buy PAW Patrol Skye Placemat

PAW Patrol Skye Placemat

Now there is a PAW Patrol Skye placemat for everyone that likes to keep the table clean while eating while looking amazing.

The placemat shows Skye running on the beach in her pink outfit and she looks really happy.

The PAW Patrol placemat is 12 x 18 inches and has rounded corners and when you spill some food on it then just a damp cloth will easily clean it.

And yes this Skye placemat is great for kids and adults and besides food, you can use it to do your art on too.

Time to decorate the table in style with a cool placemat like this that is just perfect for all the PAW Patrol fans.

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buy My Little Pony Placemat

My Little Pony Placemat

If you make mess of the table while eating then this My Little Pony placemat is what you need.

The BPA free plastic placemat is 18 x 12 inch with round corners and on the placemat you can find many ponies and yes Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash or some of them.

It does not matter if you are a kid or an adult with this My Little Pony placemat breakfast, lunch and dinner will be less of a mess.

And yes cleaning this placemat is easy and definitely a lot easier then getting the mess from the table.

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buy Sofia The First Placemat Set

Sofia The First Placemat Set

Now you can eat with a future princess as this Sofia The First Placemat will be perfect to eat on while you stare at your favorite Disney character Sofia.

This Sofia The First placemat comes in a set of two (both same design) and is 17 x 11 inch.

And on this placemat you can find of course Sofia The First and she has the castle in the background and her friend Clover the rabbit and the birds Mia and Robin. This all makes for a fun placemat that will prevent food from spilling on the table.

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buy Disney Fairies Placemat

Disney Fairies Placemat

Eating on the dining table will be fun again!

This plastic BPA free placemat makes your kids want to eat on the table again and look and talk about all those nice Fairies on the placemat.

On the placemat you can see Tinker Bell and her friends Silvermist, Iridessa and Rosetta all flying around looking at you eat.

The Fairies placemat is 12 x 17.5 inch and is foodsave but not safe but not microwave safe.

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buy Cars Driftin Placemat

Cars Driftin Placemat

LIghtning McQueen placemat

We know how much Lightning McQueen loves racing and this race he seem to be in second place but he is drifting away and I am sure he will win this race .

This scene is all happening on a nice placemat that can keep your table clean and the kids engaged.

It is easy to clean and safe to eat from (when they spill on it).

So if your littleone is in to Cars then now is the time to get this Cars Drifting Placemat.

buy Winnie The Pooh Placemat

Winnie The Pooh Placemat

Winnie The Pooh and friend placemat

Dinners at home can get messy specially with small kids.

But now there is Winnie and his friends to keep your kids focused on their meals.

This Winnie the Pooh placemat shows Winnie, Piglet and a upside down Tigger in a nice setting in the woods.

And that makes it so much fun for on the dinner table.

Start having your meals from this Winnie the Pooh Placemat.