buy Betty Boop Zombie Love T-Shirt

Betty Boop Zombie Love T-Shirt

If you want a cool zombie t-shirt then check out this Betty Boop zombie love t-shirt as it is just perfect.

On the t-shirt you can see a red heart with above it the text “Zombie Love” and in the heart, you can find a female zombie with her arms up and yes this zombie is Betty Boop.

So now you have a Betty Boop t-shirt for your zombie walk and for Halloween and as it is so nice you can choose to wear it any day of the year.

You can get this Betty Boop t-shirt in many styles for men, women, and kids and they come in many colors and sizes too and besides shirts, you can get the same design on different products too.

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buy Zombie Smurfs T-Shirt

Zombie Smurfs T-Shirt

Now there is a zombie Smurfs t-shirt and that looks like The Smurfs meets The Walking Dead.

In the middle you can see a mushroom house and the house is all barricade and two real Smurfs can be found on the roof and they have weapons. Around the house, you will find zombie Smurfs some of them still blue some of them all scary. Even Papa Smurf seem to have turned. And even a Smurf that becomes a zombie wants brain preferably Smurf brain so that is why they go to the house as there are real Smurfs on top.

You can get this awesome Smurf t-shirt in styles and size for men and women and the shirt is available in many cool colors.

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buy The Walking Dead Yahtzee

The Walking Dead Yahtzee

The Walking Dead Yahtzee

The people behind The Walking Dead finally found a good use of all those walkers that just try to eat you.

Just kill them and then use their head for this Yahtzee game. Of course they are not real zombie heads but they sure do look freaky.

The game of Yahtzee is the same as always but it has some pretty dice and a dice cup that is a walkers head and when you lift the lid you can even see some brain stuck on it.

Fans of The Walking Dead now finally have a fun board game they can play on that rainy day before the world changes.

Come take a better look at this The Walking Dead Walkers Head Yahtzee.

buy The Walking Dead Jawless Walker Zombie Mask

The Walking Dead Jawless Walker Zombie Mask

The Walking Dead Jawless Walker Zombie Mask

With many gruesome zombies walking around looking evil and very scary on the set of the cool television series The Walking dead it is hard to pick a favorite, but if you ask me the jawless walker is right up there.

This is a mask of a zombie that features a very detailed look of the jawless walker, find a molded head and face that has a jaw that has falling off and all of the gross insides hanging out along with blood everywhere.

The Walkig Dead Jawless walker mask fastens easily and snug by an elastic band, this is the perfect throw on costume for halloween, costume parties or anytime you want to scare.

Have a closer look if you dare at The Walking Dead Jawless Walker Zombie Mask.

buy The Walking Dead Decomposed Walker Costume

The Walking Dead Decomposed Walker Costume

Walking Dead Decomposed Zombie Adult Costume

Costume party or halloween you need to get an awesome costume, how about going as a zombie that looks just like a walker from the hit television series of The Walking Dead.

This zombie costume features a molded half face of a man with gruesome intricate detailing as well as a blue tattered shirt that has an attached molded chest of a decomposed body making this a very realistic and gross looking zombie costume.

The walker costume based from The Walking dead is a one size fits an adult, it will be perfect to put a little scare into anyone.

Have a frightful halloween in this The Walking Dead Decomposed Walker Adult Costume.

buy Hello Kitty Zombie Figurine

Hello Kitty Zombie Figurine

Hello Kitty Zombie Figurine

Sanrio made this is a really cool collectable for the Hello Kitty fan, but the really cool part is Hello Kitty is combined with a zombie.

This Hello Kitty figurine features all of the stylish attire that you would find on a Hello Kitty zombie, find a torn and tattered shirt and shorts as well as a black eye and forehead scar, and of course Hello Kitty zombie is still wearing a bow on her head.

The Hello Kitty zombie Pop! Vinyl look a like figurine measures 3 1/2 inches tall and comes in a window packaging display box so you can display and show off your Hello Kitty zombie without taking it out of the box.

Have a closer look at the Hello Kitty Zombie Figurine.

buy The Walking Dead Table Lamp

The Walking Dead Table Lamp

The Walking Dead Table Lamp

Are you in need of some light for the dark times ahead?

How about a The Walking Dead table lamp?

OK the lamp may look a bit freaky but that makes it fun.

The lamp base is an arm sticking out of the ground and on top of that a lampshade with on one side a Walker up close with The Walking Dead logo and on the other side a whole bunch of walkers and a sign that says “Warning We Are All Infected”.

The Walking Dead lamp can hold a bulb up to 60 watt (not included).

Bring light to the dark with this The Walking Dead Table Lamp.

buy Michonne’s Walkers T-Shirt

Michonne’s Walkers T-Shirt

The Walking Dead Michonne's Walkers T-Shirt

The Walking Dead fans will love this t-shirt as it shows one of those classical scenes of the show where Michonne walks through the woods with her two walkers chained behind her.

And the shirt is black making the scene more like we seen it on TV. The black makes the light in between the trees come out nicely.
Below this nice picture it says Walking Dead. And all of this is done by screen printing.

This Walking Dead t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and comes in a wide selection of adult sizes from Small to – 3XL.

Show the world what you like about Walkers by wearing this The Walking Dead Michonne’s Walkers T-Shirt.

buy Walker Bait T-Shirt

Walker Bait T-Shirt

The Walking dead Walker Bait zombie t-shirt

We all know that we will be zombie bait someday and if you are a fan of the Walking Dead then we call those brain dead creatures walkers.

And to mark all of us that are not taken to the zombie side yet there now is this t-shirt that clearly says “Walker Bait” so that the walkers can easily find us to get it over with as soon as possible. And to make it a bit more dramatic the writing on this shirt is in red with some splatters and that makes you wonder is it blood or not….

This Walker Bait t-shirt comes in a wide range of styles for toddlers, kids, men and women.

So mark the bait by wearing this The Walking Dead Walker Bait T-Shirt.

buy The Walking Dead No Walkers T-Shirt

The Walking Dead No Walkers T-Shirt

If you watched the Walking Dead then you know that walkers are not welcome and so there now is this t-shirt to keep the zombies out.

On this black t-shirt you can see a not allowed road sign and through the sign you can see the arms of walkers trying to get through but it says clearly below the sign “NO WALKERS” so for sure they are not allowed.

This The Walking Dead t-shirt is available in a wide range of sizes so that you can dress up all your friends so that together we can keep the walkers out.

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