buy R2-D2 Flashlight Key Chain

R2-D2 Flashlight Key Chain

R2-D2 LED Light Keychain

Need a new flashlight look no further because we found the R2-D2 key chain with build in LED light to help you out on those dark nights when you are in need of some light.

The key chain is great to carry keys and the light can help you find the lock in the dark. And R2-D2 in this case is just there to look good on you bundle of keys.

Go check out this R2-D2 LED Light Key chain.

Black and Silver Superman Key chain

Superman Key chain
Carry your keys like a superhero on your Superman key chain.

This black and silver looking Superman logo is really classy and of great quality. It even comes with a zipper hook so that you can use it as a zipper pull. How cool would this logo make even the dullest jacket?

Go have a close look at the Superman Key Chain

buy Twilight New Moon Soundtrack 2 GB USB Flash Drive

Twilight New Moon Soundtrack 2 GB USB Flash Drive

Twilight New Moon Soundtrack 2 GB USB Flash Drive

The New Moon movie was great but having the gear to prove how great is even better. And now you can own your own 2GB USB Flash Drive with the New Moon Movie Soundtrack on it. And that is not all the Flash drive has the design of the Cullen family crest and can also be used as a key chain.

So you see this is a must have gadget so get your own Twilight New Moon Soundtrack 2 GB USB Flash Drive.

Tintin Key Chain


Tintin Key Chain

This is a key chain of Tintin and the figure is getting ready to get out and is starting to wear his trech coat.

Tintin is about 5.5 cm tall and comes with a cliphook what makes it easy to let is live with you keys or you can use it for other things like a zipper pull or backpack decorations.

A true Tintin fan just needs this so come and have a better look at this Tintin Key Chain.