buy Gizmo Bobblehead

Gizmo Bobblehead

Gremlins Bobblehead made by neca and showing Gizmo

A bobblehead of Gizmo why did we have to wait so long?

A well NECA made us this hand painted bobblehead of our favorite Gremlin Gizmo.

This bobblehead is 8 inches tall and is made of a heavy ceramic type resin that will last it’s lifetime.

But before you get Gizmo you need to remember these 3 simple rules:

  • Don’t expose Gizmo to bright light (especially sunlight) it will kill Gizmo
  • Never ever get Gizmo wet
  • Never feed Gizmo after midnight

if you keep to those simple rules no bad things will happen and you will be ready to get your own Gremlin.

Go get your pet Gremlin go get your own Gizmo Bobblehead.

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buy Harry Potter Lightning Bracelet

Harry Potter Lightning Bracelet

Harry Potter lightning bolt bracelet a great way of wearing your hero around your wrist.

This bracelet shows lightning bolts just like Harry has on his head and it has a Harry Potter charm.

A great item to wear to your Harry Potter parties or when you go see the movie.

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buy Joker Mini Clock

Joker Mini Clock

Batman The Joker will wake you with this alarm clock

This mini clock with a picture of the Joker on it can make sure you get to work on time.

And yes this alarm clock is mini, it stands only 3 inch tall. But tiny is good because who wants to fill it’s nightstands with a clock while there could be Batman comics lying in that spot.

Batman collectors are gone love this clock that is based on The Dark Knight movie.

Go check out this Batman The Joker Mini Clock.

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Twilight Victoria’s Necklace Replica

Twilight Victoria's Necklace Replica

Victoria from The Twilight Saga: New moon wore this really cool pendant necklace and now you can get a replica of it. This is a good peice of jewlery for a costume or for every day use, with lots of detail and comes with the chain.

Order your The Twilight Saga New moon Victoria’s Necklace Replica.

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buy Harry Potter Bobblehead

Harry Potter Bobblehead

An 8 inch tall Harry Potter that is what now wants to be part of your home.

This Bobblehead of Harry is a great addition to anybody’s Harry Potter collection.

Harry is dressed in his school uniform and the base shows the Hogwarts crest. Of course Harry has his wand ready but his wobbling head makes it difficult to cast a spell.

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buy Harry Potter Action Figure

Harry Potter Action Figure

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Snatcher Case) Harry Action Figure
Harry Potter collectors you have found another item that can just not be missing in you collection.

This 7″ tall action figure of Harry Potter in street clothing but of course including a wand has great details and is based on the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Go have a closer look at this Harry Potter Action Figure.

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buy Bobblehead Billy

Bobblehead Billy

Billy as know by some but in most cases this fellow from the movie serie Saw is nameless. You can now have a bobblehead of this puppet sitting on his tricycle.

SAW, the hit big screen horror production has one of the most memorable charcters to cause havoc and instill fear into all the viewers that watch. This is a head knocker of the SAW puppet on his tricycle in his classic suit and red bow tie, with outstanding accurate detail of the SAW puppet from the movie. As he wheels closer and bobbles his head this will surely be a great Head knocker for display, and some may only see it once. That’s when you know it did it’s job.

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