buy Toy Story High Top Sneakers

Toy Story High Top Sneakers

Now there are some amazing Toy Story High Top Sneakers that are bold and amazing looking.

These Toy Story shoes come in many sizes going from 6.5 – 9.

The shoes are different and clearly not for people that do not want their shoes to take attention because these shoes scream for attention.

On the side of the shoes you can see the face of Rex the green dinosaur from the Toy Story movies and on the from you can even see its eyes and there are way more eyes all over these shoes. And besides Rex there are way more bright details you have see up close so click on the picture to see them.

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buy Toy Story Rex Plush

Toy Story Rex Plush

Toy story plush animal of Rex

The Toy Story movies had of course a lot of toys in them as it was all about the toys.

But do you remember Rex? The Tyrannosaurus a big green dinosaur.

Now you can have your own Rex but as a plush toy. This plush animal looks just like Rex from Toy Story but then all soft and cuddly.
The plush of rex  does not have any sharp parts that could come off. Features like the eyes and mouth are embroidered on so that you don’t have to worry that they come of and your kid would swallow them.

Kids are gone love this green dino so come and get a Toy Story Rex Plush.

buy Toy Story Mania Nintendo Wii Video Game

Toy Story Mania Nintendo Wii Video Game

Toy Story Mania Nintendo Wii Video Game

The crazy high flying, horse riding, target shooting action of the hit animated series of movies Toy Story from Disney / Pixar  is ready for you to get in the action with your Nintendo Wii video game console.

This is Toy Story Mania! a very cool video game that is based from the awesome Toy Story movies and the 4D Toy Story Mania attraction at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort.

In the game you will compete in 10 fast paced shooting galleries, have a chance at 30 different mini games and try to collect easter eggs to enable you to get the hidden game features and items.

Exclusively made for the Nintendo Wii Video game system you will find all of your favorite characters like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie,  Rex, Bullseye and many many more.

Suit up and get in the action with the Toy Story Mania Nintendo Wii Video Game.

LEGO Toy Story Western Train Chase

LEGO Toy Story Western Train Chase

Toy Story is already cool enogh, so how could you make it even better?

I know, add LEGO into the mix. This is an awsome idea!

The Toy Story western train chase, LEGO style is a great way to re-enact some of your favorite scenes from the hit animated movies Toy Story 1, 2 and 3. This is a huge 584 peice set that includes figures of Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, Rex, and Hamm as “Evil Doctor Porkchop”, and the train has  a locomotive, 3 boxcars, trap doors, and moving wheels.

Find your LEGO Toy Story Western Train Chase.