey Cora And Violet Jigsaw Puzzle

What to do with those dark cold days?

Maybe do a nice jigsaw puzzle.

And now you can do this Downton Abbey puzzle that shows Lady Grantham and Aunt Violet.

Just 1000 pieces to put together and see those two Crawley ladies sitting on the couch.

When done this Downton Abbey jigsaw puzzle measures 19 1/8 x 28 3/4 inch and that is a nice size to mount in a frame or just to take apart again to try again in a while.

Of course a puzzle like this could be the perfect present for a Downton Abbey fan.

How about a closer look at this Downton Abbey Jigsaw Puzzle.

buy Curious George Puzzle Sticker Book # 2

Curious George Puzzle Sticker Book # 2

Curious George Puzzle Sticker Book #2

Have some fun doing arts and crafts with your preschooler today and work with them to put together some fun Curious George puzzles that are also stickers.

The picture shown on the front of this group of puzzles is the brown monkey George with the Man in the Yellow Hat who brought him to the big city from his home in Africa.

There are 240 numbered stickers in this set that you place on one of the 8 numbered grids to create a picture of Curious George in some sort of misadventure.

You will also receive a bonus of 20 magnets so that you can use to hang the finished works of art on the fridge.

Put a smile on a child’s face today and get this Curious George Puzzle Sticker Book # 2.

buy Frozen 25 Piece Puzzle

Frozen 25 Piece Puzzle

Frozen is another awesome animated Disney movie that easily captures hearts with its fun characters and story, now you can put together the magic with a jumbo puzzle.

Featured on this foam puzzle is a great image of from the fun animated Disney movie Frozen, find some of the main characters Elsa the Snow Queen, Kristoff, Princess Anna, Olaf, Sven and Hans all with a back drop of snow.

This Frozen puzzle when put all together measures 13 inches by 24 inches and is made from foam which will make it durable, safe and really fun to put together, this is a jumbo puzzle so make sure you have lots of room.

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buy Chicago Fire Jigsaw Puzzle

Chicago Fire Jigsaw Puzzle

Are you a fan of the drama series television show Chicago Fire and love to put together jigsaw puzzle’s?

If so this Chicago fire jigsaw puzzle would be great for you to do on a rainy day with friends or family.

This Chicago Fire puzzle features the fire department logo with a picture of a fire hydrant on one side and a ladder on the other side and the Fire Chicago DEPT written on the inside of the logo. The background features a map of the city of Chicago.

It includes 30 puzzles pieces and is 7.5″ x 9.5″ in size and comes in a matching photo box for easy storage to do it over and over.  You can even frame it once you’ve assembled it and hang it on you wall.

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