Glee Backpack

Glee canvas backpack great for school and fun

Who doesn’t want to own a Glee backpack?

Right everybody wants one and this is your opertunity to get one.

This backpack is a canvas pack with zippered compartments that will keep your stuff safe.

On the black backpack you see the Glee logo multiple times and on the smaller front pocket your see some of the Glee cast members.

A great backpack for school or a fun activity.

Go check out this Glee Backpack.

Dora And Boots Backpack

Dora And Boots Backpack

Hello & Hola, two great ways to greet your freinds.

This Dora the Explorer backpack has Dora and her special freind Boots on the front saying Hello in two different ways, Dora is saying “Hello” and Boots is saying “Hola”. This backpack is mainly black with lots of pink accents and other colorful designs of hearts all over.

Dora and Boots are ready to join you with this backpack that has 2 main enclosures that zip up for school books or clothing or whatever you may like, and 2 side pockets perfect for drinks or smaller stuff and 2 adjustable straps for easy fitting and tightening.

See more about the Dora And Boots Backpack.

The Backyardigans Lunch Tin

The Backyardigans Lunch Tin

The Backyardigans are loved by many, many children so i would say that many, many children would love to have this Backyardigans lunch tin.

This Backyardigans lunch tin has a high quality picture of Pablo, Uniqua, Tyrone, Tasha and Austin on the front, and yes they are in the back yard. This lunch tin is the perfect way to pack your childs lunch in and has a locking clasp to keep it shut and an easy to grab handle.

The Backyardigans lunch tin measures approximately 7.5″L ength x 3″Width  x 6.75″Height.

Get ready for luch with this The Backyardigans Lunch Tin.

Captain America Large Backpack

Captain America goodies for back to school

Captain America the super soldier can now be part of you back to school gear.

This large backpack shows Captain America and his shield.

A big compartment has tons of room and a small front pouch can store pens and stuff and then it even has side pockets for even more stuff.

You will be the coolest kid in your class when you go to school with this Captain America Large Backpack.

The Smurfs Lunch Bag

The Smurfs lunch box

Your Smurf friends love to be part of you lunch time.

And what better way to do this then being printed on your lunch bag. This bag is great quality and made of at least 40% recycled materials. And unlike a lunch box this bag can be folded  for flat and easy storing.

Of course the bag has a colorful print with blue smurfs and of course Brainy Smuf. This bag is based on the Smurf movie and you can even see the city skyline in the back.

Get ready for back to school and how great would it be to do so with this The Smurfs Lunch Bag.

buy Superman Logo Binder

Superman Logo Binder

Superman in distress logo binder

Why do you want to have a boring binder with nothing on it when you can have one based on your favorite superhero?

Right you don’t want one of those boring once.

This binder is blue, Superman blue and has the Superman logo on it. But not just a perfect logo this logo looks a little bit rough just to make it look even better on this binder.

And of course this Superman binder is perfect for back to school or the office.

Check out this Superman Logo Binder.

buy Darth Vader Backpack Buddy

Darth Vader Backpack Buddy

Star Wars Backpack of Darth Vader

Who doesn’t want Darth Vader to be there friend?

Now it is possible with this Darth Vader backpack.

Star Wars fans don’t expect a ton of space in the backpack but there is enough to cary some small stuff like a book or a wallet.

The fun part of this backpack is that it is a backpack buddy.

When you put the Darth Vader backpack on your back you will see Darth Vader’s arms going over you shoulder and his legs go around you wast. The arms and legs are part of the straps and this way it looks like you are carrying you little Darth Vader buddy on your back.

If you want Darth Vader to be your buddy then go check out this Star Wars Darth Vader Backpack.

Dora The Explorer Pencil Case

Dora the explorer pink pencil case

If you have a lot of pencils then you need to find a nice thing to store them in.

There is this Dora the Explorer pencil case that would be perfect for that task.

It even has a picture of Dora and her friend Boots on it and in big letters “Dora the Explorer”.

Stop loosing you pencils by start storing them in this Dora The Explorer Pencil Case.

Hello Kitty Clip Calculator

Hello Kitty Solar Calculator great for back to school

Hello Kitty friends are gone like this calculator.

The calculator is in the shape of Hello Kitty’s head and it’s pink with a red bow.

Besides that it is also a solar calculator that does not need batteries because it can get all the power it needs from the light around you. And of course it has all the necessary buttons you need on a calculator.

And besides all that it has one extra trick up it’s sleeve. This Hello Kitty Calculator is also a clip and that makes this calculator ideal to use on things you like to clip things on like a clipboard or a book.

All in all this Hello Kitty solar calculator is ideal for the office and for school.

One last thing you should look at. The price of this calculator is low and this supplier even ships for free to almost any where in the world.

Go have a closer look at all the features of this Hello Kitty Clip Solar Calculator. 

Dora Holiday Binder

Personal dora binder

If you need a fun a colorful binder then this is the one you want. Dora the explorer is printed on the front in her beach clothes and the world “Even explorers need a day off.”

And you select you own text for the side to make it specific for you.

This binder would be great for storing you kids art works or as holiday photo album and can even be used for school and office.

Start having storage fun with this Dora The Explorer Holiday Binder.