buy Dora The Explorer Tin Lunch Box

Dora The Explorer Tin Lunch Box

Dora The Explorer Tin Lunch Box

Buy lunches at school or the office is most times not the healthies way.

So why don’t you make the luch for you and your kids and store it in a nice metal lunch box like this one.

This is a Dora the Explorer lunch box with a cute picture of Dora in a summer dress and the words “Darling Dora”.

Your kids are gone like it so much that they only want lunch from home because then they can use this fun lunch box.

And of course you can do other things with this Dora lunch box to. You can use it to store all kind of things in it.

So get your imagination going and order your Dora The Explorer Metal Lunch Box.

buy Finding Nemo Pencil Case

Finding Nemo Pencil Case

Where do you keep all your pens, pencils and markers?

If you don’t have a fun pencil case then you should check out this Finding Nemo pencil case.

On this case you see Nemo and Dory like they are under water in the sea.

Get your Finding Nemo Pencil Case

Hello Kitty Pink Pencil Case

Hello Kitty Pink pencil case and makeup bag

Where do you store all your pens and pencils?

A pencil case is an ideal sollution for that and now you can get one with Hello Kitty on it.
This pencil case has pink sides and white front and back with on that pictures of the face of Hello Kitty and there are bows to because where would Hello Kitty be without her cute hair bow.

Besides being the ideal storage space for your school stuff you can also use it to store you makeup because Hello Kitty doesn’t mind what you store in this little bag.

Come see all the pictures of this Hello Kitty Pink Pencil Case. 

Hello Kitty Pen And Fan


Hello Kitty pen with build in fan

Hot days doing homework are no fun.
But with this Hello Kitty pen it becomes easier.


Simple this Hello Kitty pen has a build in fan to keep you cool.

Behind Hello Kitty’s head there are two blades that turn around to cool you down while working.

This pen comes with 2 AA batteries to power the fan.

The pen shaft has Hello Kitty on it and the top has a big Hello Kitty head with the fan at the back.

Get ready for a hot summer with this Hello Kitty Pen With Build In Fan. 

Marvel Avengers Notepad With Pen

Marvel the Avengers spiral journal with pen

Going back to school was never so much fun.

This spiral notepad with pen is all based around the Avengers.

As you can see the front cover has a picture with Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, Hawkeye, Iron Man and Captain America and below all those superhero’s you see the Marvel Avengers logo.

With a superhero notpad like this you will be liked by anyone.

You can use this Avengers notepad for school, the office and maybe even as your personal journal.

Come check out this Marvel Avengers Spiral Notepad With Pen.

buy Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Crest Journal

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Crest Journal

This leatherette journal shows the crest of the Deathly Hallows.

A true Harry Potter fan know what this means and for those this item has special value.

This Harry Potter journal is approcimitly 5 7/8 x 8 1/8 inch and contains 208 lines pages that could contain anything you want to store in it. Maybe the map to Hogwarts or your secret spells or just you home work it is up to you.

Get your Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Crest Journal

buy Hunger Games Mechanical Pencil Set

Hunger Games Mechanical Pencil Set

Stop using your boring pencils and check out these Hunger Games Pencils.

These are mechanical pencils and come in a set of two with each of them having a nice District 12 charm on them and The Hunger Games Writen on them.  The difference between the two pencis is that one has a picture on it of Peeta Mellark and the other one of Katniss Everdeen the tributes of District 12.

So now when you go to work or school and use your Hunger Games pencils you feel like a true Hunger Games fan.

Get your Hunger Games Mechanical Pencil Set

buy Dexter Journal

Dexter Journal

This Dexter journal is what Dexter uses to keep track of his victims.

The journal comes with a choice of paper styles, you can get:

  • blank
  • lined
  • dot grid
  • task journal

My guess is that Dexter uses the task journal so that he know what to do next.

The outside of the journal is black with some blood spaters and the text “Tonight’s the night”.

So you wonder what is gone happen tonight, maybe the journal will tell.

Get your Dexter Journal

Tardis Pencil Case

Tardis pencil case from the doctor

If you like the Doctor then maybe you will like this pencil case to.

This pencil case is shaped like the Tardis the machine in witch Doctor Who travels between time and dimensions.

A cool pencil case like this will make you fit right in at school. Now you and all the other SiFi geeks will be friends for ever.

I really like how close this pencil case resembles the “real” Tardis. The Doctor Who pencil case has a zipper to get access to the inside and that is where your pens and pencils go and don’t worry they will not travel through time.

Doctor Who fans come check out this Doctor Who Tardis Pencil Case.

The Smurfs Ball Point Pens

The Smurfs Ball Point Pens

The Smurfs, friendly little blue creatures always ready to lend a hand and help out.

This is a set of fine ball point pens that feature different Smurfs on each one, find Smurfette, Gutsy Smurf, Papa Smurf, Brainy Smurf and other cool Smurf characters each with their name printed along with an image and fun colors surrounding them.

Collect all the Smurfs pens, packages come in sets of four. Show off your love for these cool little blue creatures and let them help you do some work or play.

Get your The Smurfs Ball Point Pens.