The Simpsons Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags

Simpsons grocery bags

OK we get it by now that plastic bags are bad and reusable bags are good but why do those reusable bags look so boring?

So as we are at it just have a look at these Simpson’s Grocery bags they come in a pack of 8 bags with 2 of each design (4 designs) so now you can make all your friends happy with a great looking reusable bag with the Simpsons on it.

Order your The Simpsons Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags and for every bag sold they even give some money to Earth Share.

buy Simpsons Pin Pals Lunch Box

Simpsons Pin Pals Lunch Box

Simpsons Pin Pals Lunch Box

Lunch time means lunch box and why not have one like the Pin Pals one from the hit TV series The Simpsons. A nice metal tin with Homer, Moe, Mr. Burns and Apu in there bowling shirts on it. A great way of carrying your lunch or just to collect.

Check out the Pin Pals Lunchbox

Cars RPM #64 Die-Cast

Piston Cup Racer Car nr 64

As boys like toys and little boys like cars this die-cast Piston Cup Racer will be a great addition to the complete Cars racing team. Like all the other Mattel die-casts in this series the scale is 1:55 and that makes it great to play with.

For instance this racer car nr 64 can of course fit in the Mack Hauler.

So go check out this model of Car #64

Homer 2002 Burger King Watch

Special Edition Homer Simpson watch

This time we will not bring you an item that is for sale every where. This time we bring you a special edition Homer Simpson watch that was a limited edition at Burger King in 2002. But there are some on sale and we found them.

Homer is always good for some fun and this watch is no different. Homer will speak saying “Mmmmm ….. Burger”

Go see and read a bit more about the Homer 2002 Burger King Watch