buy Frozen Anna And Elsa Backpack

Frozen Anna And Elsa Backpack

Disney Frozen Anna And Elsa Backpack

If you kids into the Disney movie Frozen and they like pink then they will love this backpack.

This pink backpack shows a big picture of the sisters Anna and Elsa from the Frozen movie.

And this backpack is great for almost any occasion, you can take it to school, daycare, camp, work or just to play with.
The backpack has two compartments and mesh side pockets.

And if your kid looses things easily then now you can get this bag personalized with their name so that it will be clear who’s bag it is.

Get ready for a cold winter and enjoy this Disney Frozen Anna And Elsa Pink Backpack.

buy Superman Man Of Steel Logo Water Bottle

Superman Man Of Steel Logo Water Bottle

Superman Man Of Steel Logo Water Bottle

Does Superman need to help you to keep hydrated?

If so then you need this Thermos bottle that is a blue color and has a big Superman logo on it.

The water bottle has a flip up straw so that you can quickly and spill proof drink your drink.

On the Thermos Superman bottle there is an integrated carry loop so that you can hanging it on things like your backpack without having to worry about loosing it.

And this Superman water bottle offers room for 12 ounce of cold liquids (not carbonated).

Make the kids and dad happy by getting them a Thermos Superman Man Of Steel Logo Water Bottle.

buy Minion Dave Bookmark

Minion Dave Bookmark

Books need bookmarks to remember them where you where with reading.

A if you like Minions from the Despicable Me movie then you gone love this bookmark.

The bookmark is flat and says Despicable Me 2 on it and then on top of that there is a 3D Minion that will stick out of your book but it will make it oh so easy to find the right page.

Minion Dave is gone enjoy reading the books you stick him in and maybe he even helps you read the book.

Minion fans just need a nice bookmark like this.

Get your Minion Dave Bookmark

buy Bazinga Backpack

Bazinga Backpack

The Big Bang Theory Bazinga! Backpack

Fans of the Big Bang Theory are gone love this red backpack.

On this backpack you can find a big Bazinga! logo just like the way Sheldon Cooper says it.
And not only does the backpack have this big Bazinga it also comes with a Bazinga key chain to make it matching with your keys.

The Big Bang Theory backpack is 16 x 11 x 7 inch it has two pockets and a separator inside that can be used to hold a laptop.
And of course the two red straps are adjustable to make you backpack more comfortable to use.

This Bazinga backpack is ideal for school and work but is great for travel and play to.

Come and have all around look of this The Big Bang Theory Bazinga Backpack.

buy Ripslinger Binder

Ripslinger Binder

Ripslinger racing plane from the Disney movie planes

One thing the kids need for school is a nice strong binder that will last them the whole school year.

This Avery binder will be perfect for that. And this is not just any binder, it is a binder based on the Disney movie Planes.

On this yellow Avery binder you can see Ripslinger the green racing plane with flames as details.

This Planes binder comes in a 1, 1.5 and 2 inch version to make sure you get the size you need and each binder has 3 rings to be ready for all the school work that needs to be stored. The inside of this Ripslinger binder is white and has some pockets to quickly store some papers.

Come and have a closer look at this Disney Planes Ripslinger Binder.

buy The Smurfs I Rather Be Blue Backpack

The Smurfs I Rather Be Blue Backpack

The Smurfs I Rather Be Blue Backpack

Going back to school will be way more fun if you have a Smurf backpack.

This the Smurfs backpack has two compartments both with zippers to close them and two mesh side pockets for things like a water bottle. And then there is the graphics. On the bigger compartment it says “I’d Rather Be Blue” and then on the smaller compartment you see a happy Smurf agains a green background and a city skyline.

And this the Smurfs backpack is 16″ tall making it big enough for school and many other activities.

You backpack is your important part of your gear so start with this The Smurfs 16 Inch Backpack.

buy Spider-Man Water Bottle

Spider-Man Water Bottle

This 12oz water bottle will make everyone who likes Spider-Man happy.

A Ultimate Spider-Man water bottle is what all the kids want and now they can have one.

This Spider-Man bottle is made from BPA free plastic and has a flip top that makes it easy to drink and difficult to spill. And this is a Spider-Man water bottle and that of course means that it has great Spider-Man graphics.

A bottle like this is great for school, play, car rides (fits in most cup holders) and more.

Kids needs their drinks and a bottle like this will make them drink easier.

Get your Spider-Man Water Bottle

buy Captain America Zipper Pull

Captain America Zipper Pull

Captain America Zipper Pull

Looking for an easy way to mark things like jackets, backpack, sport bags, lunch bags and more?

How about a zipper pull. This zipper pull is based on Captain America as it shows his famous shield and above that it will have your name or the name you want printed there.

So you will get a personalized zipper pull and that for less then a dollar.
And that price makes them great as party favors to for you Captain America or Avengers party.

The Captain America zipper pull has a diameter of 1″ and can hold up to 12 character of text.

Start planning a party or back to school with these Marvel Captain America Zipper Pull.

buy Iron Man Backpack

Iron Man Backpack

Iron Man school Backpack

We all need a nice bag to carry around our stuff. And backpacks are just so easy to carry around lots of stuff without to much effort.

This Iron Man backpack is not only great at storing your belongings it also looks great.

The backpack is mainly black with red accents and it offers two pockets that both have zippers to close them. On the front pocket there is a big picture of Iron Man and he looks ready for action.

The Iron Man backpack is about 16 x 12 x 5 inch and that makes it perfect for a lot of fun activities.

So if you need a new backpack for school or play then come and see this Iron Man Backpack.

buy Sofia The First Water Bottle

Sofia The First Water Bottle

Princess Sofia The First Water Bottle

Kids need to drink and that means lots of cups and bottles to make sure they get enough water and juice in their system.

But it could be much easier if you give them a water bottle they will love.

This Sofia the First water bottle will be a success with kids that love this little Disney Princess.

The water bottle is 16oz and has a spill free top and is made from BPA free plastic. And most importantly it has fun Sofia the First picture on it make it the perfect bottle for school and any other trip.

Come and check out this Sofia The First Water Bottle.