buy Planes Slippers for Kids by Disney

Planes Slippers for Kids by Disney

Is your child running around on a bare floor pretending to be an airplane from the Disney movie Planes?

Protect your child’s feet and keep them warm with these awesome slippers shaped like Dusty the Crophopper from the Planes movie.

These soft, plush orange and white slippers are shaped like airplanes with black detail lines on the sides and orange side and back wings. The front windshield piece shows Dusty’s eyes and he has a big grinning mouth.

The front of the slipper has a grey propeller, which will certainly help your child to run faster.

These Planes slippers come in toddler and kids sizes.

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buy Planes Edible Cake Image

Planes Edible Cake Image

Disney Planes Cake Topper image

Does you kid want a Planes party?

If so then you of course want a Disney Planes cake.

And with this cake topper image you can make you own Planes cake. You can put the image on a store bought cake or on one you bake yourself.
And of course you can eat the image to it’s even Kosher and gluten free.

The cake topper image shows Dusty being chased by Ripslinger and it also has a little banner that says “Planes” on it.

Real parties have real nice cakes and your Planes party can now have an amazing cake made with this Disney Planes Edible Cake Topper Image.

buy Dusty Crophopper Christmas Ornament

Dusty Crophopper Christmas Ornament

Dusty Crophopper Christmas Ornament

After watching the movie Planes you of course would love to have Dusty fly around your Christmas tree.

Unfortunately Dusty Crophopper is a bit busy racing around the world that he can’t race around your tree. But no worries there now is a Christmas ornament of Dusty and it will not fly but it will hang nicely in the tree and you can just turn the propellor yourself and think it flies.

Beside hanging the Dusty ornament you can also stand it somewhere like a bookshelf or a desk.

This hand painted planes Christmas ornament will be a hit with the kids and the adults and it will bring some fun color in the tree.

Time to race and get your own Planes Dusty Christmas Ornament

buy Planes Look And Find Activity Book

Planes Look And Find Activity Book

Disney Planes Look And Find Activity Book

If you kids enjoyed Planes then they will enjoy this look and find book.

In this book you need to find Dusty and his friends almost like finding Wally but then less difficult as it is a book for kids.

This Planes book has 24 pages and a bonus activity on the back and it is all abut Dusty and the journey he makes from Crop dust plane to international racing plane.

Kids can have hours of fun playing with this book and of course finding Dusty and his friends.

Surprise your kids with this Disney Planes Look And Find Activity Book.

buy Planes Dusty Pinata

Planes Dusty Pinata

Did you see the movie Planes?

And did you like Dusty?

If you did then you are gone love this pinata. This is a pinata shaped just like Dusty.

Besides looking like Dusty it will be the perfect piñata, just put the candy in (not included) and the strings below Dusty will make the candy fly. One string will make the Dusty pinata open so that all the kids will be able to try.

Dusty can hold up to 3 pounds of candy and toys so your birthday party will be so fun just from all the flying candy and toys.

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buy Planes Paper Cups

Planes Paper Cups

Dusty Party Supplies and paper cups from Planes

If you are planning a Planes birthday party then you of course need some paper cups.

How about Planes paper cups because they fit in perfectly.

These 9oz cups show Dusty the main character in the Disney Planes movie and with Dusty on the cups your party will be so much better.
8 Dusty cups can be found in each pack making it easy to play your party.

Start thinking what you need for you party and of course get some Planes Party Cups.

buy Planes Invitations & Thank You Notes

Planes Invitations & Thank You Notes

Disney Planes Invitations & Thank You Notes

Are you planning a Planes birthday party?

If you do then you have to send out invitations. But we got your covered as we found this set of invitation and thank you cards all themed like the Disney Planes movie.

And these cards would not be perfect if Dusty was not on them so yes he is on both the front and the back.

These Planes party invitations and thank you notes come in a pack of 8 so that you have plenty for your party.

Come and get your Disney Planes Birthday Invitations And Thank You Notes.

buy Planes Luncheon Plates

Planes Luncheon Plates

A planes party need of course paper plates that have characters from the Planes movie on them.

No worries we found the perfect birthday plates with El Chupacabra, Bravo & Echo, Ned & Zed and of course the biggest racer of them all Dusty.

The Dusty paper plates come in a pack of 8 and will be perfect for any Disney Planes party.

A Planes birthday party need some fun decorated items and I think the plates would be a perfect start.

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buy Ripslinger Binder

Ripslinger Binder

Ripslinger racing plane from the Disney movie planes

One thing the kids need for school is a nice strong binder that will last them the whole school year.

This Avery binder will be perfect for that. And this is not just any binder, it is a binder based on the Disney movie Planes.

On this yellow Avery binder you can see Ripslinger the green racing plane with flames as details.

This Planes binder comes in a 1, 1.5 and 2 inch version to make sure you get the size you need and each binder has 3 rings to be ready for all the school work that needs to be stored. The inside of this Ripslinger binder is white and has some pockets to quickly store some papers.

Come and have a closer look at this Disney Planes Ripslinger Binder.

buy Disney Planes Party Napkins

Disney Planes Party Napkins

Dusty from Planes as birthday napkins

There is Dusty the crop dusting plane from the Disney movie Planes and this time Dusty is ready to party.

Dusty has his picture printed on these paper napkins that are great for a Planes party.

The Planes party napkins come in a pack of 16 and each of them has a picture of Dusty.

If you are planning a party themed around the Disney movie Planes or just planning a fun plane theme these napkins will be perfect as it looks like they all have a 3D version of a plane on them.

Get ready to organize a Planes party with these Disney Planes Birthday Napkins.