buy iCarly Red Christmas Ball Ornament

iCarly Red Christmas Ball Ornament

Christmas is the time of year that we try to make everything look pretty and this year could be the year that your tree will have some nice iCarly decorations.

How about a nice red glass Christmas ball with a picture of iCarly on it. And if you like this then you just have to see the Blue ball with iCarly & Sam.

Together those balls make a great looking tree.

But lets get back to this red ball with Miranda Cosgrove on it.

This blown glass ornament is 2.5″ in diameter  and of course has a great looking picture of you favorite TV character iCarly.

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Hermione Granger’s Trunk Pewter Ornament

Harry Potter had some help!  Hermione Granger is her name,and she was pivitol in Harry Potters adventures. This ornament features her magical trunk with all of the usefull tools that go along with it. The box opens like a book and has velvet to hold the trunk and other magical items.

Get your Hermione Granger’s Trunk Pewter Ornament.

buy Hannah Montana Ornament

Hannah Montana Ornament

Wouldn’t it be great to have a singing Hannah Montana on your Christmas tree?

Now you can with this Christmas ornament from Hallmark. Hannah will sing her song “Rock Star” for you all Christmas long.

It is also the perfect Christmas ornament for true fans of Miley Cyrus

Order your Hannah Montana Christmas Ornament.

buy Hermione Granger Pewter Ornament

Hermione Granger Pewter Ornament

From the intriguing series of Harry Potter movies this peweter ornament has wonderful detail. Hermione Granger is holding up the potion bottle and book. The bonus to this ornament is the box, it opens like a book and on the inside it has a description of Hermione Granger and the other side has a nice velvet lined interior to hold the ornament.

Find your Hermione Granger Pewter Ornament.

buy Ariel The Little Mermaid Ornament

Ariel The Little Mermaid Ornament

Here is Princess Ariel from the Little Mermaid and wow she looks stunning today.

This is a very special Christmas ornament of Ariel. It is made of Lenox china and is hand painted and has 24 karat gold accents. So maybe not suited for the little once but it would look so nice in your Christmas tree this year.

Have a much closer look at this Ariel The Little Mermaid Ornament.

buy Professor Dumbledore Ornament

Professor Dumbledore Ornament

A Christmas tree is special and should be decorated with special things like things we love. And that is where this ornament of Professor Dumbledore comes in. Harry Potter fans would love to have a tree with magical ornaments.

So Harry Potter fans get your Professor Dumbledore Christmas Ornament.