buy Ron Swanson Woman Of The Year Mug

Ron Swanson Woman Of The Year Mug

Parks and Recreation fans know exactly what this classic Ron Swanson Woman Of The Year Mug means. What a great addition to show off your support for Parks and Recreation and Ron Swanson.

This is a mug that features Ron Swanson from the funny television series of Parks and Rec. Find a large image of Ron Swanson on this mug, Ron is looking dissatisfied and uneasy like he usually does. Under the image of Ron Swanson find the saying of ” Woman Of The Year “.

You can get this mug in two different types. The classic mug and the tall mug, each are made from a high quality durable ceramic.

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buy Mouse Rat Socks

Mouse Rat Socks

If you are a Parks And Recreation fan with cold feet then you just need to get these Mouse Rat Socks.

Mouse Rat is the rock band from Andy but you already knew that and now there are black crew socks that show the Mouse Rat logo in red and white and has the rat on it too. And these socks are legit as on the toes it says “Parks And Recreation”.

Men and women that like Andy’s band and are true fans of the show can now have nice and warm feet as these socks are made from 98% polyester and 2% spandex.

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buy Ron Swanson Birthday Card

Ron Swanson Birthday Card

Parks And Recreation will be really surprised when they get this Ron Swanson Birthday Card in the mail.

On the card you see colorful decorations hanging from the top and then there is a picture of Ron Swanson and he is even wearing a birthday hat and we all know he is a man of few words so next to him it simply says “Birthday.”.

He did advise you to get some birthday deals because often you get free things on your birthday.

A greeting card like this is just great fun to get if you are a big fan of Parks and Recreation.

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buy Li’l Sebastian Figurine

Li’l Sebastian Figurine

If you like horses and Parks And Recreation then you should check out this Li’l Sebastian figurine.

The figurine of Li’l Sebastian is part of the Funko Pop! series and that makes him look fun and 3 3/4 inches tall just like the other figurines in the Pop! vinyl series.

The little brown hose looks amazing and he is sitting down and every time you look at it you will smile and think back of the amazing adventures that happen in Pawnee.

So add this cute little horse to your collection and it will look stunning in between other Parks And Recreation figurines but he will be happy on his own or with other fun figurines too.

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buy Ron Swanson Tote Bag

Ron Swanson Tote Bag

Ron Swanson would love to go shopping with you and that is why there now is this Parks and Recreation Ron Swanson tote bag.

The tote bag is light in color and on it, you can see a black silhouette style portrait of Ron and it is clear that it is him especially if you watched Park and Recreation.

The Parks and Recreation tote bag comes in 3 sizes 13, 16, and 18 inches and is square and all have a 1-inch wide comfy carry strap.

Now you can say no to paper or plastic because Ron Swanson is ready to hold your shopping for you and besides shopping the bag can hold all kind of cool stuff so that you can use the bag all day long.

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buy Ron Swanson Notebook

Ron Swanson Notebook

If you are a big fan of Parks and Recreation then you should check out this Ron Swanson notebook as it is just perfect.

The Ron Swanson notebook has 52 pages and comes in black or lined paper and measures 6 x 8 inches.

On the Parks and Recreation notebook, you can see the face of Ron Swanson with the half of his face on each side and he is holding his mustache between his fingers.

A fun notebook like this is perfect for art or journaling and would work perfectly for school, the office, and at home.

So add Ron to your life simply by adding this notebook to your life.

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buy April Ludgate Pop! Figurine

April Ludgate Pop! Figurine

If you like Parks and Recreation then you should check out this April Ludgate Pop! figurine.

April is one of my Parks and Recreation favorites and now there is a figurine that brings back memories to this amazing character.

April is 3 3/4 inches tall and she is wearing a nice outfit and she brought coffee and she does not look to happy but hey it is April so it seems perfect for her.

So maybe April can part of your Parks and Recreation figurine family as to me she is one of the figures that can’t be missing in the series.

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buy Parks And Recreation The Complete Series On DVD

Parks And Recreation The Complete Series On DVD

If Parks And Recreations was one of you favorite TV shows to watch on TV then now you can rewatch all 7 seasons over and over again thanks to this DVD series.

This is the complete series of Parks And Recreations and that means 7 seasons of DVD’s to watch.

The set includes 21 discs and comes in a nice box and yes every season comes with many extras too so that even after rewatching all the episodes there is more to watch like deleted scene’s, gag reels, and more.

Leslie, Ron, April, and all the others are not planning to come back any day soon so make sure that you get this DVD series so that you can rewatching it over and over again.

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buy The Many Faces Of Ron Swanson Mug

The Many Faces Of Ron Swanson Mug

Even though Parks and Recreation is long over you can have this Ron Swanson mug to bring back those happy memories.

The mug shows the many faces of Ron Swanson with the expression below it so that you know what the expression means as the face of Ron does not seem to change that much at all.

It is just fun to have a mug that is covered in the face of Ron Swanson and that has the Parks and Recreation logo and the text “The Many Faces Of Ron Swanson” on it.

The 11oz mug is dishwasher and microwave safe to make it versatile and just perfect.

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buy Ron Swanson Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ron Swanson Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you are looking to get an awesome ugly Christmas sweater then don’t go out without a fight just like the Parks and Recreation star Ron Swanson.

On this all red sweater you see a great Christmas design of a series of bacon steak and eggs along with green lines giving it an ugly Christmas sweater look. Also you will find a picture of Ron Swanson with his fists up ready to battle.

Available in a wide variety of sizes that will range from Small to 2XL. Made from a great blend of cotton and polyester to give you a comfortable and durable sweater.

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