buy The Muppet Show Lunch box

The Muppet Show Lunch box

The Muppet Show Lunchbox

The classic Jim Henson television series The Muppet Show has so many fun and loveable characters it is no wonder that it is a favorite show amongst many.

This is a great collectors lunch box for The Muppets fan, features Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog at the front of the famous Muppet Show red curtain with many other cool Muppets in the background like Animal, Fozie Bear, Gonzo, Beaker and many many more on the front of this tin lunch box.

Made from tin this is a durable lunch box with amazing quality images of all your favorite Muppets, it is also ready to use with a solid handle and lock clasp take your lunch or snacks to go.

Collect your The Muppet Show Lunch box.

The Muppets Animal Lunch box


The Muppets Animal Lunchbox

Animal has a face only a fan could love.

This is a really cool lunch box that features Animal from the very popular television series the Muppet Show and all the really cool Muppet movies.

You will find a large image of Animal with a standout design of his name “ANIMAL” printed multiple times on different locations of this lunch box.

Measures 7″ H x 8″ W, Made from tin this is durable and with it’s top handle and lock clasp you will be able to bring Animal with you for many occasions, lunch time, snack time or whatever gets you in an Animal mood. And this Muppets lunch box is lead free.

Get your The Muppets Animal Lunch box.

Superman And The Flag Pencil Case

Superman pencil case

If you go to school you of course need an amazing pencil case, and we found you one.

This Superman pencil case has two seperate compartments to store you pens and pencils and it even has a build in pencil sharpener. And there is also an organizer to keep your pencils in place nicely sorted.

This hard plastic Superman case has magnetic closer system to keep your pencil case closed when it has to and easy accessable when you want to get to your pens.

And of course a Superman pencil case would not be the same if there was no Superman on it. So on this pencil case you see a scene with Superman holding the American flag and one with him in his superhero cloths.

Don’t go to school without your Superman Pencil Case.

Hannah Montana Bottle Shaped Pen

Miley Cyrus ball point pen

Need something to write with?

How about a pen with Hannah Montana on it?

This pen is bottle shaped with a nice cap and has pictures of Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) on it and even the Hannah Montana logo.

Not only a great pen for at home but how about for at school or the office?

And this pen is cheap and it even has free shipping (yes even if you buy one) so you can be all set for less then 2 dollars.

So don’t wait because a real Hannah Montana fan need to write with a Hannah Montana pen.

Time to order yous now, go get your Hannah Montana Ball Point Pen.

buy Buffy the Vampire Slayer Lunch Box

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Lunch Box

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Lunch Box

Collectors who love  Buffy the Vampire Slayer must have a close look at this lunch box.

This is an amazing piece of art, from the acclaimed artistry of Jo Chen you will find this to be very high quality images of Buffy the Vampire Slayer(Sarah Michelle Gellar) and some of the rest of the cast from the hit television series.

Also features a great handle for  carrying and a durable clasp to keep it closed, you may want to collect this or go ahead and use this cool Buffy the Vampire Slayer lunch box for your lunch.

Get your Buffy the Vampire Slayer Lunch Box.

Thomas The Train Backpack


Thomas the Train backpack

There is Thomas the Train printed on a backpack.

This Thomas te tank engine backpack is great for school and fun.

With a backpack like this your kids have plenty of room for the lunchbox or art work. And more importantly they will love this backpack because Thomas is on it.

Time to train with this Thomas The Train Backpack.

buy Batman Cape Backpack

Batman Cape Backpack

Batman is here and how do you know?

Simple I have seen him walking down the street wearing his drawstring backpack with the bat logo on it and the logo was printed on a cape that was connected to the backpack.

Now you can become a superhero just by wearing this backpack.

Get your Batman Cape Backpack

buy Oscar The Grouch Furry Plush Backpack

Oscar The Grouch Furry Plush Backpack

Backpacks are never gone be the same after you touched this Oscar the Grouch backpack.

This is a Sesame Street Oscar The Grouch Furry Plush backpack and that is exactly what it is. The bag is soft and furry and you just want to cuddle with it.

And with a big main compartment and a smaller front pocket you can carry all you stuff to sleepovers, fun and even school.

This backpack is also an officially licenced Sesame Street product witch should stand for quality.

If you kids love Oscar then they would love to get this Oscar the Grouch backpack.

Get your Oscar The Grouch Furry Plush Backpack

buy Doctor Who Tardis Lunch Box

Doctor Who Tardis Lunch Box

I really believe that the doctor eats his lunch out of this Tardis shaped lunch box.

And if you are a big Doctor Who fan then now you can eat out of this Tardis lunch box to.

Just be aware that this Tardis shaped lunch box is a limited edition so if you are a real Doctor Who collector be quick because when they are gone they will be gone.

Get your Doctor Who Tardis Lunch Box

Smurfette Backpack

The Smurfs backpack with smurfette on it

Kids love the Smurfs and the girls of course like Smurfette.

Now there is a nice and big backpack with a great picture of Smurfette on it.

The backpack has great colors and lots of shapes and stuff printed on them then kids are gone love it.

And this backpack even has two mesh sidepockets for there waterbottles and adjustable straps so that it fits perfect to there body.

Get ready for school with this Smurfette Backpack.