Duff Beer Key Chain

A key chain in the shape of a can of Duff Beer just like the beer Homer Simpson drinks.

This is nog just a great collectors item for Simpsons fans but also a great way to carry some cash. By removing the bottom of the Duff can you find a small storage space to hide some stuff like money.

Have a closer look at this Duff Beer Key Chain.

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buy Lego Dobby Key Chain

Lego Dobby Key Chain

Dobby is the house-elf who gives his life to save Harry potter in the final book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Now you can carry Dobby around and remember how brave he was with this cool LEGO style key chain.

Get your Lego Dobby Key Chain.

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Spider-Man Kooky Klicker Pen

Spider-Man fans now you can own a nice Spider-Man pen so you never have to write with those old boring pens you find everywhere.

This is a Kooky Klicker pen and that makes it even more fun to collect. It can even be used as key chain. But most importantly  Spider-Man is handpainted on it.

Check out this special Spider-Man Kooky Klicker Pen.

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Spongebob and Dora Kooky Klicker Pen

Spongebob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer together in one package of pens. Yes this pack has two pens and that is great for the Dora and Spongebob fans.

These Kooky Klicker pens are great fun to collect and use and now you can have or give two of the favorite  characters from kids TV.

Check out this Spongebob and Dora Pen Set.

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buy Darth Vader Limited Edition Pen

Darth Vader Limited Edition Pen

A limited edition Kooky Klicker pen of Darth Vader that would be a great addition to your Star Wars collection.

Kooky only made 5000 of these Darth Vader pens. You can show all your friends you cool pen and even use it as a key chain.

Of course this limited edition pen comes with a special stand to keep your Darth Vader pen proudly on display.

Check out this Limited Edition Darth Vader Kooky Klicker Pen.

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buy Doctor Who Key Chain

Doctor Who Key Chain

Doctor Who fans will really like this. Here  we have 3 different Doctor Who Key Chains that look great next to your keys. But let me tell you a bit more about each of them

  • Tardis Key Chain is made of metal and can house your changes. Just put your money in the Tardis and it will be safe and now you will always have money for a cab.
  • 10th Doctor’s Sonic Screw Driver Key Chain witch of course will make you a real Macgyver and besides the screwdriver it also holds a flashlight.
  • Red Skittle  Dalek is besides real cool also a flashlight.

As you see there is a great key chain for all the Doctor Who fans and they make great gifts.

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Iron man Kooky Klicker Pen

Here you have an highly collectable Iron Man product. Yes it is a pen and yes it is key chain to but first it is a Iron Man Kooky Klicker pen.

This Iron Man pen is hand painted and of course refillable so you never will run dry while writing with this special pen.

Go order your own Iron Man Kooky Klicker Pen.

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