buy Spider-Man Toothpaste

Spider-Man Toothpaste

Now the kids can brush their teeth with this Spider-Man Toothpaste.

The toothpaste is made by Orajel and has fluoride in it to prevent cavities.

It can be difficult to get your child to brush their teeth but if they know that Spider-Man is using this toothpaste many times a day to keep it’s teeth clean and prevent cavities because Marvel superhero’s don’t like tooth aches.

There is 4.2 oz (119 grams) in the tube which should be a enough for a whole bunch brushing to keep the teeth of your child clean.

On the outside of the tube you can find a big image of Spider-Man himself so that the kids know that it is true Spider-Man toothpaste.

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buy Peppa Pig Toothpaste

Peppa Pig Toothpaste

Can you use a bit of help to get your child to brush their teeth?

If they like Peppa Pig then we may found the solution for you.

Peppa Pig toothpaste! This toothpaste of course is more fun for kids and even shows an image of Peppa brushing her teeth right on the tube.

This is a 75ml tube contains bubble gum flavour toothpaste and that by itself could get your kids attention.

Make life more fun for you and your child by getting them to try this fun Peppa Pig toothpaste and maybe before you know it they start brushing all by themselves.

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buy Crest Spider-Man Toothpaste

Crest Spider-Man Toothpaste

Kids don’t always like brushing their teeth.

Some help from their hero’s can help and that is why Crest made this Spider-Man toothpaste.

And we all know if you don’t brush your teeth Spider-Man is not gone be your friend any more.

This Crest toothpaste is a liquid gel in a cool blue color and is an fluoride antiquity toothpaste.

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buy Oral-B Toy Story Toothpaste

Oral-B Toy Story Toothpaste

This will make you kids brush their teeth!

Toy Story toothpaste from Oral-B not just great toothpaste for kids but also Toy Story toothpaste.

On the tube you find Woody, Jessie and Buzz  all incuraging you to brush your teeth.

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Dora The Explorer Toothpaste

dora the explorer toothpaste by colgate

Dora and her friend Boots want you to have healthy teeth and that is why they asked the nice people from Colgate to make special kids toothpaste for them.

And now there is special Colgate toothpaste with Dora the Explorer and Boots on it.

Brush you teeth while Dora is watching.

Go check out this Colgate Dora The Explorer Toothpaste.

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